My Dangerous Billionaire Husband

Chapter 39: Young Master Lu Is Jealous

He did not have the guts to covet Young Master Lu’s woman.

Ning Qing was sweating from dancing. She liked to dance since she was young, especially ballet. When she was fourteen, she could do a pirouette for ten minutes without a break.

She once heard the legend of Zhao Feiyan dancing on crystal palm dishes and she gave it a try. She had a pair of delicate feet to work with. With her background in dance, she could spin at ease on the crystal palm dishes.

She never thought she would put the performance to use one day. Actually, Zhao Feiyan’s dance was just a legend. No one had ever really seen it, so Ning Qing merged ballet with traditional dance in a way that created a unique effect.

Ning Qing danced as she counted time in her head. When it was about time, she planned to land her right leg on the crystal palm dish to bring about a perfect ending.

However, she felt a sharp pain in her ankle and she twisted her foot.

Ning Qing spurned at herself in her head, See, you’ve never practiced and you’re going to embarrass yourself.

The sudden turn of events made everyone hold their breath. However, Ning Qing didn’t panic. As she was going to fall, she figured that she might as well lie down and take a curtain call.

The red ribbon fluttered as she fell in an elegant posture.

But she didn’t fall on the ground in the end because Xu Junxi, who was closest to her, instinctively extended his muscular arms to grab her soft waist. He exerted strength and pulled her into his embrace.

Her faint feminine scent filled his nostrils, and it was clear that she had just exercised. As she collapsed in his embrace, Xu Junxi realized how warm her body was.

Ning Qing’s face was covered with sweat like a flower petal covered in dew. She saw that it was he who caught her so she flashed a lazy smile and said with a flirtatious tone, “Thank you, CEO Xu.”

Xu Junxi stiffened.

“Ka”. Then, there was someone who slapped the director board. Her ten minutes performance ended flawlessly.

In contrast to loud applause that Ning Yao got earlier, the lobby was silent.

Ning Qing pushed Xu Jinxi’s chest and stood up without hesitation before he came back to reality.

“Perfect!” The American was the first who gave Ning Qing a thumbs up.

Ning Qing thanked the panel and walked to the dressing room. She took a few steps and stopped next to Ning Yao while everyone watched. “My dear sister, my performance is over. Thanks to CEO Xu earlier. If it wasn’t for him, I would have fallen.”

Ning Yao was so pissed that she couldn’t say anything.

Ning Qing then entered the dressing room.

Xu Junxi got angry out of embarrassment. She stunned the entire audience with her crystal palm dish dance and she took a curtain call.

She was putting up a show from the very beginning but he indulged in her games like a silly man. He was led around.

How dare she?

Compared to Ning Qing’s impressive performance, the performances later on were just ordinary. Xu Junxi’s upset face really frightened the girls who joined the casting later on.

From the third floor, Lu Shaoming saw Ning Qing disappear in the dressing room. He turned around and his Armani suit drew an arc in the air. “Meeting.”

The group of people behind him were confused. The meeting had already been delayed 10 minutes, but Young Master Lu spent more time watching some girl dance.

Let him watch then. He’s the boss after all. However, he sounded impulsive when he said, “Meeting.” It seemed that he was angry.

Zhou Yao walked next to Lu Shaoming and taunted, “Jealous, huh?”

Lu Shaoming glared and shot, “Shut up!”

Zhou Yao raised his hand and gave up, but he found this pretty entertaining. He’s jealous and basically admits it. No one is making fun of him. An illiterate man is better off than one with no romantic experience.

Ning Qing went to the washroom and encountered Ning Yao at the corridor.

“Sister, what do you mean by all this? I know I’m at fault and you don’t want to forgive me. However, you’ve already called off your engagement with Junxi and he’s my boyfriend now. How could you be so close to him just now?” If you find any errors ( broken links, non-standard content, etc.. ), Please let us know so we can fix it as soon as possible.