He ordered a Big Mac meal, and while waiting for the order, a video call came over.

The caption was “Little Cutie.”

Little Cutie?

Andrew accepted the video call.

On the other end, a little girl dressed in an unconventional outfit appeared with a face full of joy. “Darling, where are you?”


Andrew was stunned.

Who was this?

She looked quite beautiful, but her outfit clearly showed a little delinquent who did not go to school properly.

Moreover, when she opened her mouth and said ‘Darling,’ who could stand it?

He did not know why he had labeled her as ‘Little Cutie.’

However, the next moment, Andrew suddenly reacted.

Annie had once said that he had hooked up with a little girl in middle school.

Middle school?

Little Cutie?


He blinked as the memories of this little girl gradually surfaced.

Third Martial Arts Training Middle School, grade three, class one, Catherine.

Andrew felt a headache and immediately replied, “I’m eating outside. Where are you?”

“I’m in the school toilet.”

Catherine changed the direction of the camera and started pointing at the surroundings.

Fortunately, Andrew quickly covered the phone screen.

He vaguely saw a few girls coming and going at the entrance of the toilet.

“Dear, I heard about what happened in school today. You’re amazing!”

Catherine looked infatuated and said excitedly, “Now, many people are talking about you. They say that you’re a rare genius in Massachusetts. Many people in our class know about my relationship with you, so they all came to me to ask for your autograph.

“But I rejected them all. I will not share my beloved with others.”

“Oh!” Andrew said casually. What was the point of a group of high school students?

He was about to enter the university. However, the next second, Andrew’s eyes lit up.

Catherine continued, “I also heard that the school’s leaders are going crazy. Two deans were almost beaten to death by the principal. They said that they would pay any price to invite you back to the school. Even the leaders of the other schools want to invite you to their schools to take the entrance exam.”

Andrew smiled and found an excuse to hang up.

He could not help but laugh.

When Martial Arts Training High School No. 3 wanted to expel him, they definitely did not think that this day would come.

As for other schools, this kind of action was very typical.

After all, he was now a hundred times more abnormal than a genius like Annie.

If he went to other schools and was specially recruited by the top ten universities, it was undoubtedly the most practical way for these schools to promote themselves.

“In that case, I’ll go home and wait. Someone will send the money over anyway.”

After eating, Andrew took a taxi and was ready to go home.

Just as he returned to his own building, two figures suddenly pounced out from the side.

Dean O’Neill howled and knelt in front of Andrew.

“Andrew, you have to save me. I was muddle-headed when I expelled you. As long as you are willing to come back, the school will give you a scholarship of 500,000 yuan. I will also personally take out 100,000 yuan to pay for your emotional distress.

“I have a 70-year-old mother and a child who just entered kindergarten. If I am fired from the school, I won’t be able to feed my family!”

The other dean, Victor, also pleaded, “Andrew, come back to the school. The students in Class 6 are all thinking of you.”

As he said that, he looked to the side and gave a look.

A girl walked out from the side.

It was Dora.

Dora was wearing light makeup and shorts. There was a deep groove on her chest as she bent her body and moved closer to Andrew.

The smell of cheap perfume wafted into his nose.

Seeing Andrew frown, Dora was not angry. When she thought of her teacher’s pleas and Andrew’s performance in the martial arts assessment today, her heart suddenly became hot.

It was not important whether she practiced martial arts or not as long as she served such a genius well.

“Andrew, you are so outstanding.

“Didn’t you want to pursue me before? I agree.

“Oh right, the two Deans did not mean to expel you. Please forgive them.”


Andrew was amused by the words of the three people.

He didn’t even look at Dora. Instead, he stared at Dean O’Neill and sneered, “High, really high!

“Dean O’Neill, you are a leader of the school. How dare you instruct a student to seduce a child who’s barely an adult?”

Dean O’Neill widened his eyes.

What was that?

What did he mean by “instructed”?

Although he did find Dora, he only asked her to drag him back to school. He didn’t say anything else.

Besides, you’re already 18 years old, and you skip classes every day in school. How can you say that you’re a child who just came of age?

“You guys go. I won’t return to No. 3 High School. If you continue to pester me, don’t blame me for chopping you!”

The two deans looked troubled and stood in place hesitantly.

When Andrew saw that the trio still hadn’t left, he picked up the case behind him and placed it across his chest, as if he was ready to take out the blade.

“A composite metal battle blade?”

Although Victor was only a first-grade warrior, he was old enough to have seen many things.

He recognized what was in the scabbard at a glance.

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