I’m Cultivating Immortality While Everyone Else Practices Martial Arts

Chapter 9: The Way to Obtain Strengthening Points!

At the school gate.

Andrew walked out from the alley on the street. He had already changed his clothes. Like the superheroes in a movie, he was wearing a hood to hide his face.

“No one should be able to recognize my current appearance, right?

“But I have to lower my voice a little.”

A few minutes later, Andrew saw Okun, Washi, and the other university recruitment teachers striding out of the school gate.

His eyes lit up.

The target had appeared!

Whether or not he could get strengthening points after defeating a fighter would be made clear soon. He’d have to let these admissions teachers help him test it out.

However, halfway through, Andrew slowed down.

Although these recruitment teachers looked down on him, they did not take the initiative to attack him. How could he find trouble with them first?

Just as Andrew was deep in thought, a familiar voice sounded by his ear.

“President, it’s Reagan!

“I’m currently in Massachusetts…”

The recruitment teacher of Okun University kept talking to the president as he walked out.

He told the whole story about Andrew.

On the other end of the phone, there was a long silence.

Reagan thought the signal was bad and looked at the phone screen.

Just as he was about to redial, the president of Okun University started berating him.

“Reagan, this is not a joke. If you don’t want to do the recruitment work, you can tell us. There are many other jobs in the school logistics.”

His meaning was obvious: Stop talking in your sleep!

A high school student was able to break the arm of the New York State University Branch’s recruitment teacher with one palm strike?

Not mentioning whether there was such a perverted high school student, even if there was, he would have been snatched away by other universities long ago. How could it be Okun University’s turn, which was ranked at the bottom?

Du du du…

President Okun directly hung up the phone.


“President! I’m really not joking!”

Reagan was so anxious that he was about to cry. Why didn’t the president believe what he said?

If he were to recruit this perverted high school , he would at least be able to make it into the university’s management.

He picked up his phone and prepared to call again.

However, as a martial artist, he was keenly aware that someone was watching him.

When he turned around, he saw a strange person wearing a red hood and tight-fitting clothes standing behind him.

Nowadays, do I have to dress up to be a bandit?

Reagan thought to himself.

However, he really didn’t put a mere bandit in his eyes.

He was a second-rank martial artist. Although he wasn’t as good as Teacher Will, dealing with a mere bandit was like flipping his hand.

“Get lost. Don’t block the road. If you want to rob someone, go find a convenience store!”

Andrew raised his head and looked at Reagan.

He had confirmed his gaze!

It was him!

Previously, this teacher had said that he was disrespectful to his teachers and had bad morals. Now, he was provoking him.

“Who are you looking down on? Robbery? I’m a superhero!”


A trace of mockery flashed through Reagan’s eyes.

Was he crazy? A superhero? Could it be that a superhero was more powerful than a martial artist?

However, he still vaguely sensed that something was wrong.

This person looked somewhat familiar.

Although his voice was lowered, he had heard it somewhere recently.

But, what responded to him was a flying fist.


He didn’t even have time to close his eyes, watching the fist expanding in his pupils.

A second-grade martial artist! He didn’t even have the time to dodge and was directly hit by the fist.

His vision went black, and in the next moment, his body was sent flying backward.

“Hmph, looking down on me!” Andrew said disdainfully.

In his mind, the system’s notification sounded again.


“Congratulations, you have defeated a second-grade martial artist. Reward: +5 strengthening points.”

As expected, it was just as he had guessed.

Defeating a martial artist would give him strengthening points.

However, just 5 strengthening points were too little.

After all, the guy was still a second-grade martial artist. If he were to say that he was only worth 5 strengthening points, it would be too degrading.

Andrew turned his head and looked at the other universities’ recruitment teachers. In his heart, he thought. Since the strengthening points are too low, I can only rely on numbers to pile up!

He snorted coldly and said, “What are you looking at? Never seen a superhero before?

“Oh right, you guys are sneakily walking together. Are you trying to do something bad? If I see you, don’t even think about running away.”

“Who are you?” the teacher from Washi University frowned and asked in a stern voice.

However, Andrew did not answer. He clenched his fist, jumped up, and rushed towards them.


Strengthening points +5!


Strengthening points +5!

Strengthening points +5!

In just a short dozen seconds, the system notification rang three times in succession.

Glancing at the four university recruitment teachers, including Reagan, Andrew vaguely felt that something was not right.

“I’m only at Qi-refining second-grade. How can I fight so many second-grade fighters?

“Something must be wrong here!

“Moreover, I didn’t even use the Nine-layered Thunder Blade. These second-grade martial artists are no different from ordinary people in my eyes.”

That Teacher Will, who was vomiting blood, could at least exchange palm strikes with him.

But these few…

Almost had no room to fight back.

“Could it be… they are fakes?”

In Andrew’s heart, this thought was taking deeper roots.

Impersonating a university recruitment teacher, going to various schools to find talented students, and then… ? Selling these students through some shady channels?

In his memory, there were some extreme warriors in this world who wanted to subvert the human regime.

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