My Dangerous Billionaire Husband

Chapter 29: The Way A Man Looks At A Woman

Ning Qing was stunned as she opened the door. The once quiet corridor was packed. Ning Qing looked around and saw that her female classmates were all love struck. Some of them were even drooling like an infatuated fan girl. Some of them had already fainted at the sight.

“Wow, whose boyfriend is this? He’s so handsome. Look at his long legs. He’s so proportionate; he’s totally more gorgeous than any male model in the magazine.”

“Yeah. Just look at his temperament. He’s a handsome, cool, elegant, smart looking man in his thirties. It’s the typical look of the kind of man I like.”

His female classmates were discussing this mystery man excitedly. They were rubbing their hands together and they almost came to pull him away. Ning Qing looked at the man and saw him lying against the wall lazily with his leg slightly bent with his left hand in his pocket while he was holding cigarette on his right hand.

Ning Qing didn’t know if he was used to being watched or if he simply had a strong mental disposition. Even when the girls were talking about him excitedly, he didn’t even move an inch or appear affected at all. His sexy thin lips blew out puffs of smoke rings. He was so calm and composed that he looked as though he was an outsider and had nothing to do with the situation around him.

He felt her presence and he looked. He measured her up and down casually, he squinted his narrow eyes and there was a gentle gaze with a tinge of…yuppieness.

Ning Qing knew that she was hallucinating. His eyes moved in just the way a man looks at a woman. A very charming and strong manliness.

Lu Shaoming stood straight and put off the cigarette butt calmly. He threw it into the rubbish bin by the side and asked, “You’re done?”

“Mm.” Ning Qing nodded. “Come on in.”

She moved to the side of the door while Lu Shaoming walked in. When she closed the door, she heard the girls talking, “Is that Ning Qing’s boyfriend? Are they staying together?”

Ning Qing, “…” No!

Ning Qing noticed that the right side of Lu Shaoming’s suit was drenched when she closed the door. She then recalled when they were sharing an umbrella, she walked on his left. He seemed to cover her with most part of the umbrella even though she was already drenched before that.

He’s really a gentleman.

“That…” Ning Qing found it difficult to say but he got wet because of him. She braced herself and said, “Do you want to take off your suit for me to dry it up with the fan for a bit. Just in case you catch a cold.

“Okay.” Lu Shaoming nodded. He didn’t turn but opened his suit button.

Ning Qing quickened her pace and took the suit that he passed over.

The suit was warm with his body heat. Ning Qing hung it on the hanger as the quick glance she managed to steal replayed in her head. He was wearing a black shirt of the same color as his suit, with his broad shoulders and small waist under the well-pressed shirt. His muscle under the shirt was balanced and strong, giving out a healthy manly vibe.

Those girls were right. His body looked good, a natural born mannequin.

She turned on the fan and blew it against the suit. Ning Qing looked and thought his suit must be tailor-made. She reckoned the cost of his suit would be enough to buy a dozen fans like hers. If you find any errors ( broken links, non-standard content, etc.. ), Please let us know so we can fix it as soon as possible.