Letting Loose After Marrying A Tycoon

Chapter 35: Han Zhan: Uncle Mu


Song Ci was momentarily taken aback before recovering from her shock. She anxiously cried out, “Father, why are you here?”

Mu Mian approached Song Ci. “If not for the police coming over last night to ask about your condition, we wouldn’t know you were in a car accident. Song Song, why didn’t you tell us?”

Since Song Ci was wearing a neck brace, she could not lower her head. As a result, it was hard to conceal even the slightest reaction from Mu Mian’s eyes.

Face to face with Mu Mian, Song Ci didn’t dare to be careless.

She put on a guilty look and mumbled, “I lost consciousness during the accident. My colleague sent me to the hospital. I was suffering badly from the effects of a concussion when I woke up and didn’t have the energy to contact you guys.”


Song Ci bit her lips before guiltily continued, “Qiu-er’s heart is failing, and she just tried to commit suicide. I feel that it is better for you and mother to accompany her.”

Song Ci spoke beautifully. She portrayed the perfect image of a considerate and kind-hearted daughter. There was no way Mu Mian could reprimand her.

Song Ci sounded very sincere, but suspicion circled Mu Mian’s heart.

Yesterday, the doctor at the Newbridge Hospital told him that when they arrived to take Song Ci away, someone intercepted them. A bunch of people had whisked her away to the Armed Police Hospital.

Mu Mian wanted to go seek the Armed Police Hospital then but was afraid of revealing his motive if he moved too quickly. As a result, he waited awhile before coming to visit.

Mu Mian had been thinking about this the entire night.

He felt that someone was obstructing his actions from behind the scenes.

When he wanted to make his move on Song Fei, she suddenly regained consciousness and escaped the convalescent hospital with her whereabouts still unknown. When he decided to take Song Ci’s life, someone spirited her away.

Who was acting behind the scenes?

Was it the person who took Song Ci away?

Or was it Song Ci herself?

1Mu Mian wanted to see Song Ci’s true intentions under that calm facade. But her acting skills were just too good that even Mu Mian could not find any fault with it.

Or was he overthinking things? Was everything just one big coincidence?

At this moment, Han Zhan had returned with a bag of daily necessities.

The door to the ward was not closed. Han Zhan wanted to just enter right then, but he noticed Mu Mian standing in the middle of the room and so he paused. From where he was, he could hear the two of them talking.

The old fox was probing while the little fox was pretending. They were both masters at acting and putting on a fine performance.

The father-daughter duo ended their conversation, which was filled with all sorts of dark innuendos. Mu Mian finally went over to Song Ci’s bedside to ask about her injuries. “Where are you hurt? What did the doctor say?”

Song Ci pointed at her neck. “I broke two neck vertebrae, and my left thigh also hurts a lot, but it isn’t broken. I also suffered a major concussion to the head. Right now, I am having double vision.”

Mu Mian frowned. “What happened?”‘

“I am not sure. A truck suddenly charged toward my car. Luckily, I reacted quickly and turned the steering wheel all the way. By the time the truck collided, my car just flipped over.”

Song Ci still felt a lingering fear as she talked about yesterday’s car crash.

She nearly died.

“If not for my quick reaction, I might have…” Judging by how that truck had charged straight at her, she would have most likely been crushed to bits if she reacted a little slower.

Mu Mian said, “I saw the surveillance footage of your car crash. I didn’t dare to show it to your mother as I am worried she won’t be able to bear it.” Mu Mian placed his hand on Song Ci’s shoulder. Knitting his brows, he said, “We nearly lost you.”

Song Ci smiled stiffly.

Instinct told Han Zhan that Song Ci might not be able to pretend any longer. Anyone would feel like puking in disgust if they had to watch a murderous demon put on the face of a benevolent father, pretending to ask after their well-being.

Han Zhan strode into the ward. The father-daughter duo stopped talking when they heard his footsteps.

Mu Mian looked toward the door and saw an exceptionally erect figure. Han Zhan was 1.89cm tall and his height was outstanding in any situation.

2Standing at the door, Mu Mian felt like Han Zhan was nearly blocking out all light.

Song Ci heaved a secret sigh of relief upon seeing Han Zhan’s return. “You are back. Did you buy breakfast for me? I am hungry.”

Han Zhan nodded and placed the shopping bag on the dresser. He said, “I didn’t find the toothpaste you like. I will go online later to see. Use this lemon-flavored one first.”

1Han Zhan made such bold lies while keeping a serious expression.

Song Ci also knew how to play along. She replied, “Buy a few more when you order online later.”


Song Ci purposely didn’t call out Han Zhan’s name and used a very intimate tone to speak to him. She was intentionally trying to bait Mu Mian’s curiosity.

Mu Mian didn’t disappoint. He asked Song Ci, “Song Song, who is this gentleman?”

Song Ci flushed slightly as she put on a bashful face. “His name is Han Zhan. He is my…”

Han Zhan’s ear twitched as he heard Song Ci say, “Boyfriend.”

Han Zhan raised his brows, but he didn’t make any denials.

“Brother Han, this is my father.”

Han Zhan lowered his chin slightly and fixed his eyes upon Mu Mian for several seconds before greeting him. “Mr. Mu.”

Mu Mian gave a slight frown. “Han Zhan? How old are you? What do you do?”

Han Zhan replied, “I am 32 years old and work in Zeus Airlines.”

Mu Mian was expressionless as he commented, “Thirty-two? I am just 12 years older than you.” Mu Mian had Mu Qiu at the age of 24, and so he was only 44 this year.

Mu Mian wanted to point out to Han Zhan that at the age of 32, he was too old for a 22-year-old girlfriend.

Meanwhile, the unfathomable Han Zhan remained silent for a few seconds before calling him respectfully as ‘Uncle Mu.’ He pretended not to have gotten Mu Mian’s underlying hint.

Han Zhan’s greeting stunned Mu Mian.

He was just 12 years older than him. How could he call him uncle!?

Without waiting for Mu Mian to respond, Han Zhan said in all seriousness, “Uncle Mu, don’t worry. Since I am older than Song Song, those immature frivolous days are already past me. In the future, I will take good care of Song Song and treat her very well.”

Song Ci felt very moved by Han Zhan’s words.

She also quickly spoke up for Han Zhan. “Father, don’t worry, Brother Han might be ten years older than me, but there are good points to an older guy. He is really a very nice guy. Very gentle, very considerate, and he always gives in to me.”

1“After so many tumultuous relationships, I finally realize the importance of finding someone who treats me well and who understands me.”

Song Ci spoke so matter-of-factly that Han Zhan nearly believed her.

This was Song Ci’s first romance, and Mu Mian was speechless at her love-struck manner.

Mu Mian was thinking about how Han Zhan was still just a subordinate of Li Li’s even though he was already in his thirties. He could imagine that this Han Zhan would never amount to much. Song Ci must have found his gentle and considerate manner refreshing, but once she got tired of it, she would lose interest.


She didn’t have much longer to live. Just let her enjoy the rest of her time before her death.

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