Library of Heaven’s Path

Chapter 32: Hongtian Pavilion

“Heart of Tranquil Water?”

Very quickly, Zhang Xuan’s consciousness returns from a mystical spiritual world and his eyes light up.

Having read so many books, it is natural that he would understand the significance of the Will of Mind.

“I am a transcender. Having experienced life and death, it is natural that my will would be stronger than most. Furthermore, I cultivate in Heaven’s Path Divine Art, so my zhenqi is as pure as clear water! It is normal to reach Will of Mind 2-dan so quickly!”

He is overjoyed over it, but it didn’t come as a surprise.

If he were to still be like the other ordinary folks when he possesses the godly tool named Library of Heaven’s Path, he might as well buy a blob of tofu and commit suicide on it.

Remaining silent the entire way, they soon arrive at the entrance of the academy.

“Hongtian Pavilion!”

Seeing the two enormous words before him, Zhang Xuan nods his head.

There are recollections of this tavern in the memories of his previous self. Hongtian Pavilion is the most luxurious tavern in Hongtian Academy. Every single meal here would blow a hole in one’s wallet. Due to his meager pay, his previous self had never been here before.

Initially, he thought that Shen Bi Ru would just bring him to some casual restaurant. He never thought that she would be so generous to bring him here.

As expected of a renowned tavern. The furnishings inside are majestic. Numerous Night Illumination Pearls of the size of a fist are embedded within the walls of the tavern, making it seem as though it is still daytime.

They sit down at a table beside the windows.

“What would you like?” Shen Bi Ru gazes at the young man before her.

“Anything!” Zhang Xuan gestures. “Since you’re the one treating, I will eat anything that you order!”

Never been here before, he doesn’t know what dishes are good here. Since someone else is paying, he couldn’t be bothered to think about it

Seeing the expression of the young man which seems resolute to take advantage of her wealth, Shen Bi Ru feels her rage welling up. However, as this isn’t a good situation for her to flare up, she can only nod her head and casually order a few dishes.

“Zhang laoshi, was the zero in your Teacher Qualification Examination intentional?”

After ordering, Shen Bi Ru stares at the young man before her fixedly.

“Intentional?” Unsure of why the latter would ask such a question, Zhang Xuan pauses for a moment before replying, “Of course not!”

Back then, during the period of the Teacher Qualification Examination, he had yet to transcend over, and his previous self didn’t possess the Library of Heaven’s Path either. Thus, it is impossible for the results to just be an act!

Knowing that he would deny it, Shen Bi Ru laughs coldly in her mind.

Denying it? See how I will expose your true colors!

“Since we’re free now, I happen to have some questions that I have been unable to answer. Zhang laoshi, would you mind helping me clarify my doubts?” An idea flashes through Shen Bi Ru’s mind and she asks.

“Go ahead!”

Since the other party is treating him to a meal, he should answer a question or two of hers in return.

“Alright, if one is unable to gather spirit energy in their meridians while cultivating…” Shen Bi Ru ponders for a moment before asking a question.

“You don’t know this as well?” Hearing that the question is even simpler than the ones from before, Zhang Xuan stares at the other party in bewilderment before casually explaining, “I have nine methods here that can solve the problem…”

Soon, he finishes his explanation.

“Nine methods…” Hearing how the young man casually throws out nine methods at her, Shen Bi Ru’s face warps.

Despite being knowledgeable, she is only aware of three methods. Yet, the other party is able to list out nine in a single breath. Furthermore, there is a few in the mix that are completely foreign to her. She finds the entire situation inconceivable.

“That… Then, what if one is unable to guide the flow of spirit energy into the meridians after absorbing it into one’s body?” Forcefully suppressing her astonishment, she asks once more.

“That is simple too, I have eight ways of resolving that!” Zhang Xuan starts to explain, “Firstly…”

Shen Bi Ru’s slim body trembles. She had prepared herself mentally for this, but she still finds the situation insane.

The methods he brought up are incredible. If these were to spread out, it would cause an uproar in the world of cultivation!

“Since you know so many methods, why weren’t you able to list a single one of them out during the Teacher Qualification Examination and instead, scored a zero?”

Forcibly suppressing her shock, Shen Bi Ru asks.

