My Dangerous Billionaire Husband

Chapter 25: Ning Yao, That’s All You Have

She carried a backpack and the strap got loose, and something fell out into a pool of water.

Ning Qing was shocked, It’s the watch. The watch that the man in the hotel left behind.

Ning Qing was shocked yet pissed off. She couldn’t be bothered to pick up the watch but glared at Ning Yao, she sneered, “Ning Yao, that’s all you have? Your man is fighting for me and you’re just watching by the sidlines?”

Xu Junxi ran out to criticize Ning Qing so Ning Yao stood aside and watched proudly. But, she never thought it would get out of control and Xu Junxi held Ning Qing back.

Even when she ran out to hold Xu Junxi’s arm, he didn’t react at all. His eyes only saw Ning Qing.

It was like a dozen years back when his eyes were forever cast upon Ning Qing. He laughed when Ning Qing laughed, he couldn’t eat when Ning Qing was sad. She was like a maidservant to Ning Qing all those years and he didn’t even look at her once.

No, she didn’t want that again.

She put in so much effort and finally took Xu Junxi in her hand. Xu Junxi was hers; she was going to be the lady in Xu’s family.

Ning Qing’s ridiculing remarks taunted her but reminded her at the same time. Ning Yao rushed forward without hesitation. Just as Kong Yang raised his fist, she blocked him before he could hit Xu Junxi. She sounded timid but acted courageously. She was a girl that was willing to give her all for love, “Don’t hurt Junxi, hit me if you want.”

Kong Yang saw that a girl came to block his fist and he managed to pull back in time.

Ning Yao could feel that the man behind her still wanted to fight back. She put her hand on her head and slumped into Xu Junxi’s embrace weakly.

Xu Junxi extended his arm to hug her while Ning Yao looked at him lovingly.

Xu Junxi was stupefied again. He who lost rationality suddenly came back to reality. What did he do? Why would he fight with another person for the kind of woman like Ning Qing?

He recalled how Ning Yao had protected him. He was touched and embraced Ning Yao in his arms. He leaned forward to kiss her face, “Silly. Why did you rush out when men were fighting? How full of heartache would I be if you were to get hurt? Huh?”

Ning Yao hooked Xu Junxi’s neck and chuckled. She said, “I do not allow anyone to hurt you. If you were to get into an accident, I wouldn’t want to live any more.”

Xu Junxi was blinded. He thought Ning Qing was filthy and cold-hearted and he felt that Ning Yao was precious so he fell for her again.

On the other hand, Kong Yang ran before Ning Qing when she was picking up the watch. She wiped away the water with her sleeve and she was terrified that the watch wasn’t moving anymore.

Ning Qing only wanted to cry. She could tell that the watch was very expensive. Her life was already on the rocks. If the owner of the watch were to call, how was she going to compensate them?

She stood up and carefully placed the watch in her bag. Then, she had to proceed without a plan. She shall send the watch to the workshop and see if it could be repaired.

“Kong Yang, are you okay?” The incident involved the innocent one and Ning Qing could only ask Kong Yang apologetically.

Kong Yang shook his head and smiled. “I’m okay, let’s go.”

“Alright.” Kong Yang picked up his umbrella while Ning Qing followed but didn’t even take another look at Xu Junxi. If you find any errors ( broken links, non-standard content, etc.. ), Please let us know so we can fix it as soon as possible.