My Dangerous Billionaire Husband

Chapter 27: Young Master Lu’s Phone Call

Maybe what Kong Yang needed most was time.

“Alright, Kong Yang. Thank you, I want to return to school. Bye bye.”

Kong Yang didn’t dare to say that he would send her back to her school as she was afraid that it would make her feel repulsed. From what he thought, Ning Qing was a decisive girl and she definitely didn’t like him pestering her.

He passed the umbrella to Ning Qing, “It’s raining heavily, take the umbrella with you.”

“It’s okay. My school is very close. You need the umbrella more. I shall go.” Ning Qing started running before Kong Yang could respond.

Ning Qing walked on the street. There were many shops along the way so she walked along the eaves to avoid the rain.

She couldn’t accept Kong Yang’s offer and give him hope. Although he said that he’d be okay to just stay by her side. But from her point of view, accepting a kind offer without repaying was taking advantage.

She couldn’t take advantage of Kong Yang.

As she walked, the phone in her bag rang. She took out and saw that it was a strange number calling.

“Hi, hello…” Ning Qing answered the phone.

“Hi, hello. Are you Miss Ning? I heard that my watch was with you. If you’re free now, I’ll come and get it.” The man’s voice was low and soothing, a very magnetic voice.

Ning Qing stunned. She grieved in sorrow in her head.

“That… It’s a little inconvenient. The watch is… It’s in my school but I’m outside,” Ning Qing found an excuse.

“You’re outside? Which street?”

Ning Qing thought he didn’t believe her so without much thought she looked at the street sign before her and read the road name, “I’m on San Bao Street. I’ll call you when I’m free some other day.”

No one answered on the other end of the line. He was quiet for about two minutes and Ning Qing felt insecure. She broke his watch after all and she felt really guilty.

“Hello, Sir…”

Then, there was a “beep”. Ning Qing looked to the side and saw a black Cayenne stopped next to her.

The window opened and there was a handsome face. The man’s sculpted face with fine lines, red lips and deep black eyes…

Ning Qing felt an explosion in his head. The memory about hotel room the other night surged like a tidal wave. She recalled herself kissing him.

She felt… She blushed in embarrassment.

Compared to Ning Qing who was sheepish and on edge, the man in the car, Lu Shaoming, was rather elegant and calm. One of his palms was on the steering wheel while the other hand was waving his phone, “Miss Ning, how are you?”

How are you?

Not good.

Ning Qing stood and gripped her phone. It was still raining slightly and she was drenched. She needn’t look into a mirror to tell how messy she looked.

“Hello…” Ning Qing tried hard to organize a sentence. “The watch is actually in my school dorm, I…”

“Get in, I’ll bring you to school,” Lu Shaoming moved his thin lips and said gently without any expression on his face.

Ning Qing finally understood that she dug herself a pit and she was going to bury herself in it. What should she do then? Could she refuse to go to school?

She hesitated for a few seconds before she opened the door and got in the car.

She felt even more embarrassed when she sat in the car. The internal setting of the car was low profile yet luxurious. Her clothes were all wet and it would definitely wet the car seat if she were to sit down.

She wanted to say that she would get out of the car but in the corner of her eyes saw that the man closed the car window and turned on the air conditioner. Her chilly body felt a sudden comforting warmth.

The sleeves of his black shirt were rolled up to his elbow and it revealed his muscular forearm. His palm pressed on the steering wheel as they went forward and took a turn. His action was rather smooth and natural…

One detail could show just how well a man’s upbringing and self-control was. Similarly, an action could show if one was a mature and successful charming man.

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