Moreover, just by looking at the scabbard’s exquisite workmanship, it was obvious that what was inside was not the ordinary C-grade blade.

“Are you still not leaving? Don’t blame me for making a move!”

O’Neill’s heart sank.

Victor also had a bitter look on his face. The two exchanged a look and left dejectedly.

Needless to say, both of them must have the same thought in their hearts.

It’s over!

We’re going to lose our jobs this time!

Moreover, firing a genius like Andrew would definitely spread throughout Massachusetts. As his reputation gradually rose, the two of them would definitely become the target of ridicule.

As for Dora, she was still somewhat unwilling to give up.

In the past, many boys had pursued her, Andrew being one of them. However, she had never looked at these people. Only a second-grade fighter would catch her eye.

But who would have thought that Andrew would actually be a rare genius in a hundred years?

“Andrew… There’s no one at home today.”

She bit her lip, and her body carelessly pressed against Andrew’s right arm.

She had already made preparations before she came.

“Get lost!”

Andrew pushed Dora away.

He looked down on this kind of woman.

Without looking back, he entered the house and slammed the door shut.

Dora covered her face, which had a hint of regret, and silently walked away.

After Andrew returned home, he boiled a pot of water and made a cup of coffee. Sitting in front of the computer, he opened the forum and began to search for information about the “wilderness area.”

“The spiritual essence has recovered, and the human body has undergone tremendous changes…

“Since even humans who have always lived comfortably are like this, the animals who survive with the laws of the jungle have evolved even more terrifyingly!

“Since the spiritual essence recovery, countless terrifying demon beasts were born in just a few years. The demon beasts formed a beast tide that swept across the world, causing the once prosperous cities to fall. Some backward countries were even occupied by them.

“More importantly, these demon beasts have a strong intuition. They can avoid the nuclear bomb’s core attack range in advance. Moreover, a small number of demon beasts can actually survive in the nuclear radiation and even become more powerful…

“The humans were constantly oppressed until the birth of an Ultimate powerhouse…”

Andrew looked at the information in the forum and saw a short and tragic history.

From 1990 onwards, when the spiritual essence was restored, human beings were no longer at the top of the food chain. In 2003, in just 13 years, the population of the world had dropped by 2 billion.

Until 2003, the surviving countries successively produced Ultimate masters who entered the wilderness to kill the Demon Beast Kings. They reached some kind of agreement with the Demon Beast Kings, which gradually made the life of human beings more stable.

The Demon Beast Kings and Ultimate experts did not come out any longer, but the other demonic beasts… continued to rampage!

Over the years, countless warriors had entered the wilderness and killed demonic beasts. Innumerable people had lost their lives in the stomachs of demonic beasts. They were fueled by not only the reward given by the Martial Arts Administration, but it was also for the survival of the human race!

For this goal, the human race worked together.

The universities’ martial arts departments taught battle techniques, teaching martial artists ways to fight demonic beasts more efficiently. The universities’ art departments studied the weaknesses and habits of demonic beasts so that humans could kill them as soon as possible.

However, it was simply impossible to get rid of demonic beasts at this stage.

It was precisely because demonic beasts were powerful that many humans with evil intentions colluded with demonic beasts, hoping to cooperate with them from the inside out and destroy humans’ hard-earned stable lives.

Andrew silently clenched his fists.

“If I can obtain strengthening points by defeating martial artists, then defeating the demon beasts… or killing them should award me strengthening points as well.”

Andrew’s eyes lit up. These things had to be put into motion to be confirmed.

There were too few ways to obtain strengthening points now. He couldn’t even afford the props in the system shop, let alone use them to strengthen themselves.

At this moment, the doorbell rang.

Andrew opened the door and found three middle-aged men in suits standing outside.

Their ages are less than ten years apart, and they had different temperaments and figures. The only thing they had in common was their hairline… One in the middle even had the Mediterranean.

When the three saw Andrew open the door, they hurriedly introduced themselves.

“Hello, Andrew. I’m the principal of No. 1 Martial Arts Training High School, Carrie Ward.”

“I’m the principal of No. 2 High School, Colbridge Webster.”

The last person also smiled and said kindly, “I’m the dean of No. 4 High School, Eugene Phil.”

Sure enough, successful men don’t have too much hair. Andrew complained in his heart and then said to the visitors, “Principal Carrie, Principal Colbridge, please come in.”

The two principals slowly walked inside.

The dean of the Fourth High School, Eugene, was about to follow them, but he was stopped by Andrew.


“Andrew, our fourth high school wants to invite you to our school to take the entrance exam. I’m here with sincerity.”


The door was directly closed by Andrew.


Sincerity, my ass!

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