From the Gale Squad’s headset, sniper number four’s surprised voice sounded.

“Number Four, you didn’t see his movements either?”

Boss Liebert was shocked.

Although Number Four’s strength was the weakest in their Gale Fighter Squad, his vision was much sharper than a martial artist of the same rank.

Even the actions of a Grandmaster could be seen clearly by Fourth Brother.

The next moment, Fourth Brother felt a sense of danger coming from behind him.

He quickly rolled to the side.

A “Boom” sounded from his previous spot.

Fourth Brother turned his head and saw an additional scar where he was originally lying down.

Following that, a wave of tearing pain surged into his brain.

His body…

Was directly cut into two halves by a single slash!

“Fourth Brother!”

Liebert’s voice came from the earpiece.

He looked at a high slope in the distance. The explosion came from there, and their team’s fourth brother… was also there!

“This Innate Five-elements Infinite Escape Technique is really a top-grade ambush skill!”

Andrew looked at the sniper’s corpse on the ground and revealed a cold smile.

If he had not mastered the escape technique, he might have died under the combined attack of three people.

How could these three martial artists think that there was actually someone who could move under the ground?

This gave Andrew the opportunity to find the sniper.

“Damn it!”

The remaining two members of the Gale Squad had bloodshot eyes. They held their weapons and rushed over.

However, they hadn’t even run 200 meters.


A bolt of Lightning Blade Qi directly drilled out of the ground and cut the staff-wielding martial artist in half.


The Gale Squad’s captain, Liebert, was frightened by this sudden Qi and stopped in his tracks.

Looking at the third’s body that had been split into two, he was stunned.

What kind of monster had he provoked?

From his strength, he was at most at the peak of the fourth-grade. With the combined might of the three of them, it shouldn’t be difficult to defeat him.

However, that sudden disappearance…

He had no way to guard against this sudden Blade Qi.


Get lost!

F*ck brotherhood. As long as he could survive, it would be enough.

Liebert took two steps back.

He was waiting for the second Blade Qi.

Such a powerful martial arts battle technique would definitely burden his body after it was released.

As long as he blocked the second Blade Qi, he would be able to escape this place at an extremely fast speed while there was still time.


A voice that terrified him rang in Liebert’s ears.

Then, a whistling sound came.

A 20-meter-long Blade Qi gradually enlarged in his pupils!

“This blade… I can block it, right?”

Liebert began to doubt himself.

Looking at the approaching Blade Qi, he leaped and barely dodged the attack.


Thick smoke rose around him.

“Right now. If I run, he definitely won’t be able to catch up to me.”

Liebert instantly took off and made his escape.

However, he hadn’t even run a few steps when another Blade Qi quickly came from behind him.


Both of his legs were cut off by the Qi, and he fell to the ground.

Andrew, who had been underground, coldly looked at Liebert above him.

Was this a fourth-grade martial artist?

Looking at Liebert’s disheveled appearance, it was hard for Andrew to link the person who had threatened him earlier.


“Congratulations, Host, for killing a fighter of the fourth grade. Reward: +300 strengthening points.”

In his mind, the system notification sounded.

So… Liebert was already dead?

Andrew glanced at the system interface.

The strengthening points had reached 840.

“This saber is C-grade?”

“No, although this saber is C-grade, there are some B-grade materials mixed in… This composite metal rod is the same. They should be worth a lot.”


The second brother of the Gale Fighter Squad had a suit on him.

However, its level shouldn’t be high as it was destroyed by a single strike.

“Oh right, that sniper’s sniper rifle should be able to sell for some money.”

Under normal circumstances, warriors who came to the wilderness would only carry some food and medical supplies in their backpacks.

The rest of the surplus items would be placed in a “safe spot” in the wilderness.

However, Andrew had a storage space with him.

Very quickly, he stored all the spoils of war into his storage space.

After placing everything inside, there was not much space left in the storage space.


“Congratulations, Host, you have obtained 360 strengthening points.”

In his mind, the system notification sounded once again.

“It’s similar to my estimation. That composite metal saber and long staff are worth around 2 million, while the rocket launcher, sniper rifle, and other items should be around 1.6 million.”

His total strengthening points had reached 1,200!

“No wonder martial artists like to go to the wilderness. Although it’s full of danger, it’s a shortcut to earn money!”

He had left the hotel at 8 am and went to the supermarket. After buying some things and traveling, he reached the wilderness at around 10 am.

It was only 11 am now.

In just one hour, he had earned 3.6 million, which was nothing more than robbing a bank.

Moreover, he hadn’t killed any demon beast yet.

Some of the demon beast materials could also be sold at a high price on the black market or on the forum.

Demon beast?

Andrew Thought for a moment.

The injured peak grade-four demon beast, the Black Wind Ash Wolf, was still in the Golden Town.

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