My Dangerous Billionaire Husband

Chapter 38: Dancing On Crystal Palm Dishes

Ning Yao performed first. She took off her knitted sweater and put on a white mink coat. She tied her curly hair into two braids and pulled them to the back of her head. She buried her palm-sized face under the collar and there was a tinge of melancholy like an ancient lady.

It was lightly snowing in the hall. Ning Yao held the bamboo pole and acted as though she were on a boat. She was acting Xishi’s final destiny, where she was boating in Taihu Lake with Fanli.

She didn’t have to say a single line the entire time. Just like what Xiao Zhou said earlier, her innocent and sweet temperament suited Xishi’s character. Her smile was like a spring breeze in the cold winter; best when she said nothing at all.

Someone shouted “Cut” and there was loud applause. Ning Qing saw that Xu Junxi smiled at Ning Yao while the few Americans nodded at Ning Yao.

Ning Yao got off the stage and came to the changing room. She was smug with success when she saw Ning Qing, “Sister, I’m done. Is your Zhao Feiyan ready?”

Ning Qing took off her green coat and grabbed a red ribbon casually. She lifted the crystal palm dish before Ning Yao and said, “I only prepared this.”

Ning Yao’s face grew grave.

Xu Junxi saw Xiao Zhou laid five crystal palm dishes in the middle of the hall and he knew instantly what Ning Qing was going to perform. The most legendary story about Zhao Feiyan was her dance. She was so light when she danced and when she danced on the crystal palm dishes, she looked like a fairy.

Ning Qing, she…

It wasn’t too strange when one thinks about it. Not only was the no.1 socialite, Ning Qing, beautiful, but she was also good at music, chess, calligraphy, painting, and dancing. She had been smart. She knew what a girl should know and shouldn’t know.

Just as Xu Junxi was dumbfounded, the few Americans next to him were surprised and watched as Ning Qing took off her shoes and stood on the crystal palm dish.

She was still wearing her white shirt and jeans but she tucked the corner of her shirt into her high waisted jeans. She leaned backwards and her small waist was like a tender willow branch, so flexible.

The red ribbon started dancing in the air and her graceful body was spinning so swiftly. The crystal palm dishes were giving out brilliance along with her movement.

Everyone was shocked. They thought it was just a legend that Zhao Feiyan danced on the crystal palm dish. When an ordinary person dances on crystal palm dish, not only would it be tittering, one would fall down too. They thought it was really just a legend.

They never thought that Ning Qing would really be able to perform such an indescribably beautiful and striking dance that day.

The Americans were enchanted at the sight while Xu Junxi slowly indulged in her performance of dancing on the five crystal palm dishes. She covered her face with ribbon but there was an enchanting smile with a deep attachment on her delicate face.

But, he quickly came back to reality. There was suddenly a surge of rage in his chest. He realized that Ning Qing did not smile at him.

She smiled at the other four men by his side but she didn’t even look at him.

What does she mean by this?

The CEO of Huayi Entertainment felt that happiness came too late. Ning Qing’s beautiful eyes often lingered on him. This b*tch, the more she looked at him, the harder he got.

However, he couldn’t stop looking. He knew how rapacious and monstrous his gaze was in that moment. He pinched his thigh and tried to look like a man of integrity.

Maybe no one else knew, it was all because only he could see that at the lobby on the third floor, there were a bunch business elites in suits standing by the railing. At the far front, there was Young Master Lu whom he had met a few times. If you find any errors ( broken links, non-standard content, etc.. ), Please let us know so we can fix it as soon as possible.