However, Andrew did not dodge. Instead, he used all his power to meet his attack with a palm.

“Teacher Will! He’s still just a student!”

The expression of Martial Arts Training High School No. 3’s principal changed. Nonetheless, he was only a second-grade martial artist, and his strength was too weak. There was no way he could stop Will.

He was finished!

If Andrew was seriously injured, his sister, Annie, would definitely come looking for him.

It was said that Annie was cultivating at Boston University. She was already a third rank fighter at the age of 20. This kind of genius was not someone he could provoke.



The two palms intersected.

The principal of the Martial Arts Training High School No. 3 only heard the sound of bones breaking.

The next moment, he saw Will fly backward and crash into the guardrail of the high platform. Even the alloy guardrail was bent by the flying body.

And his arm was hanging limply.


The principal narrowed his eyes and shouted in disbelief.

The whole hall instantly quieted down.

Dean Victor was the closest to Andrew. When they clashed, a blast of energy was released. Although he was a first-class warrior, he was directly thrown to the ground by the overflowing energy.

He fell to the ground, and despite having no injury, he did not dare to get up.

He just widened his eyes and muttered, “Impossible!

“This is impossible!

“He is clearly a martial arts trash. I must be hallucinating!”


He gave himself a hard slap.

However, the one who fell to the ground and vomited blood was still Teacher Will from the New York State University branch.

O’Neill, who was standing behind Andrew, couldn’t help but tremble.

“This… This…”

He stuttered and couldn’t utter a complete sentence.

He was the one who had talked to the principal to expel Andrew!

In his opinion, for a martial arts trash like Andrew to attend their school was simply a disgrace!

However, he had never imagined that Andrew’s strength would be so great!

He could even easily deal with a third-grade fighter recruitment teacher!

Didn’t they say he was trash?

Didn’t they say that his talent was zero?


It was over… His professional career would probably end here.


All the students were silent.

Especially Andrew’s classmates, their mouths were so wide open that one could stuff an egg into them. After all, they had mocked Andrew so many times.

Dora, who was in Grade 12 Class 6 and had been meticulously dressed, had her eyes lit up. The way she looked at Andrew was incredibly passionate!


Andrew was a little puzzled.

He broke his bone just like that?

That Teacher Will, who was still vomiting blood, wouldn’t be beaten to death by him just like that, right?

Am I that fierce?

He hurriedly explained himself, “You guys have to testify for me. He was the one who made the first move. I was acting in self-defense. Who knew that he would fly out by himself?”

After explaining, he even ridiculed the guy, “Are the recruitment teachers at the New York State University branch so weak?”

Then, Andrew took advantage of the moment when the teachers and leaders were shocked to secretly run out of the laboratory building.

Once he ran far away, he took out his cell phone and dialed Annie’s number.

“Andrew, it should be during class now. Why are you calling me instead of attending class properly?”

Annie sounded a little unhappy.

Her brother had just said that he was going to enter university yesterday, but here he was, calling her during class.

It was really worrisome.

Andrew did not bother to explain and said in a low voice, “Sis, something happened…”


Annie, who was practicing swordsmanship at home, had a change in expression. She thought that her brother had caused some trouble, but she soon heard Andrew’s explanation, “Our school has an assessment test today, and a few university recruitment teachers came to attend…”

“And then?”

“And then… I suspect that these teachers are all imposters!”


Annie did not understand what her brother meant.

University recruitment teacher?

Why would someone pretend to be a university recruitment teacher?

“Sis, I’ll tell you the details when I get home… I accidentally injured the recruitment teacher of the New York State University Branch.”


Annie fell silent.

Did her younger brother take her as a fool?

Would she believe such a thing?

“But the injury was not serious. He only lost an arm and vomited some blood on the ground. Sis, do you think he wants to extort money from me?

“Oh no, let’s not talk about it now. The teachers from the school are coming out!”

Should I run or not?

Andrew was conflicted in his mind. In the end, he gritted his teeth and said, “There are so many people here who can testify that he was the one who made the first move. If he really wants to extort money from me, I’ll take my sword and chop him to death!”

That’s not right!

I didn’t bring my sword!

Damn it.

If he had known earlier, he would have brought his B-grade composite metal battle sword.

“It’s too late to call now… eh? My strengthening points?”

Andrew’s eyes widened.

His used-up strengthening points had actually increased by 10 points!

Could it be that defeating a fighter would give him strengthening points?

He turned his head and looked at the hall.

Other than the teacher who had fallen to the ground, there were also others from different universities, as well as his high school principal…

They were all fighters!

If he could beat them all, he should be able to obtain 60 to 70 strengthening points.

This way, he could buy an additional Invisibility Talisman.

However, if he did this, he was afraid that he would really stand on the opposite side of all the universities. If he wanted to enter a university, it would not be that simple.

Moreover, the head of the Education Bureau was there as well.

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