“When I went to school this semester, you weren’t even a prospective fighter!”

Annie’s beautiful eyes flickered as she recalled Chief Charles’s guess. She couldn’t help but say excitedly, “Could it be that you were really taken in as a disciple by an Ultimate fighter? That’s right… Only such a powerhouse could make an untalented guy in martial arts advance by leaps and bounds in a short period to reach such a level!”


Andrew’s face darkened. He pinched Annie’s nose and scolded, “Sister, what do you mean by a useless martial artist?”


As they were chatting over here, a call came in.

Andrew’s good mood was disturbed, and he couldn’t help but become irritated.

Looking at the time on the phone, he picked up the call. Andrew sneered and said, “No matter who you are, please give me an explanation first… calling someone in the middle of the night, don’t you have a f*cking public conscience?”

Hyber Grand Hotel.

The principal of Boston’s first high school, Kelly, was silent.

There were many people in the luxury box, including leaders of the Education Bureau and famous universities’ recruitment teachers from all over the country.

Their eyes all looked over at the same time.

They were all martial artists.

Moreover, Principal Kelly did not deliberately avoid them.

They heard Andrew’s words clearly.

At the wine table, the recruitment teacher of Okun University sneered and said, “Is this the genius you all speak of, Andrew?

“He injured our school’s recruitment teacher previously, but the school’s leader was not angry and was willing to give him a chance. I wanted to see if I can recruit him. Now it seems…

“No need!”

President Kelly was a little embarrassed.

He coughed dryly and said, “Andrew, I’m President Kelly. I’m currently having dinner with all the university’s recruitment teachers. They all want to meet you…”

Andrew racked his mind and finally found the name Kelly.

He looked at the time. It was already past 10 pm… But he was staying at the Hyber Hotel too, so it was not troublesome. However, he was at the hospital currently…

“Principal Kelly, which private room are you in?

“I’ll greet the elders here and come over right away.”

He hung up the phone.

Annie asked in surprise, “Principal Kelly who?”

When Andrew was talking to the principal of No. 1 High School, Kelly, Annie was not at home. Then, he was attacked by the killers before heading to the wilderness, but he had not mentioned this to Annie.

Andrew had to tell her the whole story now.

After explaining, Annie suddenly laughed.

“You sure know how to make money. But this time, the principal of No. 3 High School will surely not feel good.”

“What does it have to do with me whether he feels good or not?”

Andrew did not care at all. He said, “Sister, I’ll go in and say hello to Chief Charles and Dean Carroll.”

The hospital, a few minutes ago, in the ward.

Dean Carroll was sitting on the bed in her hospital gown. She looked a little embarrassed.

When she saw Charles walk in, she looked angry and gritted her teeth. “Charles, I… Did you deliberately want me to make a fool of myself?”

Charles didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. He said, “Dean Carroll, I didn’t know it either!

“When this kid took the Martial Artist Card test, he swore that his battle technique was his weakness… At that time, his overall strength was only at the peak of the fourth grade. In the blink of an eye… I didn’t expect him to be so powerful.”

“Peak of the fourth grade?”

Carroll’s face turned even darker.

Damn it, how could she not remember that when Charles told her the story, he mentioned that Andrew’s strength was only at the early stage of the third grade.

Seeing that Carol was about to lose her temper, Charles quickly changed the topic and said, “I think he should have hidden his strength. As for why he suddenly showed his strength, it should be because something happened in the wilderness…

“If that’s the case, my previous guess should be true!”

Dean Carroll was silent.

Although she was not in Massachusetts, she still paid attention to the news of “Someone suspected to breakthrough to the Ultimate realm.” She could not help but frown as she said, “On the night of May 22nd, a cosmic energy storm broke out near Boston. Someone suspected to breakthrough to the Ultimate realm. In other words, this person was not an Ultimate realm powerhouse before.

“It’s possible that the person had actually known Andrew for a long time and taught him martial arts since he was young.”

“That’s also possible.”

Chief Charles said cautiously, “When humans entered the era of martial arts, it began with the recovery of spiritual energy in 2000. Before the recovery of spiritual energy, there were still people who practiced martial arts. Although it was very difficult to achieve anything in their era, the facts proved that these people benefited the most after the recovery of spiritual energy!

“Many people who have come into contact with martial arts have advanced by leaps and bounds and become stronger rapidly… Among them, most of them have stood up to resist the demon beasts and contribute to the country. It is inevitable… some masters do not want to leave the mountains.”

“You mean that the person who taught Andrew is such a master?”

Dean Carroll frowned.

Charles smiled and said, “No matter what, this is a happy event. Our country has another Ultimate powerhouse, and Boston has a second Grandmaster. The pressure on me… is much less!

“I have already reported this matter to the higher-ups. They do not dare to act rashly when it involves an Ultimate fighter.”

Chief Charles had the urge to smoke again, but he was stared at by a young nurse who had just pushed the door open.

Apparently, she didn’t know Charles.

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