I’m Cultivating Immortality While Everyone Else Practices Martial Arts

Chapter 4 – Lucky Draw! Invisibility Talisman

Andrew raised his blade and was ready to test the effect of the Nine-layered Thunder Blade.

“Eh? The people from the Martial Arts Administration!”

Andrew keenly noticed the people from the Martial Arts Administration patrolling the streets in groups of two.

He thought for a moment before putting away his blade. If he made too much noise, it would definitely attract those nosy people. He wouldn’t be able to explain himself then.

The ruckus caused by the system today was too big, and even the people from the Martial Arts Administration were mobilized.

Andrew looked at the system again.

It seemed that he still had 100 strengthening points left.

100 points, which was just enough for a lucky draw.

If he drew any cultivation method or sword technique, it would naturally be the best.

“Let’s give it a try,” Andrew muttered in his heart.

The lottery was activated.


“Strengthening points -100. Lucky Draw initiated.”

“Congratulations, Host, you have obtained a tool: Invisibility Talisman.”


Invisibility Talisman?

Andrew was stunned for a moment.

There were too many uses for this thing.

“F*ck, this system doesn’t seem to be very serious.”

I’m such an upright person. How can I use something that only ordinary villains have?

A talisman appeared out of thin air in Andrew’s hand. There weren’t any fancy patterns on it.

Rather, there was only one simple word, “Invisibility.”


Andrew cursed in his heart. Why not just draw some random patterns? Who was the system fooling by writing the word “Invisibility”?


“The system store actually opened?”

Andrew noticed the system interface flickering.

[Immortal Cultivation System]

[Name]: Andrew Doyle

[Age]: 18 years old

[Identity]: Martial Arts Training High School No. 3 student

[Cultivation Realm]: Qi Formation Second Grade (+)

[Cultivation Technique]: Nine-layered Thunder Blade, Infinite Innate Skill (+)

[Magic Weapon]: None

[Strengthening Points]: 0 Points

[System Store]: Opened

[Lucky Draw]: 100 strengthening points for one lucky draw

[Storage Space]: 1 cubic meter (+)

The words at the back of the system store had changed to “Opened.”

With a thought, Andrew opened the system store. In the otherwise empty store, there was only one item for sale.

Invisibility Talisman: 80 strengthening points.


“So I spent 100 strengthening points to draw an Invisibility Talisman and lost 20 points?!”

Andrew was about to curse a little more. But on second thought, if he didn’t draw an Invisibility Talisman, he probably wouldn’t be able to buy it in the mall.

The Invisibility Talisman was indeed a good thing. As long as he wasn’t like Susan in the Fantastic Four, he would have to take off his clothes first.

Andrew took the Invisibility Talisman and looked around.

[Invisibility Talisman: After using it, you can enter an invisibility state. Effective time: 5 minutes.]

[Remark: You may be discovered by people with strong spiritual power. ]

Andrew thought for a moment, then slapped the Invisibility Talisman on his body.


The Invisibility Talisman disappeared.

“I can still see my own body.

“This dog system is selling fake goods!”

Andrew’s face was full of anger. He swore, then turned around and walked toward the nearby park.

After traveling one or two hundred meters, he suddenly stopped.

On the grass, a couple was passionately hugging each other. The woman’s body was moving up and down on the man’s body.

“They are so brave? I’m already so close, yet the two of them don’t even look at me.

“Eh… That’s not right!”

Andrew suddenly came back to his senses. Could it be because of the Invisibility Talisman?

“Hey! Brother.”

Andrew suddenly greeted the man.

The couple did not seem to hear Andrew’s voice, though, and continued enjoying each other’s embrace.

Did they not hear him? Or was it because of the effect of the Invisibility Talisman?

He shouted even louder.

Suddenly, the man shivered and looked around in fear. However, after scanning his surroundings, he did not find anyone else.

“What’s wrong with you? Don’t you usually last for an hour? Why are you so fast today?”

The woman frowned. She was only halfway through.

“Bah, I heard someone talking just now!”

Perhaps it was because he was frightened, but no matter how the woman teased him, the man did not get hard again.

The woman stood up while swearing, “Talking? I saw you taking medicine last time. If I knew that was all you could do, I would not have come with you to look for excitement.”

That was it?

Andrew, who was ready to watch the show, shook his head.

But since he had confirmed the authenticity of the invisibility charm, there was no need for him to stay.

If he suddenly appeared five minutes later and scared that person, it wouldn’t be good.

Andrew turned around and walked home.

Just when he was about to reach home, he heard a ding.

The duration of the Invisibility Talisman was up.

“Five minutes is too short… Looks like I have to think of a way to get more Invisibility Talismans.”

He pushed the door open.  The house was cleaned up, and he could even smell the aroma of food.

Annie was sitting on the sofa, practicing the “Genetic energy cultivation method.”

“Strange. After practicing for half a day, why can’t I sense the cosmic energy?”

Cough, cough!

Andrew walked to the side silently, thinking that the nearby cosmic energy had been emptied by the system. It would be weird if she could still sense it.

It would take at least one or two days for the cosmic energy in Boston to return to normal.

“I forgot to remind you just now. If you flaunt around a B-grade composite metal blade, aren’t you afraid of it being snatched by others?

“If it’s just snatching weapons, then forget it. I’m more afraid that you’ll be injured by others.”

Hearing Annie’s concerned words, Andrew’s nose felt sour.

It seemed that he had to earn more strengthening points to buy some Invisibility Talismans and prepare some for Annie. If she was in any danger outside, it would be convenient for her to escape.

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