He couldn’t help but take a second look.

“At this hour, there are still people coming out of the wilderness?”

Just as he finished his sentence, Soder and Black Rock, who were originally heading towards Boston, stopped. Soder called Black Rock.

They blocked Andrew and the others’ car.

“This car is a bit strange!”

As Soder spoke, he looked at the pickup truck vigilantly.

Just now, when he brushed past it, Soder saw the crocodile monster’s corpse behind the pickup truck.

They had stayed in the wilderness for a long time, so they naturally knew of the crocodile monster’s existence.

The crocodile was so powerful that even he and Black Rock did not dare to provoke it.

However, the crocodile demon’s corpse had actually appeared on this pickup truck.

What was going on?

“It’s actually the crocodile demon’s corpse?” Black Rock also noticed the corpse on the pickup truck.

He exclaimed, “Someone actually killed the crocodile demon?”

The two of them stood in front of the pickup truck, their bodies illuminated by the headlights.

They completely blocked the pickup truck’s path.

“Beep! Beep! Beep!”

The brother driving the truck saw this and kept honking.

“Are these two sick? Why are they blocking the truck?”

“They’re still wandering in the wilderness at this hour. They must have lost their minds.”

As he said this, the brother driving the truck stuck his head out and scolded angrily, “Hey, boss, get lost quickly.”

However, Andrew, sitting at the side, didn’t say anything.

His eyes focused on the figures of the two who had blocked the road.

These two people…

There was an unconcealable evil aura all over their bodies.

Who were they?

Could they be evil martial artists?

Andrew subconsciously became vigilant.

At this time, due to the headlights, Soder and Black Rock didn’t see who was in the car.

They wanted to see who could actually kill a sixth-grade demon beast.

However, when the duo walked to the side of the pickup truck and saw the faces of the people inside, their eyes were suddenly filled with astonishment.

It was actually Andrew.

They didn’t need to go to Boston to look for him. They hadn’t expected to meet him the moment they came out.

Andrew had saved them a lot of trouble.

However, Soder and Black Rock didn’t know the people beside him.

According to them, the crocodile demon should have been killed by these three guys.

However, they could still sense that these three didn’t have the aura of a grandmaster.

There was no need to be afraid.

The two of them looked at each other.

It seemed like they had the same thoughts in their hearts.

At this moment, the driver poked his head out of the car. “Don’t you have eyes? Hurry up and get lost…”

However, before he could finish his sentence, a strange and evil smile appeared on the faces of Soder and Black Rock.

Suddenly, they shouted, “Andrew, go to hell!” Their Blood Qi instantly surged, and the shout gave the three people in the pickup truck a fright.

This was because the other party’s spiritual energy was at the level of a martial arts Grandmaster.

For a seventh-grade martial arts Grandmaster to kill them, it was just a matter of moving a finger.

However, just as the voice fell, the person who had shouted suddenly became mute.

A gash had appeared on the other party’s throat.

Andrew’s figure had unexpectedly gotten out of the car at some point in time.

He even flashed in front of Soder, who had shouted.

With a punch, Soder’s throat caved in.

“Oh my God…”

The three brothers in the pickup truck were shocked when they saw this situation. The tables had turned too quickly.

Andrew had been on high alert ever since he saw these two people.

It was midnight now. The wilderness at this time was perilous.

Normal people wouldn’t dare to come here at this time.

From this, one could discern that these two people’s strength was extraordinary.

Moreover, the evil aura on their bodies was really too intense.

This was also thanks to the fact that the other party was a seventh-grade martial artist, so he could release his spiritual power.

Otherwise, Andrew wouldn’t have been able to sense that the guy was an evil martial artist.

At this moment, Andrew stood in front of the evil martial artists, Soder and Black Rock. He pinched Soder’s throat with one hand. “Just like that?

“Is this an evil martial artist?

“You want to kill me with this level?”

Andrew snorted coldly.

At this moment, Soder and Black Rock were highly shocked.

Their minds were buzzing.

According to the information, the higher-ups said that Andrew was just a third-grade martial artist and a piece of trash.

A mere third-grade martial artist would be easily killed by the two seventh-grade martial arts Grandmasters.

However, looking at it now, this wasn’t the case at all.

In front of Andrew, Soder, and Black Rock’s eyes were filled with shock.

Soder was a seventh-grade martial arts Grandmaster. At this moment, his throat was restrained by Andrew, and he was actually unable to break free.

This suppressive power, he was actually not a match for it at all.

“Were you hiding your strength earlier?”

Soder whimpered and said in shock.

However, Andrew didn’t want to waste any more time. He directly moved his wrist.


Soder’s neck was broken.

It was simple. A grade seven evil martial arts Grandmaster was killed just like that.


“Your strength is close to a peak Grandmaster!”

Black Rock, who was by the side, cried out in shock when he saw this.

He estimated Andrew’s strength by how easy he had killed Soder.

An 18-year-old seventh rank Grandmaster? How was this possible?

He couldn’t possibly start cultivating in his mother’s womb, right?

Shocked, Black Rock stood rooted to the ground, unable to calm down for a long time.

He thought in his heart that he couldn’t underestimate his enemy.

However, Andrew wouldn’t give Black Rock any chance.

Just as the other party was slightly stunned.


A Lightning Blade descended from the sky.

The forty-meter-long blade directly tore Soder apart and slashed towards Black Rock.

Black Rock’s reaction was still very fast. In this instant, he used all his strength to block this move.


Although he had successfully defended, his body suffered extremely serious injuries.

That move just now seemed to have triggered the lightning in the world. When the blade came down, his entire body twitched. There was even a brief moment of numbness.

At this moment, Black Rock had exchanged a round with Andrew, and he knew that he could not stay here.

Andrew’s strength could not be determined by common sense.

This was not a normal person; this was a monster.

Now, killing Andrew was even more important, but he alone was not enough to get the job done.

The only thing he wanted to do now was to send the information of Andrew’s true strength back.

In the next moment, the saber in Black Rock’s hand swung towards the ground.

As a grandmaster, it was not difficult to dig a hole under the soil.

After digging for dozens of meters, he could no longer see the situation outside. It was pitch black.

However, he did not dare to stop.

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