Behind him was Victor. These two were Prospective Fighters, and they gave it their all to chase after him. Their speed was also around 15 m/s. in the blink of an eye, they had arrived in front of Andrew.


O’Neill’s face was full of smiles as he said kindly, “Andrew, don’t mind what Teacher said before. Oh right, when did you become a fighter? Teacher Will is a peak third-grade fighter. He is only one step away from the middle-grade realm. Could it be that you have already reached the middle-grade realm?”

Andrew was too lazy to say anything.

At the side.

Victor also squeezed out a smile and came up to him. “Student Andrew, just now in the experimental building, the head of the Education Bureau and the university teachers were all there. I also reprimanded you for the sake of our school’s rules and regulations.

“What expulsion and deducting credits? Don’t take it seriously!”

Breaking the arm of a third-grade fighter with one palm?

The minimum strength required was the peak of the fourth grade!

One had to know that there were close to 10,000 fighters in Massachusetts. However, there were no more than 50 fighters of the fourth rank!

If a high school student had the fourth rank’s strength, not to mention Boston University, even Harvard and Stanford, which were ranked in the top five, would fight for him.

He actually wanted to expel Andrew?

If Andrew left, his position as a dean would come to an end.

Andrew sneered. “Dean, you are a leader of the school. How can you go back on your words?”


Victor’s face turned red. He didn’t know how to persuade him.

He hurriedly winked at O’Neill, who could only brace himself and continue to convince him. However, Andrew didn’t respond at all. He just waved his hand and said, “These two deans, you don’t have to say anything.

“I realized the mistake I made before. I feel extremely guilty, so I decided not to stay in the school.”

Andrew turned around and left without looking back.

O’Neil’s eyes were gloomy as he helplessly looked at Victor.

Victor, on the other hand, became angry and scolded O’Neill, “You must have gone crazy!

“He can break Will’s arm with one palm. What kind of strength is that? He’s even more genius than his sister! You actually kept urging me to fire him!


“If Andrew doesn’t return to school, you can forget about coming back either!”

Victor warned O’Neill.

Although they were both deans, his relationship with the school was far deeper than O’Neill’s.


O’Neill raised his hand and gave himself a regretful slap.

In the hall of the experimental building.

The school doctor and security guards of Martial Arts Training High School No. 3 used a stretcher to carry Teacher Will out.

On the stretcher.

Will quietly narrowed his eyes and looked at the outside world. He quickly closed his eyes again.

Damn it!

It was too embarrassing.

A dignified university recruitment teacher was actually beaten up by a high school student until he could not retaliate!

It was better to continue pretending to faint…

The remaining few university teachers exchanged glances and began to make plans in their hearts.

If news of this spread, the top universities would definitely send people over to snatch the student.

For a school like theirs, they wouldn’t have any advantage at all.

“Let’s go all out!”

“I’ll report this matter to the university leaders and ask them to offer conditions before the other universities come into contact with Andrew.”

A smile appeared on the corner of the mouth of the recruitment teacher from Okun University.

He had even thought of a plan. After he recruited Andrew, there would be an overwhelming amount of publicity!

He immediately cupped his fists at the other teachers and the Education Bureau head and said with a smile, “Thank you for your hospitality. I remembered that I still have something to do, so I’ll be leaving first.”

After he left, the recruitment teachers of the other universities finally reacted.

They cursed the old fox in their hearts before finding an excuse to run out.

The Education Bureau leader looked at the principal and said with a smile, “That student just now seemed to be called Andrew? Not bad.

“At that time, his sister became a fighter in the entrance exam and became a genius of our state. I didn’t expect that this Andrew would be even more talented than his sister.

“Your school must cherish him!”

The principal was stunned. He opened his mouth to explain, but he couldn’t utter a single word.

If Andrew spread the news that he had been expelled, no students would be willing to come to this high school.

Moreover, the Martial Arts Training High School No. 3 would become the laughingstock of all the high schools!

Looking at O’Neill and Victor who had come back, a ball of anger rose in his heart.


“The school finally produced a genius, but you two forced him away!

“Who gave you the right to expel students at will!?”

After saying that, he strode away.

O’Neal and Victor were left in their original spots, not knowing what to do for a moment.

After a long time, the teachers in the hall of the experimental building had all dispersed.


“Am I dreaming?”

“Isn’t Andrew a martial arts trash? Could it be that there was a problem with his talent test back then?”

“Sigh, it’s a pity that I didn’t get to talk to him more back then.”

“I remember that Andrew seems to like Dora, right?”

“Hehe, you don’t know? Dora just rejected Andrew a few days ago. This matter has spread throughout their class. Dora must be regretting it to death now.”

Many students secretly looked at Dora.

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