“Hello, Chief, are you there? May I ask if we want to buy the body of this monster?”

The staff of the martial arts administration asked.

Chief Charles was silent.


He killed the Black Wind Ash Wolf?

That was a demon beast at the peak of the fourth-grade. Moreover, it had been running amok in the wilderness for so long. Hence, its combat experience was aplenty. Even a beginner fifth-grade fighter might not be its match.

Chief Charles hung up the phone and looked at the two people.

“We don’t have to go… This kid killed the Black Wind Ash Wolf in Golden Town.”

Dean Carroll was as stunned as Charles.

Black Wind Ash Wolf, that was a fourth-grade demon beast!

Only Annie hadn’t reacted yet. She seemed to have heard of the Black Wind Ash Wolf in class. What grade demon beast was it again?

Golden Town.

Andrew’s clothes were stained with blood.

He sat cross-legged with a barbecue stove placed in front of him.

John, on the other hand, used a composite metal knife to cut off the meat of these beasts and placed it neatly on the barbeque stove.


Andrew used an iron skewer to string the barbeque on the stove and stuffed it into his mouth.

The meat of the beasts was sturdier than that of ordinary animals.

It was chewier to eat.

Although these beasts were already dead, part of the energy was still preserved in the meat.

For example, if rich people ate demonic beast meat every day, even if they were ordinary people without tempered bones, they could still rely on the blood energy in the demonic beast meat to reach the level of a quasi-martial artist.

Andrew patted his stomach and burped.

The two of them almost ate an entire demonic beast, and there was still a portion left. Their stomachs were so bloated that they could barely walk.

“Hu, why aren’t your two brothers here yet? We can’t possibly carry so many demonic beasts back, right?”

Just as Andrew was complaining, the sound of a car horn sounded on the street.

John got up, walked to the window, and fired a signal flare.

Soon, the bearded warrior and the skinny warrior came up.

When they saw the barbecue stove in the house, they almost drooled.

The demon beasts they killed in the past were all dragged back and sold. They didn’t even have the thought of eating them.

With one bite, it might be several thousand dollars.

He didn’t expect that Andrew and John had eaten an entire demonic beast. That was close to a hundred thousand dollars!

Even though they thought so, they still went over.

“Boss Andrew, we’ve escorted the students back. We haven’t had the time to eat yet.”

The bearded warrior said flatteringly.

The other scrawny warrior repeatedly nodded in agreement.

Andrew glanced at the two of them and slowly said, “There’s still some left. You guys eat. Afterward, remember to carry the corpses of the monsters outside to the pickup truck.”

“Of course.”

The bearded warrior readily agreed and then stretched his hand to the stove.

He didn’t even let go of the demon beast’s bones. After sucking them several times in his mouth, he reluctantly threw them aside.

After eating, the group of four returned to the pickup truck.

As John drove the car, Andrew closed his eyes to rest in the passenger seat. The other two were sitting in the cargo compartment.

“Third Brother, how much do you think the ten demon beasts here will cost?”

“I think at least four million.”

The scrawny warrior rubbed his hands excitedly. This trip had earned him 400,000 dollars. Together with the 50,000 from the Martial Arts Administration, it was a total of 450,000 dollars.

A demonic beast’s corpse in the wilderness could be sold for several hundred thousand dollars.

But these demonic beasts were all in groups. With the trio’s strength, it was already very good that they could find a lone demonic beast in a week.

It was not as easy as it was now.

“Boss Andrew, if you come to the wilderness next time, feel free to look for us. We will change to a bigger car when we go back.”

The skinny warrior rolled his eyes and said.

This reminded Andrew.

If there were too many demonic beast corpses, a car would definitely not be able to fit them. If they were placed in storage space, it would take up too much space.

Moreover, he could not carry the demon beast corpses by himself. It would be good to have a few helpers.

“Alright, the next time I come, I’ll call you guys.”

Andrew agreed and gave his phone number to John.

The four of them quickly left the wilderness.

“This is my bank card number. After you sell the demon beast corpses, deduct 10% and transfer the rest to my card.”

Andrew thought for a moment and gave the card number to the three.

He still had to rush to Annie’s place.

If he waited until the demon beast corpses were sold, there would be no time left.

The bearded warrior patted his chest and guaranteed, “Don’t worry, Big Brother Andrew. Oh right, do you want to sell the Black Wind Ash Wolf’s corpse too?”

“Yeah, sell it.”

Andrew said without thinking. A mere fourth-grade demon beast, to him, other than a higher price tag, there was no further use.

Hearing this, John and the other two smiled.

That was a peak fourth-grade demonic beast!

Just the Black Wind Ash Wolf’s corpse was more valuable than the mountain of demonic beast corpses behind the carriage.

The three of them would naturally have a share of this ten percent.

“Boss Andrew, we’ll be leaving first.”

John said excitedly.

It was still early to leave. If they went to the black market to sell it, they might be able to meet a rich person who would bid for it. At that time, it wouldn’t be a problem for the price to increase by twenty to thirty percent!

As for Andrew’s share, they, of course, had to give it to him.

The trio was not brainless. In the long run, it would definitely be more cost-effective than a one-time profit.

Moreover, he could easily kill a fourth-grade demon beast. Wouldn’t it be easy to deal with the three of them?

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