His blade had torn apart the living room, so it shouldn’t be able to accommodate anyone for the time being. The heating circuit and other things needed to be repaired, and it would probably take three to five days.

“A cult?”

“Grandmaster Wuji?”

“Eighth-grade realm!”

After hanging up the phone, Andrew’s face gradually darkened.

Even the chief of the Martial Arts Administration was only at the seventh-grade. If that evil grandmaster named Wuji came looking for him, he wouldn’t have any chance to resist.

With his current strength, there was no way he could protect Annie.

“Become stronger!

“Only by becoming stronger can I protect the person I want to protect.”

Andrew opened the system interface.

[Name]: Andrew Doyle

[Age]: 18 years old

[Identity]: Martial Arts Training High School No. 3 student

[Cultivation Realm]: Qi Formation Second Grade (+)

[Cultivation Technique]: Nine-layered Thunder Blade, Infinite Innate Skill (+)

[Strengthening Points]: 730 Points

[System Store]: Opened

[Lucky Draw]: 100 strengthening points for one lucky draw

[Storage Space]: 1 cubic meter (+)

“730 strengthening points…”

In the beginning, he had defeated a few recruitment teachers and obtained a total of 30 strengthening points.

The scholarship from the first high school was 1,000,000, which meant 100 strengthening points.

After killing Black Wolf and Gray Wolf, he got 400 strengthening points.

Adding on the two bank cards that he had found on them, the total sum came to be 730 strengthening points…

“Previously, I used 300 strengthening points to upgrade my cultivation to the second level of the Qi Formation realm. If I want to advance it to the third level, I’m afraid I’ll need at least 500 strengthening points.

“Forget it!

“If I want to upgrade my cultivation, I might as well upgrade my blade technique first!”

Andrew gritted his teeth and chose to upgrade his Nine-layered Thunder Blade.



“Your Nine-layered Thunder Blade has been upgraded to the second level. Strengthening points -300.”

“Continue to upgrade…”


“Insufficient strengthening points.”

“As expected, upgrading the Nine-layered Thunder Blade to the third stage should also require 500 points.”

Andrew was a little disappointed.

His points were too low now. He could only selectively upgrade his strength.

If he could advance the Nine-layered Thunder Blade to the third stage, he would be able to cast a 30-meter-long Lightning Blade Qi. Once he slashed out, the Blade Qi would be ten stories high. What a magnificent scene it would be.

“However, the 20-meter-long Lightning Blade Qi should be enough for now.”

Andrew looked at his remaining 430 strengthening points.

If he had 70 more strengthening points…

Without any hesitation, he would immediately choose to strengthen his cultivation or the Nine-layered Thunder Blade.

But since it was not enough… he could only draw the lottery.

Andrew washed his hands first and looked at the system lottery interface again.


“Strengthening points -100. Lucky Draw activated.”

“Congratulations, Host, you have obtained a tool: Thunder Talisman.”

“Thunder Talisman: after using it, you can summon three bolts of thunder to attack.”

In the system store, besides the “Invisibility Talisman,” there was another “Thunder Talisman.”

Andrew glanced at the price of the Thunder Talisman and was very satisfied.

In the system store, the Thunder Talisman was sold for 200 strengthening points. He had only spent 100 strengthening points to get it.


“Strengthening points -100, Lucky Draw activated.”

The second lucky draw began.

Andrew waited for almost a minute, but there was no system notification in his mind.

What the f*ck!

How could the system draw nothing?

At least, there should be a symbolic notification, such as “Thank you for your patronage”, “Try harder next time”, and so on.

He did not say a word. Who knew if there was a problem with the system or if he did not get anything.

There were still 230 strengthening points left.

Andrew gritted his teeth and continued.


“Strengthening points -100. Lucky Draw activated.”

About five seconds later.

Andrew’s face was dark like the overcast sky as he complained, “There’s nothing again. I’ve lost a lot this time.”

There were only 130 strengthening points left.


“Strengthening points -100. Lucky Draw activated.”

After a short moment of hesitation, Andrew activated the lottery for one last time.

Drawing the lottery was an addictive thing.

Especially after losing consecutively, he would always think of earning back what he had lost the next time.

“Congratulations, you have obtained a Great Recovery Pill.”

“Congratulations, you have obtained a cultivation technique: Innate Five-elements Infinite Escape Technique.”


Andrew was shocked by the sudden surprise.

This lottery thing could even hit the jackpot?

He immediately looked at the Great Recovery Pill.

Great Recovery Pill: after consuming it, you can increase your cultivation by ten years.

The Great Recovery Pill was also listed in the system store, and the price tag was as high as 500 strengthening points!

He had made a huge profit!

Then, he looked at the cultivation technique that he had drawn.

Innate Five-elements Infinite Escape Technique: Heaven Immortal level cultivation technique!

Just looking at the grade of this cultivation technique made Andrew extremely excited.

Escape techniques, as the name implied, were used to cultivate movement techniques.

As long as he mastered this technique, he could go anywhere he wanted in this vast world.

Andrew did not hesitate and directly consumed the Great Recovery Pill that he had obtained.

In his body, his Qi surged, and his cultivation increased crazily. In just a few breaths’ time, he reached the peak of the third grade of the Qi Formation from the second grade!

This was much faster than directly using the strengthening points to increase his cultivation.

Next, Andrew experienced the Innate Five-elements Infinite Escape Technique in his mind, but after studying it for a long time, he still had no clue.

“Forget it.

“Cultivation is too boring. It’s better to directly advance it by earning strengthening points.”

After his cultivation broke through to the third grade, his impulse of heading to the wilderness became more and more intense. He couldn’t wait to head out right away.

The night was dark outside the window.

It was already late, so Andrew gave up on this idea. He turned on the hotel’s computer and browsed through the news on the forum. If you find any errors ( broken links, non-standard content, etc.. ), Please let us know so we can fix it as soon as possible.