Letting Loose After Marrying A Tycoon

Chapter 48: Brother Han’s Public Declaration Of His Relationship

Li Li drove himself to the office. He met Han Zhan in the company’s underground carpark. “Good Morning Mr. Han.”

“Good morning.”

Han Zhan was carrying a briefcase and entered the lift first.

Li Li was carrying breakfast in his left hand and a briefcase in his right. He hurried into the lift. When the door closed, Li Li handed the breakfast to Han Zhan. “We are having soup dumplings this morning. My mother made them herself.”

Li Li was living with his 60-year-old mother, and he was responsible for Han Zhan’s breakfast every morning.

But today, Han Zhan glanced at the soup dumplings and waved. “No need, I have already eaten.”

Han Zhan never had breakfast outside. He would either cook himself or have Li Li bring some for him. Hence, Li Li didn’t think too much of it and just commented, “You made breakfast for yourself today?”

It was not a special occasion today. Why did Mr. Han make breakfast for himself?

Han Zhan shook his head. “I didn’t make it myself.”

He didn’t make it?

Li Li stared at him curiously. “Who made it then?”

Han Zhan replied, “Song Ci.”

Li Li was left stunned. “Ms. Song made breakfast for you so early in the morning…” Li Li’s eyes widened. He pointed at Han Zhan and exclaimed in disbelief, “Did Ms. Song stay over at your house last night?”

Not only did she stay over, they even slept in the same bed.

“We are cohabitating,” Han Zhan admitted. There was no point in trying to hide the fact. Someone would find out eventually that they were staying together. Might as well just admit it now.

Li Li was totally dumbstruck by this news.

Han Zhan glanced at Li Li. “From now on, you need not prepare my breakfast.” After a pause, Han Zhan twisted the knife deeper into Li Li’s poor, single heart by saying, “My girlfriend will make it for me.”

“Ah… alright.” Li Li was still in shock and somewhat dazed.

Arriving at the office, Han Zhan messaged Song Ci. When she didn’t reply after some time, he put down his cell phone and opened his laptop to carry on his work.

At home, Song Ci changed clothes and put on makeup. She chose a purse and stuffed all sorts of things into it. Sunscreen, umbrella, lipstick, compact powder…

After arranging everything properly, Song Ci found her cell phone on the sofa. She unlocked the screen as she walked toward the main door.

Song Ci opened Han Zhan’s message. [ I want to eat hot and sour rice noodles tomorrow morning. ]

What could Song Ci say? Of course, she had to say okay.

His cell phone vibrated. Han Zhan finished typing his sentence before glancing at his phone. Song Ci had replied with a one-word, ‘Okay.’ Han Zhan shut his cell phone after reading the message and continued to immerse himself in his work.

Song Ci received Brother Long’s phone number from Han Zhan that morning. Before changing clothes, she called Brother Long to inform him she would head out.

Song Ci went down to the underground car park and saw a man standing in front of Han Zhan’s car.

Song Ci sized up the man. He was extremely skinny and only about 1.7m tall. He was dressed in green sportswear and holding the car keys in one hand. He looked like he had been waiting for some time.

He looked more like a skinny monkey than a bodyguard who was an ex-soldier.

Brother Long was an extremely cautious man. He immediately detected Song Ci’s gaze and turned to fix his eyes on her.

Seeing Song Ci, a respectful smile appeared on the man’s cold face. “Ms. Song?”

Song Ci walked toward him and smiled. “Brother Long?”

Song Ci was wearing high heels and found herself slightly taller than him. Song Ci couldn’t help feeling doubtful. Could this skinny, weak Brother Long really protect her?

“Hello, Ms. Song, I am Long Yu.”

“Sorry to trouble you today. I am going to the Red Cross Society.”

“No trouble at all. Let’s get in the car.”

Song Ci sat in the backseat as Brother Long drove.

Long Yu’s driving skills were smooth and steady, and that left Song Ci reassured. She leaned back in the car seat and played with her cell phone. She downloaded a recipe file and learned how to make hot and sour rice noodles.

Since there was no music playing in the car, Long Yu overheard murmurs of ‘slice up the ginger,”cut up the pickled vegetables,”put both the pepper and the dried red chilies in…’

The car came to a stop in front of the Red Cross Society. Long Yu turned and said, “Ms. Song, we have arrived.”

Song Ci had already memorized how to make hot and sour rice noodles by the time they arrived. She shut her cell phone and thanked Long Yu. She then put on her black hat, which shielded half her face, and walked toward the office building of the Red Cross Society.

After locating the person-in-charge, Song Ci said, “My name is Song Ci. I previously filled out an application to be an organ donor. I want to enquire about something.”

“Hello, Ms. Song.”

The staff didn’t recognize Song Ci and did not know that she was the top debutante in Wangdong City. Smiling kindly, he asked her, “What does Ms. Song wish to enquire about?”

Song Ci said, “The executor listed on my application is my adoptive father. But I am getting married soon and out of respect and love for my husband-to-be, I want to make my husband the executor of my organ donation in my death. Can I make the change?”

The staff smiled and nodded. “Of course, you can. The executor need not be your father or your husband. It can be anyone you trust.”

“So can I make the change now?”

“Yes, you can. You need to fill in a few forms.”

Song Ci filled in several forms and successfully changed her executor to Han Zhan.

After leaving the Red Cross Society, Song Ci went back to the Mu Family residence. Since Du Tingting did not feel well these few days, she felt tired all the time and didn’t go to work. She was resting at home alone when she heard a car parking outside.

Du Tingting climbed out of bed and gazed down from her bedroom window. She saw Song Ci alighting from a black car, and it somewhat surprised Du Tingting. She called out to Song Ci, “Song Song, why have you come back?”

Song Ci gazed up at Du Tingting and smiled. “Hello mother, I have come back to settle something.”

“I will come down now.”

Song Ci frowned when she saw Du Tingting. “Mother, have you been unwell?”

Du Tingting’s face was pallid, and she appeared very listless and fatigued. It looked like she had caught the flu.

“Perhaps I have overexerted myself. I have not been sleeping well, but I feel drowsy all the time.” Du Tingting dismissed her health issues. She pulled Song Ci down onto the sofa with her. “Did you forget to take anything?”

Song Ci shook her head. She took out a housing catalog and pointed at one house. “Mother, I want to buy a house. This one. Three bedrooms, one living room, and one dining hall. A total of 160sqm.”

“Why are you suddenly thinking of buying a house?” Du Tingting thought of Han Zhan, and her face darkened. “Did Mr. Han say something to you? Is he worried about his assets after you get married?”

Du Tingting sounded angrier and angrier as she spoke.

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