Andrew opened it and took a look.

On it was his name, an inch-long photo, and a steel seal of the “Martial Arts Administration.” Behind the martial arts level, the words “Third grade” were written.

Ordinary people who passed the assessment would only receive a first-grade card.

There was almost no one like Andrew who directly received a third-grade Martial Artist Card.

However, Andrew didn’t care about the grade of his Martial Artist Card.

As long as he had a card that could be used, it would be enough.

When Andrew left the Martial Arts Administration, Edward personally sent him off.

“Thank you, Edward. If it weren’t for you, I reckon I would have to make another trip tomorrow.”

Andrew thanked him.

If it were any other fighter, even if they passed the assessment, it would be difficult for them to get a Martial Artist Card on the same day. Had it not been for Edward’s help, he wouldn’t have been able to get the card until tomorrow or the day after.

“You don’t have to thank me for such a small matter.”

Edward waved his hand.

After all, he was a member of the Martial Arts Administration. Such a small matter was indeed not worth mentioning.

Moreover, to be able to build a good relationship with this new genius, other people would also choose to be as friendly as him.

“Edward, help me thank Chief Charles. He is really a good person. If it weren’t for him going easy on me, I might not have been able to pass the assessment. After all, my battle techniques… are still too weak.”

Andrew made up his mind that he would definitely train the Nine-layered Thunder Blade properly next.

When the time came, the Lightning Blade Qi would be 90 meters long, and his combat strength would be increased tenfold. He would definitely be able to defeat Chief Charles when he was at the same level.

However, the biggest problem now was…

Having a full stomach.

Andrew somewhat missed the days when he lived with Annie.

At least he didn’t have to worry about three meals a day.

“I still have 17 yuan on me. A hamburger set meal is 12 yuan. I’ll only have 5 yuan left…

“If I take a taxi back, I’ll be left with nothing.”

Planning out the things he should do next, Andrew looked at the time on his phone.

“It’s already 2:30?

“No wonder I feel hungry. Let’s go eat first, then see if there are any missions to make money.”

The Martial Arts Administration.

On the second floor, Chief Charles’office.

Charles stood by the window and watched Andrew leave. A hint of doubt flashed in his eyes.

Edward walked over and repeated what Andrew had said.

Charles’s face turned red. He coughed twice and said, “This kid is quite interesting.”

He had been forced by Andrew to unleash the strength of a peak fourth stage martial artist. He had even released his Blood Qi.

After all, he was a seventh-grade warrior, and the quality of his Blood Qi was far higher than that of an ordinary fourth-grade warrior. In terms of power, even a fifth-grade warrior could hardly resist Andrew’s punch.

Edward couldn’t help but say, “Chief Charles, maybe… he didn’t notice at all?”

Didn’t notice?

Charles was stunned.

It was really possible.

After all, when he was 18 years old, he was still doing physical exercises. He hadn’t even seen a mid-grade martial artist.

In the end, Andrew was still a child. No matter how abnormal his talent was, he didn’t have actual combat experience.

It could be vaguely seen from his blade technique.


If it were him, even an eighth-grade martial artist would have to dodge this knife when it was used.

Therefore, when he burst out with the strength of a fighter of the peak of the fourth rank, Andrew might not have noticed it.

“Oh right, where’s Andrew’s personal information?”

“I put it in the assessment room, but there’s computer data at the front desk. I’ll ask them to send a copy over.”

Edward replied. After pondering for a moment, he asked again, “Chief Charles, could it be that… there’s something wrong with Andrew?”

“Edward, you’re also a fighter of the fourth stage. Can you release your Blade Qi as easily as he did?”

“I… can’t.”

Chief Charles returned to his seat and crossed his hands, saying, “In the cultivation of martial arts, only those who have reached the middle stages can release their power, such as Blood Qi, Blade Qi, Sword Qi, and so on… And only fighters of the fifth grade and above can release their power freely.

“That Andrew only has the strength of the third grade, but he can release his Blade Qi with a single slash.”

Charles didn’t finish his words.

He was afraid of hurting Edward’s confidence.

With Andrew’s ten-meter-long Blade Qi and the power of lightning, if it wasn’t for his strong Blood Qi, Charles would definitely be caught off guard.

At that time, he would really be embarrassed.

Soon, Andrew’s personal information was sent to the office computer.

“As expected, I didn’t remember wrongly. This Andrew is a student of Martial Arts Training High School No. 3. According to the investigation, he didn’t have any martial arts cultivation before. In the talent test, he was even judged as trash with zero martial arts talent!”

Edward’s eyes lit up.

He lowered his voice and said, “Chief Charles, you mean… Andrew is related to that Ultimate realm powerhouse yesterday?”


Charles nodded and said with some emotion, “Ultimate… Ultimate techniques are really hard to imagine. They can actually allow a person without any martial arts cultivation or talent to reach the third-grade realm within a short period. They can even teach such a terrifying blade technique!”

Ultimate battle technique!

Charles had a deep impression of that blade technique.

Only, he had never seen an Ultimate expert, much less an Ultimate battle technique.

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