I’m Cultivating Immortality While Everyone Else Practices Martial Arts

Chapter 31: Trapped Students, Grade 12, Class 6?

No matter how talented a sophomore was, he was only a second-grade fighter.

Moreover, these students’ combat experience was far less than theirs. It wasn’t an exaggeration to say that they were a burden.

While they chatted, steady footsteps could be heard coming from the corridor.

“The three of you, what are you hiding here for?”

Andrew took the initiative to greet the trio.

The bearded warrior was shocked.

When did he come upstairs?

They had just spoken for a few seconds, but this kid was actually so fast?

“Shh, be quiet.”

John stood up and reminded him.

Only then did Andrew react. This was the wilderness, and there was danger lurking everywhere. If he was too loud, he might become a target.

With his current strength, he did not have the confidence to resist a sniper’s attack.

“Why are you here?” John asked first.

“This is my first time coming to the wilderness. I don’t have a map either. I don’t know how I came here.”

Andrew replied. From a hill, he saw some ruins here, so he walked over. He did not expect it to be Golden Town.

John Sighed and didn’t say anything.

This kid was too unlucky. Why did he get lost and come to Golden Town?

“What about you?” Andrew asked back.

“Who cares about you…”

The bearded warrior seemed unwilling to tell Andrew. However, John stopped him and said, “We’re here for a Martial Arts Administration mission. Some students are trapped here. We’re responsible for rescuing them.”

He did not say that he was here to take advantage of the Black Wind Ash Wolf.

After all, it was impossible to kill the Black Wind Ash Wolf now. He could only think of a way to escape from Golden Town while the wolf was still injured.

“Students?”Andrew asked.

“Students like you, who don’t have any strength, come to the wilderness all the time. You are really courting death.”

The bearded warrior mocked.

He looked down on Andrew and did not hide it at all.

Andrew did not pay attention to the bearded warrior. Instead, he looked at John and continued to ask, “Don’t you need a Martial Artist Card to enter the wilderness?”

John was shocked.

“Don’t you know? High school students will come to the outskirts of the wilderness before the entrance exam. After being subjected to a strong sense of oppression, it is beneficial for their bones to be tempered.

“So, the schools will send their martial arts teachers to follow the students to ensure their safety.

“But this time… it seems like there was an accident. They went too deep and were trapped here.”

At this point, John sighed.

Not to mention those students, even they were trapped here.

“Then why are you hiding here? Shouldn’t you be saving those students?”

Andrew frowned.

“Save? That’s easy for you to say. There are so many monsters out there. Are you going out to die?”

“If it were up to me, we should leave now. Why should we care about those students?”

The bearded warrior and the scrawny warrior said in unison, expressing their dissatisfaction.

They were here to earn some extra money, not throwing their lives for the Martial Arts Administration.

John wanted to persuade them, but seeing the determined tone of his two companions, he gave up.

Andrew saw the expressions of the three people.

“Do you know the location of those students?”

“Why? Do you still want to save them? You can’t even protect yourself.”

The bearded warrior laughed and turned his head to the side.


The scrawny warrior rolled his eyes and took out a map from his backpack. He pointed at a marked location and said, “Turn right after walking two streets. There’s a warehouse. They should be inside!”

The bearded warrior glared at him. They had spent a lot of effort to find this information, but they didn’t expect the skinny warrior to leak it.

Andrew silently noted down the marked location.

“Does anyone want to come with me?”

The trio did not speak. John raised his head as if he was about to open his mouth, but the bearded man pressed him down.

“If you want to go, then go quickly. We won’t accompany you.”

Andrew shook his head and turned to leave.

After he walked far away, the bearded warrior looked at the short warrior angrily.

The short warrior quickly explained, “Do you think I’m as brainless as you? If we let him go and save people, he might attract those monsters over. Then, we’ll leave Golden Town quickly.”

The bearded warrior’s eyes lit up.

Such a good plan; why didn’t he think of it? He had almost ruined a good thing.

Only John was left with his head lowered. His face was full of regret.

A few minutes later, at the entrance of an abandoned warehouse.

Andrew looked around and didn’t find any beasts. He knocked on the door of the warehouse.

There was no answer.

Could it be that the person deliberately gave him the wrong place?

Just as he was about to go back, a whisper came from the warehouse, “Is it the rescuers?”

Sure enough, the trapped students were inside!

“Yes, there are no monsters outside now. Follow me out.”

The warehouse was immediately filled with noises.

The door opened very quickly.

When Andrew looked at the students and teachers inside, his face darkened.

It was true that enemies often encountered each other.

The trapped students were actually students from the Martial Arts Training High School No. 3’s class 6!

It was also his former class.


Dean O’Neill said in surprise.

He knew Andrew’s strength. He could break the arm of a third-grade martial artist with one palm strike. The lowest level of his strength was the fourth-grade.

If he was here, they would definitely be able to escape!

“I advise you not to talk. Just follow me.”

Andrew said coldly.

How could he forget how these former classmates mocked him?

But this was the wilderness, after all. If he didn’t care, these people would end up in the mouths of the monsters.

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