I’m Cultivating Immortality While Everyone Else Practices Martial Arts

Chapter 23: Someone From The Martial Arts Administration!

One was C-grade while the other was B-grade. Although they were not as valuable as his own blade, they were still worth 700,000 to 800,000 dollars on the forum.

Andrew’s mood slightly improved.

Just the two daggers were enough for him to change to a new apartment.

He also found a few thousand in cash, two cell phones, and two bank cards from the assassins.

The bank cards were brand new, and there was a note on the back with a string of numbers. It should be the bank card’s password.

This should be the deposit paid by their employer.

Andrew put the two bank cards in his pocket.


“Congratulations, Host, you have obtained 200 strengthening points.”

Andrew’s eyes moved.

In other words, the deposit in the two bank cards was about 2 million?

It seemed that their employer was quite wealthy.

Just as Andrew was tidying up the living room, the nearby police officers rushed in. After seeing the tragic scene, they frowned and looked at the only living person at the scene, Andrew.

“Please put your hands where we can see them, sir.”

“These two are professional killers. You’d better let the people from the Martial Arts Administration take charge of them. I’m not sure if they have any other companions.”

The police officers on duty looked at each other and exchanged glances.

Judging from the scene, only martial artists could cause such extensive damage.

The police really couldn’t care less about matters involving martial artists.

Soon, the people from the Martial Arts Administration arrived on the scene.

There were four people in total, and one of them was Edward, whom Andrew had just met today.

“Andrew, are you okay?”

Edward had an anxious look on his face. After hearing about the situation, the first thing he thought of was Andrew, who lived here.

Some anti-human organizations liked to pick on geniuses who had yet to grow up.

He was afraid that Andrew had also encountered this kind of potential danger.

However, Andrew’s face was calm. “Fortunately, these two people should be martial artists who have not received formal teaching. Despite having their high grades in martial arts, they could not display the corresponding strength. They were killed by me with one slash.”

He thought for a moment and added, “Their target seems to be my sister, Annie. Judging from their conversation, they should be employed by someone. I wanted to keep one alive so that he could tell me about their employer. Unfortunately, they could not even withstand one strike.”

Edward’s originally worried mood instantly became worse. He really wanted these two assassins to teach this brat a lesson.

However, these words could only remain in his heart.

“Andrew, don’t worry. Our Martial Arts Administration will definitely do our best to investigate this matter.”

As he said this, he smiled again. “However, these two assassins didn’t investigate your sister’s strength? With this level of skill, they still dare to find trouble with your sister?”


The peak of the third stage.

This was something that everyone in the Martial Arts Administration knew.

After all, she was a famous genius in Boston.

And these two assassins, who were killed by Andrew with one slash, were obviously not experts.

They were probably only at the first or second grade.

“Captain Edward.”

At this time, a staff member of the Martial Arts Administration walked over with a solemn expression and said in a low voice, “The identities of the two dead people have been investigated. They are both professional assassins, codenamed Black Wolf and Gray Wolf.

“They are confirmed to be at the peak of the third grade, and it is rumored that Black Wolf broke through to the fourth grade not long ago. These two have committed five or six major crimes and have never been caught.”


“They are Black Wolf and Gray Wolf?”

Edward was shocked. He knew this duo very well. The Martial Arts Administration had always wanted the two of them, but they were both professionals with strength. It was impossible to find them if they were hiding.

Just a while ago, they had robbed a fourth-grade martial artist and killed the whole family of three.

A peak third-grade martial artist and a fourth-grade martial artist…

Were they killed by Andrew with one slash?

“Something’s wrong!”

“Are you sure you guys aren’t mistaken?”Andrew scratched the back of his head, very surprised. “Are they that strong?”


“Peak third-grade and fourth-grade?”

“Two professional assassins who tried to assassinate Annie were killed by Andrew in one strike?”

In the chief’s office of the Martial Arts Administration.

Chief Charles was silent for a moment.

Edward continued, “Chief Charles, their corpses are here. Do you want to take a look?”

“No need.”

Chief Charles sighed. “I know the power of Andrew’s blade. If it was in a wide area, the two killers could still rely on their speed to deal with it. But in a narrow area like the living room, it would be too difficult for them to block his blade.”

Even after a few hours, the elegance of that blade strike was still profoundly engraved in Chief Charles’s mind.

He shook his head and said slowly, “Edward, there’s no need to investigate this matter. I heard that half a month ago, when Annie was on a mission, she killed a disciple of the evil grandmaster, Wuji. The one who hired the two assassins is Wuji.”

“Grandmaster Wuji?”

When Edward heard this name, he was stunned on the spot.

Evil warriors were no different from those anti-human fighters.

They killed for fun and bullied the weak without any sympathy.

Just like the anti-human extremist organizations, they wandered in the wilderness. With the protection of the demon beasts, the governments of various countries had no way to get rid of them.

“Since they are evil warriors, they will definitely not let it go. I will tell Andrew and Annie to be careful.”

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