My Dangerous Billionaire Husband

Chapter 22: Counter Attack

Before he managed to ask “did it hurt”, there was another splash of warm water along with some tea leaves doused on Ning Yao’s face.

Everyone at the scene was shocked at the unexpected turn of event.

There was a servant that looked at Ning Yao. They heard Ning Yao scream as though she was afraid that it might ruin her face. The delicate makeup on her face smudged and the way she looked with tea leaves on her face was funny.

There was also a servant who covered her mouth and laughed in silence.

“Ning Qing, you!” No matter how strong one’s will power was, she wouldn’t be able to keep calm when her daughter was splashed with a cup of tea. Li Meiling stared at her as she spoke with her teeth clenched.

“Aunt Lee, what did I do? You’re so fierce, I’m so scared.” Ning Qing took one step forward and looked at Li Meiling with her squinted beautiful eyes innocently. She was sending her message straightforwardly, Li Meiling, there are so many outsiders here. Pick up your mask and take care of your image.

Li Meiling nearly spat out a mouthful of blood. She never thought she would lose against a young girl after being around this long.

However, experience counts. She quickly shed a few teardrops and cried, “Qingqing, why do you have to treat Yaoyao like that? Come to me if you are unhappy with us!”

Her voice successfully attracted Ning Zhenguo from the study room. Ning Zhenguo ran down the stairs and saw the scene, he immediately reprimanded, “Ning Qing, what kind of mess are you making? Who let you bully Aunt Li and Yaoyao?”

Ning Qing lost hope in her father long ago. The more cold and detached she was, the happier her smile seemed, “Dad, Aunt Li told Yaoyao to apologize to me and said that it’s all Yaoyao’s fault. I thought if Yaoyao is at fault, as a sister, I definitely have to teach her a lesson for her to turn over a new leaf.”

Ning Zhenguo was at loss for words when he heard Ning Qing’s explanation. His body stiffened and he looked at Li Meiling then Ning Yao. He could only let out a heavy sigh in the end.

Ning Qing turned around happily and looked at Li Meiling again. “Aunt Li, what era are you living in? Why are you still playing those tricks under the table? Speaking of acting, Aunt Li seemed to have forgotten that I’m from the Beijing Film Academy, I understand the industry too.”

Then, Ning Qing passed the teacup before Li Meiling and smiled, “Alright, as I make everyone unhappy here, I shall leave. This teacup… Aunt Li please take it back.”

Li Meiling was so pissed off that she wished she could just throw a few slaps at Ning Qing’s face. However, she wouldn’t do something so irrational. It was her mistake that she let her guard down with Ning Qing.

Whatever Ning Qing did that day, she guaranteed that she would take revenge within a week.

Li Meiling wiped her tears as she suppressed the anger in her heart. She extended her hand to take over the teacup Ning Qing raised in the air.

She lowered her head.

But “Pak!” Ning Qing let go of her hand and the teacup shattered into pieces on the ground.

“Ning Qing!” There were two low bellows. One was Ning Zhenguo while the other one was Xu Junxi. Ning Qing smirked as she walked out of the house without turning back.

The moment Ning Qing left, “Husband, woo…” Li Meiling cried in Ning Zhenguo’s arms.

“Junxi, sister, she…” Ning Yao’s face was pale and her body trembled. If you find any errors ( broken links, non-standard content, etc.. ), Please let us know so we can fix it as soon as possible.