The two questions that she just raised were the exact same questions listed in the previous Teacher Qualification Examination. Since he is aware of so many solutions, why couldn’t he fill them in? Not to mention, to end up with a zero?

“Keng?” Only now does Zhang Xuan comes to a realization.

So these questions were from the Teacher Qualification Examinations. As it is part of the memories of his previous self, although he found the questions familiar, he wasn’t able to pinpoint exactly where he saw them.


Just as he is stumped for an answer, the dishes that were ordered previously are placed on the table one after another.

“Let’s eat first!”

Looking at the appearance of the dishes and taking in their fragrance, Zhang Xuan’s appetite is whetted up. Cannot be bothered with these troublesome matters, he starts to dig in.


Seeing how that fellow is more delighted to see those delicacies than her, Shen Bi Ru pouts.

Countless people had invited her out for a meal, using all kinds of reasons and excuses just to stay with her a moment longer. Yet, this fellow is here just for the meal itself…


“Shang shaoye, don’t be angry anymore. I have applied for the 【Enlightenment Will Trial】 and the academy will bring Liu Yang over for inspection tomorrow. Zhang Xuan would definitely be severely punished! As for that lunatic, Elder Shang has already lent you his beloved pet. When you meet him tomorrow, you will surely be able to give him an unforgettable lesson, so you should be overjoyed instead! Let’s go, I’ll treat you to a grand meal to make up for the sufferings you underwent today. After which, we will find a few girls and… Hehe!”

Shaoye -> Young master

Two young men are walking along the pavement of the academy.

The one leading in front has a swollen and bruised face with clear panda eyes. It is apparent to see that he had fought with someone and got hit on the face. The one following behind him has his body bent forward and is assuming a subservient attitude. The one who is speaking at the moment is the latter.

There is a giant lion strutting proudly behind the two of them. Emanating a ferocious aura, it induces great pressure and fear in one before one could even approach it.

They are Shang Bin, who created trouble in the classroom earlier in the morning, only to be beaten up by Yao Han, and Cao Xiong, who is desperate to get Zhang Xuan into deep trouble.

As for the lion behind them, it is Elder Shang Chen’s beloved pet, the tier 6 savage beast 【Sky Shattering Lion】!

In this world, there are apothecary, blacksmith and many other occupations. Every single occupation is noble in its own right and well-respected by the others.

Of these occupations, Elder Shang Chen is a beast tamer.

This occupation allows one to tame savage beasts and spirit beasts and control them, turning them into a part of one’s fighting prowess. It is a formidable occupation that is noteworthy compared to the rest.

This Sky Shattering Lion is a beast pet that Elder Shang Chen has trained.

After being done in by the berserk Yao Han, he is aware that he is unable to match up to him in terms of strength. Thus, he approached his grandfather to borrow a beast pet for his usage.

“Un!” Hearing those fawning words, Shang Bin nods his head as he spits with an aggressive expression, “That Yao Han must be taught a good lesson. Zhang Xuan as well!”

“Of course. With this Sky Shattering Lion, what does Shang shaoye has to fear!” Cao Xiong chuckles.

A tier 6 savage beast is equivalent to a Fighter 6-dan expert, perhaps even surpassing them slightly.

Even if that berserk butler Yao Han isn’t weak, it won’t be an easy feat for him to defeat the Sky Shattering Lion even in his top form, needless to say, in his current state.

Earlier in the day, he was wrapped up like a mummy, not any better than Shang shaoye‘s current situation.

“Sky Shattering Lion is my grandfather’s beast pet. You are also aware of its wild nature, which makes it is a difficult pet to tame. Grandfather may have handed him over to me, but it would only make a move when someone attacks me. Currently, I am still incapable of ordering it around!”

Looking at the ferocious and mighty Sky Shattering Lion behind him, Shang Bin feels a little helpless.

Savage beasts may be strong, but they are very proud lifeforms. Unless one is stronger than them or has the occupation of a beast tamer, it is impossible to make them listen to one’s orders willingly.

“That may not be necessarily so. If we entertain it with good alcohol and food, it might just listen to your commands!”

Cao Xiong smiles.

“Let’s hope that it’ll be like that!”

In the midst of their strolling and chattering, a massive tavern soon appears before them.

“We’re here!”

A magnificent signboard sits behind them as they walk into the tavern.

Hongtian Pavilion!

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