My Dangerous Billionaire Husband

Chapter 26: Tonight, I’ll Stay

Then, he heard Ning Yao in his embrace gently say, “Junxi, did my sister get together with a rich boyfriend? That Swiss watch is an 18K white gold vintage watch. It’s the one and only watch like that in the whole world. Two years ago, I once get to see it on an auction in Geneva. I heard that it was sold at a high price of five million dollars.”

Xu Junxi’s eyes grew cold and he lifted the corner of his lips into a cold smile. He said something right earlier, which was that he belittled Ning Qing.

Just how filthy was that woman. She attached herself to influential people and to a young handsome man. She didn’t let go of any chances.

No wonder she couldn’t be bothered with him.

Xu Junxi carried Ning Yao and shook off Ning Qing’s beautiful face in his head. He lowered his gaze and looked at Ning Yao gently, “Yaoyao, were you scared when you blocked that punch for me?”

Ning Yao bit her pink lips and she looked innocent, “I was scared but you are my everything. I have to protect you. I know that you’re angry at my sister for dating randomly but she doesn’t listen to you. In the end, she still left. I’m so sad.”

Ning Yao was smart to not mention that Xu Junxi ignored her, nor did she ask why Xu Junxi was fighting in the first place. She even twisted his motive for fighting as him getting angry because he cared. Xu Junxi felt touched and guilty. Even if he wasn’t willing to admit it, he really got into a fight because he… was jealous.

He was jealous.

Xu Junxi looked at Ning Yao with even more loving eyes and he chuckled. “Let’s forget about her. We talked earlier and called off our engagement. Yaoyao, I’ll stay tonight. Or maybe, we can head to a hotel…”

Ning Yao was overjoyed. Calling off the engagement was the first step. For the next step, she wanted Xu Junxi to propose to her.

She blushed and covered his mouth with her hand. She grumbled in a flirtatious manner, “No way… We haven’t got married yet. Mom told me that girls should love themselves…”

She wouldn’t give it to Xu Junxi that easily. A woman’s body would forever be the trump card. The easier it was, the less a man knows how to appreciate it.

Ning Yao, who loved her own body, made Xu Junxi itch. The moment they reached the second floor of the chalet, he couldn’t wait but put down Ning Yao and pull her body into his embrace. He then pushed her against the wall, “Fine then. But let me kiss you.”

Xu Junxi kissed Ning Yao’s red lips.

Ning Qing and Kong Yang were walking while Kong Yang patted his chest and said, “Ning Qing, don’t worry. If that person were to disturb you again, come and look for me. I’ll beat him up for you.”

Xu Junxi humiliated her earlier while Kong Yang, who was a stranger, could believe in her. Ning Qing was touched.

However, it was different from a relationship. Before Kong Yang fall too deep for her, she had to cut him off.

Ning Qing paused and looked at Kong Yang, “Kong Yang, that man was really my fiancée. Although we called off our engagement, I can’t accept a new relationship. You are a good man but you’re not my type. There are many good options out there. You deserve better.”

Kong Yao was stunned and he was obviously digesting what she said. He touched his head and laughed. “Ning Qing, I like you and that’s my business. That has nothing to do with you. I am not asking you to accept me. But as of now, when you have a problem, I only hope to be by your side.” If you find any errors ( broken links, non-standard content, etc.. ), Please let us know so we can fix it as soon as possible.