My Dangerous Billionaire Husband

Chapter 23: Xu Junxi, Let’s Call Off Our Engagement

Ning Qing stood strong and turned around. Xu Junxi was pale with rage. She humiliated Ning Yao and he should be burning with anger. He was probably there to vent his spleen on behalf of Ning Yao.

Xu Junxi was really angry but it was a Ning family affair earlier so it was inconvenient for him to make any comments. However, he saw how she sarcastic she was with his own eyes. Ning Yao could only cry when she was bullied, why did Ning Qing become so wicked?

“Ning Qing, why did you humiliate Aunt Li and Yaoyao? I said I fell in love with Yaoyao first. For the past three years when she was in the States, she’d kept rejecting me. I was the one who flew over to see her every time. She loves me too. She bears patiently and stayed hidden until now for you. How could you treat such a pure and innocent girl so cruelly?”

Ning Qing wanted to laugh, and she did let out a chuckle. Cruel? He used the adjective on her! Ning Yao, pure and innocent?

She could tell that Xu Junxi was totally blinded. Ning Yao only went to the States three years ago after the engagement was fixed.

If Ning Yao didn’t go to the States, how could she pretend to be a holy lotus? If she didn’t go to the States, how could she play tricks and tempt him to the States over and over again?

Ning Qing found herself ridiculous. Three years ago, when she and Xu Junxi got engaged, she and her mother got kicked out very soon thereafter. She had been to Xu’s once, which was the time when Xu Junxi’s mother humiliated her. He was cold to her, and by virtue she didn’t want to attach herself to him and be accused of merely seeking connection with the rich and powerful. Hence, they spent very little time together for the past three years.

She never thought that when she was earning money to take care of her mother, Xu Junxi flew to the States to date Ning Yao. He was just sleeping with a young model a few days back.

Was he still the boy that was warm and shy in her memory?

Ning Qing stood straight and smiled faintly, “If I wasn’t wicked, how could Ning Yao’s innocence stand out so boldly? Leave me alone. It’s great that you’re living well. I’ll clap to congratulate the pairing of the prince and the princess. You are a good match.”

“You!” Xu Junxi clenched his fists as his chest billowed up and down. He looked at Ning Qing who was looking at everything so lightly.

What did she mean? Shouldn’t she be explaining and begging for him to stay?

Had she become addicted to pushing him to other women?

Just what did she think he was to her?

Just as he recalled her distressed face in her grandma’s room, he felt better, “Ning Qing, I know that you’ve loved me all these years but you can’t force a relationship. I want to be with Yaoyao. Don’t make it difficult for her. Between the two of us, consider me the one who owes you.”

Ning Qing didn’t even have the strength to laugh. She suddenly didn’t understand why she would accept his confession of love when she was eighteen, why she would accept his garden date and engagement…

He couldn’t even differentiate the bad and the good. His face of arrogance; she thought it was too much to bear just another glance!

After a while, Ning Qing spoke. Her gentle voice brought a tinge of weariness, “Xu Junxi, let’s call off our engagement.”

Xu Junxi’s body stiffened. That’s strange. He was the one who said that he was with Ning Yao but when he heard her calling off their engagement, he felt an ache in his heart. It felt as though someone stabbed a knife at his chest and took his heart away. It was as though something important was flowing away…

There was cold chill to their faces, and Xu Junxi looked up and saw that it was drizzling. The dense and heavy raindrops wet their clothes.

“Alright,” His deep voice sounded like it was forced out from his stomach. Xu Junxi stared at her face as not to miss any expression, “Please pass me back the jade bracelet that was passed down through the Xu family. I want to give it to Yaoyao.”

“Okay,” Ning Qing nodded. The pattering raindrops that hit their skin were as cold as she felt inside at the very moment, “The jade bracelet belongs to the Xu family. I will definitely return it to you. But I didn’t bring the jade bracelet with me. I’ll call you tomorrow and you can come and collect.”

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