Andrew lowered the muzzle of the rocket launcher a little.

“However, I’m not a cold-blooded and heartless person like you.

“Since you almost hit me with a rocket, I’ll let you experience the same.”

Andrew aimed at his side and slowly pulled the trigger.

That burly warrior’s eyes were about to bulge out of the sockets. He shouted in despair, “Your aim, your aim is off!”

Didn’t you say you wanted me to experience this feeling of being scared?

I clearly felt it, but why is the rocket launcher still pointing at me!


Andrew subconsciously moved the rocket launcher.



A rocket instantly flew out, and a scorching wave of air spread in the surroundings.


“Congratulations, Host. You have killed a martial artist of the third grade. Reward: +100 strengthening points.”

Andrew: “…”

He was stunned for a moment and said somewhat angrily, “F*ck, I clearly aimed accurately, yet you insisted that I missed!”

But if he died from the explosion, so be it.

He was not a saint.

Anyway, this person wanted to kill him. Since he had this idea, he should be prepared for getting killed in return.

“Very good, you’re finished!”

A voice filled with incomparable hatred and killing intent came from the earpiece.

Andrew looked at the earpiece on the ground.

In this day and age, there was still such a good quality earpiece? He stepped forward and crushed it.

Before he could tidy up the scene on the ground, he heard hurried footsteps.

Soon, two figures appeared in his field of vision.

Andrew put down the rocket launcher.

At such a long distance, the rocket launcher was not a threat to them at all.

He untied the white cloth on his blade and mobilized his Qi.

Buzz, buzz!

The blade started to tremble.

Andrew wasn’t stupid either. The others had already found him, so he couldn’t hide even if he wanted to. Only by taking care of all these people here could he be at ease while searching for demon beasts in the wilderness.

The two figures suddenly accelerated!

One of them held a composite metal saber in his hand, and his aura was fierce. He was at the middle stage of the fourth-grade realm. As he ran, his Blood Qi was released, as if he was wearing a light red blood robe.

The other person’s Qi was slightly weaker. He was probably at the early stage of the fourth-grade. His strength was about the same as Black Wolf.

His weapon was a long stick.

The distance between them and Andrew was less than a hundred meters, and they could reach it in three or four seconds.

As Andrew raised his blade with one hand, his aura surged. Faint electric arcs were flashing on the composite metal battle blade. Just as he was about to engage the duo, his heart suddenly sank.

“Something’s wrong!”

At first, he had heard three different voices from the earpiece.

In other words, there should be four people in the Gale Fighter Squad!

And one person… was hiding in a place he didn’t notice!

An extremely dangerous premonition rose from the bottom of his heart. Relying on the vigilance of the fighters, Andrew raised the blade in his hand horizontally in the next moment.


A bullet hit the battle saber.

The violent impact caused his arms to go numb, and he couldn’t help but take two steps back.

Seeing this, the two martial artists hurriedly followed up. Taking advantage of Andrew’s restricted movements, they wanted to kill him in one go.

“If this continues, I might die!”

Andrew frowned. He hadn’t found the hidden sniper.

If he wanted to make a move, he had to be careful of the bullets in the dark.


Just as he was distracted, an angry shout came from the side.

The captain of the Gale Fighter Squad, Liebert, jumped up. He wanted nothing more than slashing Andrew with his saber.


A bullet came again!

“Go to hell!”

Andrew frowned and slashed out with his blade.


Lightning exploded.

A 20-meter-long bolt of lightning instantly burst out!


The specially-made composite metal bullet was directly cut open by the Lightning Blade Qi. However, the saber and long staff were about to land on Andrew’s body…


The air exploded.

A 10-meter-long crack appeared on the ground.

A wave of smoke spread out from the point of the explosion.

“He should be dead,” said the third brother with the long staff.

The trio’s coordination could be said to be flawless. Even if they were to face a fifth-grade martial artist, they wouldn’t be at a disadvantage.

Contrary to expectations, Liebert frowned.

Andrew had disappeared.

He had vanished into thin air under the eyes of the two martial artists. He had disappeared without a trace, as if he had never appeared.

If he was dead, at least there would be a corpse.

The remaining three members of the Gale Squad looked at each other. Their eyes were filled with shock.

“Where is he?”

“Even if he is a Grandmaster, we should at least notice a trace of him. Moreover, his aura is similar to ours. At most, he is a grade-four martial artist. How can he be faster than a Grandmaster?”

As grade-four martial artists, their senses were acute. Although they couldn’t find Andrew’s location, they could vaguely sense that there was a pair of eyes staring at them from somewhere nearby.

The surroundings were a wide expanse.

The factory building closest to the industrial park was three hundred meters away.

Where could he hide?

This unknown sense of danger made their scalps go numb. They didn’t dare to move and could only coldly say, “Come out!”

“Bastard, if you have the ability, why don’t you try facing us head-on?”

The next moment, they felt that the feeling of being under observation had disappeared.

The two martial artists exchanged glances and heaved a sigh of relief.

However, they had forgotten one thing.

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