My Dangerous Billionaire Husband

Chapter 16: Ning Yao Returned

Ning Qing didn’t reply to that.

Yue Wanqing smiled. “Aunt Kong, Yangyang is such a nice boy. Why are you worried that he can’t get a wife? Young people spend time together and eventually grow fond of each other. Qingqing, am I right?” She pulled Ning Qing’s hand.

Her mother didn’t know that she was engaged with Xu Junxi. Three years ago, when her father Ning Zhenguo decided on that, he didn’t discuss it with her mother. Ning Qing didn’t reveal it to her mother. She thought it would be better for Mother that way. Ignorance is bliss.

“Mom…” Ning Qing responded in a spoilt way, playing along with Yue Wanqing.

Yue Wanqing and Aunt Kong exchanged a glance and thought it worked.

After having half a bowl of porridge, Yue Wanqing suddenly recalled, “Qingqing, tomorrow’s your grandma’s birthday. She dotes on you the most. Order your grandma’s favorite strawberry cake from Fook Kee and send it over. Wish your grandma a happy birthday.”

Ning Qing was stunned. She really didn’t feel like going.

Yue Wanqing touched Ning Qing’s head. “Qingqing, no matter how your father and I ended, you are still his daughter. This cannot ever be changed.”

Ning Qing smiled coldly in her heart. Did Ning Zhenguo treat her like his daughter?

Three years ago, he abandoned his wife and daughter and kicked them out of the house. When she had trouble with her tuition fees, Ning Zhenguo didn’t offer a penny. When her mother was sick, he didn’t even bother. His title of “father” was purely superficial.

Ning Qing softened when she thought about her grandma. Her grandma doted on her the most. When she was young, her grandma always carried her and she didn’t want her to fall down. Her grandma always smiled and said, “Our baby Qingqing in the Ning family is the best, the most beautiful…”

Ning Qing nodded. “Alright, I’ll head over to Ning’s house tomorrow.”

Ning Qing held the cake and came to the Ning’s chalet.

She rang the doorbell and the butler, Uncle Fook, answered the door.

Uncle Fook obviously stiffened when he saw her. He ran to the door next to metal railing but didn’t extend his hand to open the door. He said nervously, “I see. It’s the young lady. How can I help you?”

Uncle Fook called her the young lady, but refused her entry and asked for her purpose of visit. Ning Qing found it rather funny.

He was just a servant. He had to work by gauging his master’s mood. She smiled and lifted the cake in her hand. “Uncle Fook, today’s Grandma’s birthday. I ordered a cake to wish Grandma a happy birthday.”

Uncle Fook paused and replied, “Young Lady, ever since she fell down the stairs three years ago, she has been in a blur. This year, Sir and Madam decided to not celebrate. They’re merely going to cook some longevity noodles instead.”

Uncle Fook refused her visit tactfully.

Ning Qing fluttered her long eyelashes. “Alright then. I will not go in but this strawberry cake is Grandma’s favorite. Can you bring it in for Grandma?”

“This…” Uncle Fook hesitated.

She heard the screeching of brakes. Ning Qing turned around and saw a Lamborghini parked at the side of the house. The driver’s door opened and Xu Junxi got out.

It seemed like Xu Junxi didn’t see her. He ran to the passenger side of the car and opened the door like a gentleman. A light yellow figure appeared.

Ning Qing stood straight and lifted the corners of her lips into a smile. Such a coincidence. Ning Yao who was determined to leave the country after hearing the news of her and Xu Junxi’s engagement three years ago, but now she has returned.

Ning Yao looked beautiful. Her youthful face and exquisite fashionable accessories, her shy gaze, and her innocent yet gentle behavior; any man would love to protect such a delicate woman. If you find any errors ( broken links, non-standard content, etc.. ), Please let us know so we can fix it as soon as possible.