My Dangerous Billionaire Husband

Chapter 42: Come Here, If You Need One Million

There was no memory and feelings in his voice. The imposing tone left no space for discussion.

Ning Qing closed her eyes and when she opened them, there was a tinge of gentleness and she plead, “Xu Junxi, I need the money urgently. My mother’s kidney transplant surgery requires a million… Even if we already broke up, think about how much my mother used to like you, you… Please help us and vote for me.”

Xu Junxi smirked, laughing to himself. She was fighting so ferociously with him in the lobby earlier but then she needed money urgently and treated him so gently.

Heh, power.

She opened and closed her seductive lips while Xu Junxi gulped. The rage in his body that yet to subside continued to burn his body, while the boiling blood started rushing downwards.

He let go of Ning Qing. Then, he turned around and walked to sit at the side of the bed.

“Come here!” His hoarse voice sounded like he was giving a command.

Ning Qing didn’t know what he was doing but the way he looked at her was strange. It seemed too deep, too… hot.

“I don’t want to repeat the third time. Come here, if you need that one million!” He emphasized.

Ning Qing had no choice but to walk before him.

Xu Junxi extended his hand to pull her wrist. Her skin was slightly cool and it was nice to touch. Her soft skin was as smooth as silk, which drove the person who touched her restless at heart.

He couldn’t help but rub her skin gently.

“Xun Junxi, speak but don’t touch me!” Ning Qing swung his hand away.

The very next second, her arms were locked. The man exerted strength and she fell into his embrace directly.

“Xu Junxi!” Ning Qing struggled vigorously.

Xu Junxi clamped her down with his pair of long legs and suppressed her forcefully. He held her waist with one of his arms and he looked at his watch, “Don’t you want money? I’ll give you half an hour. I’ll pay one million to sleep with you. Isn’t this price high enough?”

Ning Qing fell deep down into the abyss. She was utterly disappointed. How could he make such request to buy her out with money?

She looked at his familiar yet strange handsome face. He was pushing a new limit each time, “Heh, half an hour? The time’s ticking? Let’s sleep here then, how do you want to do this?”

Xu Junxi thought she agreed so he touched her delicate face and rubbed her lips with his thumb. He gave out a flighty and nasty gaze, “There have been so many men who thought of you. Give me your all and make me happy for a few times in this half an hour. I shall give you a few million.”

“Heh… Hehe…” Ning Qing chuckled, she was almost going to applaud his generosity. She played with her hair while she asked flirtatiously, “Did you forget that Ning Yao is still outside?”

Xu Junxi was stunned when he heard Ning Yao’s name.

Then, his gaze met Ning Qing’s again. She smiled so coldly and waited for his answer.

She was making fun of him.

There was anger raging inside Xu Junxi. He turned sideways and threw Ning Qing onto the bed. He pressed against her body as he clenched her face, “Yaoyao would understand that men have some fun outside. Plus, she wouldn’t know if I slept with you.”

His lips covered hers.

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