My Dangerous Billionaire Husband

Chapter 40: I’ll Be Pretty While All Of You Be Jealous

Ning Qing walked before Ning Yao and said with a low voice, “Plus, didn’t you see just now? It was he who pulled me onto his lap by my waist. What to do? Men are forever tempted by things they will never get. He loathed to see me fall.”

Ning Yao clenched his fist and tore away her mask. She glared at Ning Qing and spat, “You thought you won? No matter how you play the role of Zhao Feiyan, can’t you see the jealousy in everyone’s eyes? You can’t received good feedback and you have become everyone’s enemy!”

“Hehe…” Ning Qing chuckled sneeringly, “Ning Yao, let me ask you, are you among those who are jealous of me?”

Ning Yao remained silent.

“Look. For the past twenty years, I treated you like my own sister. You took away my fiance and you are jealous of me in the end. I didn’t do anything yet I became your enemy. It wasn’t my fault but yours. All of you are narrow minded and couldn’t accept that the others do better. Also, all of you are jealous that I have a more beautiful face than any of you.”

Ning Yao smiled coldly. She never thought Ning Qing would be so straightforward.

“I am endowed with good looks. As I have this beautiful face, I have to make money with it. Go ahead and get plastic surgery in Korea; turn yourself into me if you can. If not, I’ll be pretty while all of you can be jealous.”

Ning Qing’s speech was powerful and rousing. It sounded just as straightforward and forthright like ”

Ning Yao’s eyes grew red and her tears welled up. Her grim face changed suddenly, and she shook her head weakly, “Sister, I’m saying this for your own good. I don’t want you to make too many enemies.”

Ning Qing was annoyed. She smirked and looked Ning Yao in her eyes, “Why? Did Junxi come? He’s behind me?”

Xu Junxi behind her stopped.

Ning Qing didn’t turn but continued to say, “As he’s here, let me mock him for a bit. From choosing me to choosing you, his standards dropped too drastically.”

“Besides playing weak and pitiful, what else do you know? Playing the role of Xishi by acting melancholy and moody with a bamboo pole, any girl who is pretty can do that. The entertainment circle is a place filled with gunpowder fumes. The Xu family went through a lot to be at where they’re at. With him marrying you, besides giving birth to his children and obeying him in bed, what else can you do? Be a good wife?” Ning Qing clicked her tongue as she shook her head, “He looked too highly upon you.”

Ning Yao, “…” That was the first time she felt that the innocent image that she created dragged her down. She was dying to leap at Ning Qing and tear off her lips.

Ning Qing’s mouth was so harsh.

Ning Yao cried and walked past Ning Qing. She stumbled into Xu Junxi’s embrace and choked with sobs, “Junxi, my sister wronged me. Everyone can grow. I will grow stronger for you. I am willing to do anything for you.”

Ning Qing turned around and Xu Junxi looked at her while he patted Ning Yao’s shoulder, “I know… Don’t cry, go home first…”

He meant that he was going to stay back and talk to Ning Qing?

Ning Yao didn’t dare to ask as she was scared that she upset him.

After he watched Ning Qing dance, he became absent-minded. Yeah, what man didn’t like beautiful women? Plus, she was an extremely beautiful woman.

She knew that Xu Junxi was filial to his parents and he attached great importance to the business the Xu family had built in the entertainment industry. He devoted himself to his work and his mother was an influential person but she didn’t like her background.

Did what Ning Qing said earlier stab a needle in his heart?

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