Letting Loose After Marrying A Tycoon

Chapter 43: Is Brother Han Jealous?

Being dumped was indeed an embarrassing thing. But somehow, exposing Han Zhan’s wound made Song Ci upset.

As she sat inside the car, Song Ci remained silent, as if she was scared of saying something wrong.

The car entered the basement carpark of Han Zhan’s house. He released the seatbelt, reached out, and patted Song Ci’s head. “Don’t blame yourself. Since I can openly talk about this matter, I’m obviously past it.”

Hearing this, Song Ci stopped blaming herself as well. She gave Han Zhan a sweet smile and shamelessly said, “That’s also true. She’s your past, but I’m your future. I’ll be Brother Han’s forever.”

Han Zhan remained silent, but his gaze towards her had deepened slightly.

“Yup. You’re right.”

After alighting, Han Zhan opened the car boot to retrieve her stuff. When he removed the luggage from the boot, he accidentally pulled the wooden box along. As a result, it fell to the ground and a black rope dropped out.

“What dropped?” Song Ci heard the sound and hurried over. When she saw what had happened, she was rather uptight, and her voice turned sharper.

Han Zhan was already squatting on the floor to pick up the box. As he gathered the rope in his hand, Song Ci ran over in big strides. She then squatted beside Han Zhan, reached out, and quickly snatched the rope from Han Zhan’s grip.

She looked slightly fierce.

Song Ci held that rope with her right hand and placed it in front of her. She then inspected it, looking like her heart ached badly.

“I’m sorry, just now I accidentally…” Han Zhan felt bad and turned around to apologize to Song Ci. But when Han Zhan got a clearer look at the rope necklace in Song Ci’s palm, he suddenly forgot what he wanted to say.

Han Zhan stared at that necklace in astonishment.

It was a black rope tied into a knot. It had a few golden beads in the middle, and at the end of the rope hung a jade buckle. As Han Zhan stared at that buckle, his eyes flowed slightly.

He looked down at Song Ci’s face and heard her murmuring away. “I’ve already said that it’s a token from my first love. If you were to damage it, will you be able to compensate me?” Song Ci was like a lioness whose territory had been invaded, showing her sharp claws towards Han Zhan for the first time.

Han Zhan remained silent.

Song Ci placed the buckle on her cheek and felt its smoothness. Just the thought of it damaged stroke fear in her.

“Luckily, it didn’t shatter.” Song Ci’s heart ached badly. She snatched that wooden box from Han Zhan’s hand.

Song Ci carefully placed the buckle back inside the box, and then she raised her head. She roared, “You’re not allowed to touch it in the future. If you damage it, I’ll get even with you.”

Han Zhan remained silent.

Seeing that Han Zhan was silent, Song Ci thought she went overboard and made Han Zhan feel guilty. Since she depended on him for her life, she couldn’t afford to offend him. Hence, she apologized, “Brother Han, I’m sorry, I was too anxious…”

She lost herself just now.

Han Zhan finally spoke. “It’s my fault. I shouldn’t touch your cherished possession without your permission.”

He apologized sincerely. Song Ci glanced at him mildly, and she said that it was okay. She then hugged that box and then turned around to walk away.

Han Zhan reacted as he got up and followed Song Ci’s footsteps. After entering the lift, Han Zhan looked at the two figures reflected from the wall of the lift. He suddenly asked, “How did your first love look like?”

Song Ci put on a dreamy expression and said, “Oh, my lover is the most handsome, coolest, and kindest man in the world.” Han Zhan narrowed his eyes, and Song Ci purposely belittled him. “He’s more handsome than you.”

Han Zhan said, “Is that so?”

His tone was odd.

Song Ci could tell the unusual emotion in Han Zhan’s words. “Yup.” Amused, she asked Han Zhan, “Brother Han, are you jealous?”

Han Zhan shook his head.

Song Ci pouted. “If you’re jealous, I will only love you and only you.”

Han Zhan said, “Then I’m jealous.”

Song Ci felt that it wasn’t fun anymore. “It’s too late.”

Recalling something, Song Ci asked Han Zhan, “Today, in front of Mu Mian, why did you lie?” Song Ci bit her lips and whispered, “We did nothing in Shunchen City.”

Han Zhan explained, “He’s tracing your tracks when you were in Shunchen City.”

Song Ci was stunned, and a shiver ran down her spine.

Even her head felt chilly.

“How, how did you know?”

“You’re my girlfriend—I would know anyone who’s tracing you.” Han Zhan told Song Ci, “When I got to know of the information, Mu Mian had already checked the surveillance cameras at the hotel you were staying at. He knew that on the night of Song Fei’s disappearance, you didn’t go back to the hotel to stay.

“I said that on the intention to stray Mu Mian of the thought you stayed in my room that night.”

Han Zhan looked down at the slightly pale Song Ci, and he concisely mentioned Song Ci’s difficult situation out. “Song Ci, you’re far too tender and not Mu Mian’s match. You’ve left too many clues while secretly sending Song Fei away. Once Mu Mian thinks it through, he’ll understand what Song Fei’s disappearance is all about.”

Song Ci’s legs were slightly jelly.

She asked Han Zhan, “You know how Song Fei went missing?”

“I got someone to check the surveillance cameras at the Morning Sun Centre. On the night of Song Fei’s disappearance, at about eight in the evening, there was a power shutdown for half an hour. You sent Song Fei away during that short time, dressed up as her, and replaced her on the bed.”

“You also had an accomplice—the person who delivered water. Let me guess, he must be someone you trust and not a staff of the water delivery company.”

Han Zhan leaned in and stared at Song Ci’s eyes that were slightly trembling from fear. He asked, “Is my analysis correct?”

Song Ci’s legs went soft, and she almost collapsed.

Han Zhan hugged her.

“Don’t be afraid.”

How could Song Ci not be afraid?

She thought she could deceive the world with everything she did but didn’t know that Han Zhan could see through it right away.

If Han Zhan could see through it, what about Mu Mian? Song Ci felt that her suggestion to cohabit with Han Zhan was the right decision.

“We’ve reached.” Han Zhan pulled the luggage and held Song Ci’s hand as they got out of the lift.

Only when they reached the door of his house did Han Zhan release Song Ci’s hand.

Song Ci leaned against the wall beside his main door, still slightly stunned.

Han Zhan retrieved the keys from his wallet to open the door. Looking down, he said to Song Ci who was beside him, “I don’t have a password lock to my house and this is the only set of keys I have. Tomorrow, I’ll get someone to duplicate a set for you.”

Rubbing her face, Song Ci’s complicated mind recovered. “Okay, that’s fine.”

Han Zhan pulled the door open and Song Ci followed him in.

Han Zhan’s house design was in the color scheme of black, white, and gray. It looked mysterious, solemn, and stylishly cool. However, the French windows in his house were enormous. On the first level was an entire wall of French windows, and by logic, it must also be the same on the second level since the lighting from that side was good.

Song Ci walked up to the French window, sat beside it, and looked at the hustle and bustle down below.

After a while, her uneasy mind finally calmed down.

Turning back, she saw Han Zhan pouring a glass of warm water, and she suddenly thought of something naughty. She intentionally deepened her voice very seductively and said, “Brother Han, imagine, in the dark of the night, you and I are standing here naked as we indulge in our love and admire the night sky…”

Song Ci shot Han Zhan a flirty look and asked, “Isn’t the thought of it exciting?” If you find any errors ( broken links, non-standard content, etc.. ), Please let us know so we can fix it as soon as possible.