Andrew looked at the time. It was 5:27. The sky had started to darken.

If he wanted to go to the wilderness to hunt demonic beasts, it was obviously not a place where he could enter on a whim.

Right now, he only had a B-grade composite metal blade.

And he only knew one Nine-layered Thunder Blade.

As for what kind of demonic beasts were in the wilderness and whether there were other hidden dangers, he knew nothing.

“In short, I’ll go back first and collect information about the wilderness on the forum.”

Most of the information in the warrior forum was free.

After all, every martial artist would enter the wilderness at some point. Sometimes, with an additional piece of information, the probability of survival would be higher. Only some secret information or martial arts techniques would be posted with a price.

However, the martial arts techniques on the forum were too basic.

To Andrew, these martial arts techniques could be read but not learned.

Half an hour later, Andrew walked downstairs.

Just as he was about to walk into the courtyard, he vaguely felt that something was amiss. He raised his head to look at the house and then stepped back.

Two men with calm expressions stood outside the apartment.

One was fat while the other was thin. Despite it being the summer, they were both dressed in black.

There was also a faint smell of blood on their bodies.

Martial artists!

And their strength was definitely not weak.

Andrew was shocked as he estimated the strength of the two men.

The thin one was almost as strong as Will, the recruitment teacher of the New York State University branch.

And the fat one gave him the same feeling as Edward.

He was at least a fighter of the fourth grade!

Ever since the energy storm yesterday, more and more fighters had come to the area.

Andrew didn’t pay too much attention to it and walked straight back to the apartment.

“Gray Wolf, are you sure that the target lives here?”

“Of course. I saw her come out of here yesterday, and I’ve confirmed that this is her brother’s house.”

“Annie, a first-year student of Boston University’s martial arts department. Peak third-grade cultivation. Both her parents are dead. Her brother’s name is Andrew. It’s said that he’s a trash with zero martial arts talent.”

The fatty named Gray Wolf recounted the information he had obtained in detail.

“Peak third-grade martial artist. What a genius.”

The seemingly skinny martial artist stuck out his tongue and licked his lips. A cold light flashed in his narrowed eyes. He sneered and said, “Killing such a genius martial artist will definitely cause quite a stir.”

“Black Wolf.”

The fat warrior, “Gray Wolf”, lowered his voice and said, “Act after dark and try to kill her in one stroke. After you succeed, immediately escape from Boston. Don’t have any other thoughts.

“That Annie is a student of Boston University. Once it’s discovered that it was the two of us who did it, it will bring about big trouble.”

“What are you afraid of?” Black Wolf said indifferently.

He was a peak third-grade martial artist and was only a step away from the fourth grade.

As long as a fourth-grade martial artist didn’t meet a sixth-grade martial artist or above, they were almost invincible.

After all, if they wanted to escape, even a fifth-grade martial artist would find it hard to catch up.

“Even if we are wanted by the Martial Arts Administration, so what?

“At most, we two brothers will go to Grandmaster Wuji.”

Gray Wolf fell silent.

Grandmaster Wuji was an anti-human seventh-grade martial artist, and he was also the employer of this operation. It was said that Annie had killed one of his disciples.

Although Grey Wolf was an assassin and relied on this to earn money, it didn’t mean that he wanted to oppose humanity.

If it really came to that…

“Alright, I’ll listen to you this time.”

Gray Wolf agreed with Black Wolf. They had too many criminal records. If the Martial Arts Administration found out, they would have to spend the rest of their lives in prison.

In that case, they might as well take the risk.

“We’ll move after dark. Let’s go eat first.”

The two figures flashed and disappeared from the lawn in the yard.

In the apartment room.

Andrew sat in front of the computer, eating spaghetti while looking at the information about the wilderness.

He had already browsed more than half of the posts about the level, classification, and weaknesses of the beasts.

Two to three hours had passed in just one reading session.

Stretching his back, Andrew closed the posts he had read before.

The forum’s homepage, which he couldn’t access before, seemed to have opened for him.

Even his personal information had changed from a guest to a third-grade fighter.

Andrew clicked on the ‘trading page’.

Inside, there were trading posts for weapons, battle outfits, demon beast materials, and precious medicinal herbs.

As for martial arts and combat techniques, he had to add the person who posted it and have a private chat.

Andrew casually browsed through the list.

There was a C-grade battle suit on sale, but the price was too high, as high as 1.8 million.

Moreover, the style was too ugly, so Andrew didn’t fancy it.

He was about to post a “Buy battle suit” thread, but when the content was edited to the standard, the doorbell suddenly rang.

“Didn’t sister say that she would be back tomorrow?

“Has the matter with the school been settled?”

He walked out of the bedroom and was about to open the door…

But a sense of crisis suddenly surged in his heart.

The next moment, Andrew felt an intense burst of Blood Qi.

Not good!

He muttered in his heart and dodged to the side.

A “boom” shook the silent night.

The door was directly blasted open by the huge Blood qi power. Two black-clothed warriors holding composite metal daggers rushed in.


“It’s not Annie?”

The moment the two warriors saw Andrew, they were stunned.

The chubby fighter, Gray Wolf, reacted quickly, “It’s Annie’s brother, Andrew!”

“I don’t care. Kill him first!”

Black Wolf held his dagger tightly and stabbed at Andrew.

Gray Wolf stopped him.

“Wait! The employer’s target is Annie. We won’t get any reward even if we kill him. Instead, we’ll alert the people from the Martial Arts Administration. How about we catch him? Annie will definitely come out then.” If you find any errors ( broken links, non-standard content, etc.. ), Please let us know so we can fix it as soon as possible.