Letting Loose After Marrying A Tycoon

Chapter 38: Han Zhan: I Am Not Single

“Do you remember that there was an available heart? But alas, they gave it to the other patient. I asked around and heard that the patient’s surgery went well, and he is recovering very well.”

“Qiu-er is just so unfortunate.”

Du Tingting was very depressed as she spoke of these things.

Song Ci said, “What should we do now then?”

Du Tingting put down the bowl after Song Ci had finished the food. She clasped the sides of her skirt and hesitantly said, “Song Song, I have an idea.”

Song Ci looked at Du Tingting puzzledly. “What?”

Du Tingting lifted her head and stared straight into Song Ci’s eyes. She bit her lower lip before letting go to say, “I am over forty years old now. I have already enjoyed all the wealth and luxuries that I received. I have also experienced love and family.”

Du Tingting gave a determined smile. “What do you think of me giving my heart to Qiu-er?”

It stunned Song Ci. Her face went stiff as she said, “Mother…” Song Ci’s heart felt like someone had stabbed it. She then thought of her own mother. When she was young, her mother was also very protective of her and her elder sister.

1“Mother, don’t have such thoughts. Father…” Before Song Ci could finish her sentence, Du Tingting interrupted, “I will tell your father myself.”

“Qiu-er is just twenty years old this year.” Du Tingting gave Song Ci a pitiful smile. “I met your father when I was twenty years old, and it was when our romance blossomed. Twenty is such a beautiful age.”

Du Tingting wiped her tears. “I want Qiu-er to live on peacefully. I hope that she can meet someone who truly loves her and have children with him.”

Du Tingting kept wiping her tears, but they continued to stream down. “But she can’t. The doctor already gave her a death sentence. She will die if she can’t get a suitable heart!”

Du Tingting covered her face with her hands as she sobbed uncontrollably.

Song Ci silently watched as Du Tingting broke down. She also felt very upset. She still had to settle her scores with Mu Mian and Mu Qiu. But she also felt very moved by Du Tingting’s love for her daughter.

Song Ci hugged Du Tingting, not knowing what to say.

After a good cry, Du Tingting finally calmed down.

She didn’t bring her handkerchief, so Song Ci gave her two tissues. Du Tingting accepted them and wiped her tears, which somehow erased all her makeup. She chuckled in embarrassment. “I have been so stressed lately that I will go crazy if I don’t cry it all out.”

“It is good that you can still cry.” Song Ci nodded. The worst was being so despondent that one couldn’t even cry anymore.

3“You are going to be discharged tomorrow, right? I will come to fetch you tomorrow afternoon.”

“Well…” Song Ci hesitated. “Mother, you need not come tomorrow. Han Zhan will come and help me with the discharging process. He will send me home.”

Du Tingting was taken aback.

Du Tingting said, “Your father told me you got a boyfriend, Han Zhan…” Du Tingting thought for a moment before asking, “Is he the man who sent you back home after your last business trip?”


“Your father said he is already 32?”

It looked like age was an insurmountable barrier.

Song Ci rubbed her nose awkwardly. She wanted to speak up for Han Zhan. “So what if he is 32? A man at 32 is stable and reliable. He treats me very well and is very sensible, not at all like those admirers who would get jealous at the drop of a pin.”

1Du Tingting thought about it and agreed with the reasoning. “What does Han Zhan’s family do?”

Song Ci replied, “Just a typical middle-class family. But Han Zhan is very capable. Although he is not rich, he has a house in Wangdong City. He might not be as wealthy as some of my other admirers, but he understands me and respects me.”

Unlike Mu Mian, Du Tingting didn’t think Song Ci had to marry some wealthy guy. Even Du Tingting dared to marry the middle-class Mu Mian. This already showed she was a woman who placed love above all.

As a result, Du Tingting also hoped that Song Ci could marry for love, and not for money or power.

1“That’s good. You should marry a man who understands you and dotes on you. You can see for yourself how Uncle Fang and his family treat their new daughter-in-law. They hate her and think she just wants a sugar daddy.”

Uncle Fang was Mu Mian’s good friend from the business world, and the two families were very close. Uncle Fang’s son recently married a small-time model, and the family thought very little of her. They felt she was a vain and pretentious person.

Du Tingting said, “Although we are pretty well-off ourselves, the Cheng Family is on an extraordinary level. Your father hopes that you can marry into the Cheng Family. But how will they view you if you really marry their family?”

Du Tingting had also given Song Ci this piece of advice in her previous life. But since Song Ci wanted to repay the Mu Family’s kindness then, she pretended not to care.

But as she heard those same words from her, Song Ci’s heart felt warm. “Mother is right.”

“Bring Han Zhan back home for a meal tomorrow. Your mother might not be good at anything else, but she is very good at sizing up people. I can help you analyze him and see if he is suitable for you.”


Song Ci sent Han Zhan a message after Du Tingting left.

[ Song Ci: Brother Han, my mother asked me to bring you back home for a meal tomorrow. ]

[ Song Ci: She said that she wanted to size you up and see if you are suitable for me. ]


The ‘Star Reaching Plan’ was already established. Han Zhan found a batch of twenty professional military pilots and signed them onto his company.

This batch of military pilots were set off to the best aviation academy for advanced studies, and they were leaving today.

Led by Han Zhan, the company’s upper management went to the airport to see them off.

The bunch of youngsters in their late twenties was very excited when they saw that the mysterious big boss was there to send them off. They each had their own unique personalities. One chap was especially bold, and he said to Han Zhan, “CEO Han, we will be in our thirties by the time we finish our studies and return. Are you going to help us find girlfriends then?”

Li Li teased Han Zhan, “Your CEO Han is already 32 and still single. Why are you in such a hurry?”

The youngsters were instantly disappointed.

At this moment, the normally quiet Han Zhan suddenly spoke up. “I am not single.”

Li Li was speechless.

All the other senior management staff stared at Han Zhan in astonishment. Li Li asked Han Zhan, “Are you in a relationship now?”

Han Zhan said, “Mmm.” To top it off, Han Zhan added, “We are getting married soon.”

Li Li was totally thunderstruck.

Han Zhan gazed at the bunch of youths. “When you guys return after finishing your studies, I will help you find suitable partners and even sponsor your housing.”


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