“I’ve hit the Black Wind Ash Wolf. It’s heavily injured and has rushed into the town!”

Not far from the side, on the roof of a rusted steel house, a strong and sturdy warrior jumped down with a rocket launcher on his shoulder.


His feet directly cracked the cement floor.

The warrior carried the rocket launcher in one hand and ran towards the Golden Town in large strides. He spoke in his earpiece, “Fourth Brother, observe the Black Wind Ash Wolf’s movements. Boss, Third Brother, don’t attack yet. This bastard is injured. The longer we delay, the weaker it will be.”

He glanced at Andrew. Then, he ran past him and continued towards the Golden Town.

Andrew recovered from his daze and touched his hair.

That was close. If the rocket had missed, he would have been blown into pieces.

To be honest, he was a little scared.

No wonder people on the forum said that the wilderness was teeming with danger. It not only included monsters but also these cold people.

Although they were not as bad as hired killers, they did not have any mercy for life.

To these people, entering the wilderness to eliminate the demon beasts was not for the revival of the human race.

It was all for themselves.

They would sell the demon beasts and obtain a high reward.

Andrew strode forward and chased after him.

What about him?

Andrew was almost killed here. Even if it was an unintentional act, that guy did not even say a word of apology?

Moreover, when he brushed past him just now, the gaze he threw at him…? There was even a hint of disdain?

The brawny martial artist was in third-grade. His Blood Qi was strong, and his aura was steady. Standing at almost two meters tall, his physique was burly. He had a rocket launcher on his shoulder and ran wildly without being affected in the slightest.


When the guy turned his head, he found a young man with a backpack and a white-clothed blade on his waist following behind him. He couldn’t help but glare and shout, “Kid, what are you doing?”

He cursed and said, “Get lost quickly. You’re so young, yet you came to such a place to die? That’s the Black Wind Ash Wolf, a peak fourth-grade demon beast. Even if it’s injured, it’s not something a kid like you can take advantage of.”

He thought that Andrew was the same as the other warrior groups in Golden Town.

They had all heard the news about their Gale Group attacking the Black Wind Ash Wolf. So, they had rushed to Golden Town early in order to take advantage of the situation.


Andrew didn’t understand what he meant.

However, a demon beast at the peak of the fourth grade… should be much more powerful than that killer Black Wolf.

It should be able to withstand two strikes from him?

After all, he was now a little more powerful than when he killed Black Wolf.

“Get lost!”

Seeing Andrew continuing to brazenly follow him, the brawny man became furious. He said coldly, “The martial artists from Boston are really bold. You’re just a little kid. I don’t even know if you have completed the bone tempering phase, yet you actually want to snatch food from the tiger’s mouth?”

He did not make a move either.

Relying on his iron tower-like body, he just leaned toward Andrew…

This test was very elaborate.

Not only did the guy use the increase in speed, he even used a martial arts battle technique called “Iron Mountain.” With this strength, even a small car would be deformed.

Noticing that he was about to collide with this little brat, a smile appeared on the burly man’s lips.

With this ‘Iron Mountain,’ the brat, a prospective martial artist who might not even have his face tempered, would definitely die!

Moreover, in the wilderness, even if he killed someone, as long as he was not caught by the Martial Arts Administration, who could control him?


In the next moment, the smile on his face froze, as if he had seen a ghost.

Didn’t I hit him?

Shouldn’t his internal organs be shattered and his body sent flying?

Why did it feel like he had hit a mountain?

Instead, he was sent flying.


The burly man let out a muffled groan, feeling as if his spine had been shattered!

He flew more than ten meters and landed on the grass at the side, sliding another six or seven meters before he barely stopped. The rocket launcher on his shoulder rolled to the side. He spat out a mouthful of blood and looked miserable.

“Second Brother?”

“Second Brother, what’s wrong?”

“Second Brother!”

Three surprised cries came out from his earpiece.


“You have defeated a grade-three martial artist. Reward: +10 strengthening points.”

In his mind, the system notification sounded.

Andrew stopped and looked coldly at the burly martial artist lying on the grass.

Just now, he had clearly sensed a strong killing intent from that burly man!

“This man treated me as a prospective martial artist, but that move just now… Not to mention a prospective martial artist, even a first-grade martial fighter would have a hard time surviving!”

Were all martial artists nowadays so vicious?

I just wanted him to apologize, but he tried to kill me?

He picked up the rocket launcher.

The rocket inside had been installed.

Andrew put the rocket launcher on his shoulder and aimed at the brawny martial artist. He deliberately raised it a little higher and said coldly, “The cause and effect are mutual. You wanted to kill me, but you ended up in this situation. You deserve everything.”


“Don’t kill me. I’ll give you all the money… and my composite metal weapon!”

The brawny man stared at Andrew and begged bitterly.

From his angle, he could see that the black muzzle of the rocket launcher was aimed at his head.

No matter what, he was still a third-grade martial artist. He dragged his injured body and moved backward while begging bitterly, “Spare me, please spare me…”

His plea was transmitted to the other brothers through the earpiece.

There was a moment of silence in the earpiece, followed by a cold voice, “Sir, I am the captain of the Gale Fighter Squad, Liebert. Please show mercy… Otherwise, our Gale Fighter Squad will not let you off easily.”

“It seems that your brothers don’t want you to live at all.”

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