I’m Cultivating Immortality While Everyone Else Practices Martial Arts

Chapter 46: Heavenly Lightning Killing The Crocodile Demon!

“Is this a crocodile?

“It’s not too much to call it a whale, right?”

Andrew sighed as he drew his blade and slashed it out.


Lightning flashed, and a 30-meter-long Blade qi tore through the surface of the lake, heading toward the giant crocodile demon!

The 30-meter-long Lightning Blade Qi had a majestic momentum.

The Blade Qi struck out, and before it even landed, the water on the lake began to split. The surface of the lake was directly torn apart.

Chi La!

It was as if a piece of red-hot iron was thrown into the water.

The moment the Lightning Blade Qi made contact with the surface, the lake water evaporated, and a large amount of white mist rose up.


The crocodile demon had no intention of defending. Blade Qi had actually torn open its back.

It roared angrily, and its body, which was 20 to 30 meters long, suddenly shook!

Several water pillars shot up into the sky.

The 30-meter-long Blade Qi was also shattered, and a huge water pillar rolled toward Andrew.


Andrew waved his blade. Another 30-meter-long Qi burst out, tearing the water pillar apart. He said in surprise, “My blade actually injured the crocodile monster?”

He secretly changed his mind.

Previously, he estimated that with his cultivation of the fourth grade of the Qi Formation realm, he could only activate the 30-meter-long Lightning Blade Qi at the peak of the fifth grade or barely reach the sixth grade. But who would have thought that…

His blade actually injured the seventh-grade crocodile demon?

Moreover, this crocodile demon was covered in iron-loke black scales. They seemed to be very hard.

The crocodile demon that was 20 to 30 meters long and taller than a floor floated out of the lake.

Its cold eyes had a dark golden luster, and they stared at Andrew with a fierce glint in them!

It was furious.

It had just advanced to the seventh rank, and its confidence was touching the heavens. It even wanted to take revenge on the human Grandmaster who had hurt it last year.

However, it had not been more than two days since it advanced. It had just familiarized itself with its power. How could a human come to provoke it?

Moreover, the human before it didn’t seem to have strong Blood Qi.

But why was his blade so terrifying?

The intelligence of a grade seven crocodile demon wasn’t any weaker than a normal adult’s. The blade just now had lightning flashing on it, and the Blade Qi had caused the water in the lake to evaporate. If it wasn’t for the fact that it specialized in defense, perhaps that blade…

Would have been enough to heavily injure it!

Thinking up to this point, the crocodile demon roared. It opened its mouth, and another water pillar shot out.

Its spiritual power also instantly pressed toward Andrew.

The suppression of spiritual power was also one of the signature moves of Grandmasters.

When a powerful Grandmaster released spiritual power, it was enough to instantly shock a martial artist below grade seven to death. Even if a beginner grade-seven grandmaster or demon beast used their spiritual power at a non-grade seven, even if the target was a peak sixth rank expert that had trained his spiritual power to the point of “releasing” his spiritual power, he would still be greatly affected.

However, Andrew was an exception. He only felt that there seemed to be a gentle breeze that blew past his head.

It was chilly.

There was also a faint tingling pain, as if someone was holding a needle tip and lightly poking his scalp a few times.

“Damn it!

“What are you shouting at me for?”

Andrew raised his blade and slashed out two more times.

One move broke the water column, and the other was aimed at the crocodile demon.

The crocodile demon retreated.


Waves rolled in the lake, and mist rose. His blade… missed!


Andrew’s face instantly turned black.

Was this beast so clever?

“I haven’t comprehended the water portion of the Innate Five-elements Limitless Escape Technique. If I enter the water, wouldn’t it be the same as sending myself to death…”

If he took a step forward, he would reach the lake.

This crocodile demon was hiding thirty meters away.

With Andrew’s level four Qi Formation realm cultivation, he could still cast dozens of Lightning Blade Qi, but it was useless.

Thus, Andrew flipped his hand and threw out a “Thunder Talisman.”

The Crocodile Demon’s intelligence was not low.

It was wondering what this human warrior was doing.

However, it had a strong sense of danger. At this moment, the crocodile demon only felt its whole body tremble, as if it was going to die at any moment…

Subconsciously, it was about to dive into the water.

Unfortunately, it was too late.

Almost the moment Andrew threw out the Thunder Talisman, in the sky above East River Park, dark clouds gathered within a radius of ten miles. A bolt of lightning that was ten meters thick fell from the dark clouds.

It was silent.

How fast was the lightning?

Andrew only saw a flash of lightning before it landed on the crocodile demon.


The crocodile demon roared, and its body started to shake crazily. It couldn’t even dive into the water.

Even if it dove in, it wouldn’t have any effect. The water was conductive and couldn’t block the lightning.


“This is… being struck by lightning?”

In the time it took to think, the second lightning bolt followed closely.

It hit the crocodile demon without any deviation.

Andrew widened his eyes…

He saw with his own eyes that the lightning bolt made a turn in the air and accurately hit the crocodile demon.

It even had its own navigation?

The third lightning bolt fell and exploded.

The entire lake was boiling now.

A wave of hot air blew over.

The lightning instantly caused the water in the entire lake to boil.

Andrew looked at the water level of the lake… It fell a full three meters. The power of the three bolts of lightning was actually so terrifying.

On the surface of the lake, the crocodile demon’s corpse turned around. Its black iron-like back fell into the water, and its big white belly turned up.

The aroma of burnt meat rushed over.

Apart from the crocodile demon, there were also countless fish and prawns floating on the surface of the boiling lake.

Andrew couldn’t help but grab a crab and take a bite.

It was missing seasoning.

He took out some seasoning and salt from his storage space and sprinkled them on. While eating the crab, Andrew fell into deep thought.

“My estimation of the power of the Thunder Talisman is wrong!

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