My Dangerous Billionaire Husband

Chapter 28: Tsk tsk tsk, I’ve Flattered Myself Again

“Oh…” Ning Qing replied and found a few clean towels that were folded neatly and kept by the side of the door. She took a blue striped towel at random and wiped her face.

The towel was soft and there was a faint delicate fragrance. It must be from the softener that it was soaked in.

This man is a clean person who pays attention to the quality of life. That’s the conclusion that Ning Qing made.

She wiped the water on her face and then her neck. However, the end of the thread hooked onto the button of her white shirt that she was wearing. She pulled the towel and the third button of her shirt popped open.

It happened to be where her full curve was. She looked down and she saw that her pink lace bra and her cleavage were visible. Her milky fair skin was covered with a layer of crystal-like beads.

Ning Qing was shocked and she quickly covered her chest with her hands. Then, she looked at the man at the front seat with her guard up.

Lu Shaoming’s clear bright eyes met with the girl via the rearview mirror. He looked at her nervous yet vigilant gaze then casually stole a glance at where she was covering up. He smiled gently and looked away.

Ning Qing was burning in embarrassment. He was so sincere and he didn’t have any impure thoughts. If it weren’t for her exaggerated effort to cover it up, he probably wouldn’t have looked.

She seemed to… Flatter herself.

Ning Qing felt embarrassed. In order to lighten the mood, she said, “I’m all drenched. I’m sorry that I wet your car seat.”

“Don’t worry, it’s not a big deal.” He, a man of few words, gave her a short reply.

Ning Qing was dumbfounded. She found the man was a miser with words and it was rather difficult to talk to him.

Luckily, her school was nearby and they got there in ten minutes by car. As it was raining heavily, Lu Shaoming parked his Cayenne right where her dorm building was, under her instruction.

“I’ll go down to get an umbrella, wait for me to get you in the car,” Ning Qing suggested as she thought he probably wouldn’t go through the rain, judging by his looks.

Lu Shaoming looked at the dorm building before him and opened the door. Ning Qing heard the opening and closing of the car boot. Then, her side of the door was opened. The man was holding an umbrella as he said, “Let’s walk together.”

Ning Qing looked at the umbrella, “…” Tsk tsk tsk. She flattered herself again.

Of course, he prepared umbrella during a rainy day. It was only her who was acting like an enthusiastic idiot.

Ning Qing got out of the car and Lu Shaoming closed the door. They then walked into the dorm building together.

When they got to the third floor, Ning Qing took out her dorm keys. She bit her pink lips sheepishly and said in hesitation, “Can you wait here for a bit when I go in and change?”

Lu Shaoming didn’t show any facial expression. He was about 182cm, a lot taller than she was. She could only see his elegantly defined jaw.

“Mm.” He nodded faintly in agreement.

Ning Qing opened the door and entered her room.

She took out a pink trumpet sleeve shirt and paired it with white pencil pants. She took out her black boots and put on a pair of slippers of the same color as her shirt.

She let her hair loose and she wiped it with her towel as she thought about the watch in his bag that was not working. She was thinking hard about what excuse she would use later.

The debt owner was already here. She wasn’t considering confessing. She had no money in her pocket. If he were to make her pay, she wouldn’t be able to afford it. She could only drag it out and see what was the situation was like at the repair shop. If you find any errors ( broken links, non-standard content, etc.. ), Please let us know so we can fix it as soon as possible.