My Disciples Are All Villains

Chapter 34: This Is Just The Beginning

There were numerous cultivators in this world, and each one of them had their own secrets. Furthermore, they regarded the flaw in their cultivation techniques as the most important secret.

Over the past two decades, he had poured in all his effort to cultivate the Three Yin Styles, which had made him a formidable Divine Court expert. However, the greater the gains were, the greater the cost would be. The price he had to pay was suffering the pain from the chills in his body.

‘How did this old man know about it?’ He pushed away a lock of hair that fell from his forehead and stared at Lu Zhou with a pair of eyes as large as that of a cow.

“Let me ask you again, who are you?” His tone grew cold and dark.

Lu Zhou and Little Yuan’er remained standing as if nothing had happened, but Murong Hai peed in his pants again and slumped to the ground. ‘What a scary voice! He must be a villain of Golden Court Mountain!’

Lu Zhou went on according to what he found in his memory, “When you betrayed the Dao Societies, you had only learned the Three Yin Styles but not the Six Yang Techniques. The extreme cold needs to be balanced with the extreme Yang. It is a miracle that you are still alive today.”

“The Six Yang Technique?” the man asked doubtfully.

“Why…Haven’t you heard of it?”

At that moment, the man suddenly burst into laughter and his voice shook the mountains.

“How dare you deceive me with nonsense, old man!” Just as he said that, the man, wrapped in a freezing wind, leaped over like a savage beast and threw a punch toward Lu Zhou’s face.

The sudden attack shocked Lu Zhou.


The great waves lifted by the wind were blocked, and so was the punch. For a moment, the world fell completely silent.

When the dust settled, the man saw that his thunderous attack was not blocked by the seemingly weak and frail old man, but the little girl with a playful smile.

Little Yuan’er had stopped his fist with a palm, and she said, “You have to ask me before attacking my Grandpa.”

‘What! Isn’t she an eight-meridians Brahma Sea cultivator?’ he thought as a trace of surprise appeared on his face.

Even Murong Hai, who was slumped to the ground, looked at the scene with a blank face and felt his view of the world, life, and values collapse. ‘Why is she so strong? Was she pretending to be a pig to prey on the tiger? Her acting is so good!’


A sharp and powerful blast of energy exploded out of Little Yuan’er and drove the man back as she no longer concealed her aura. To the attacker’s surprise, she was a genuine Divine Court cultivator!

In fact, even if Little Yuan’er did not stop him, the man could not hurt Lu Zhou, because he still had seven critical block cards. Nevertheless, it was good for her to do that, for it saved him a card.

“You…A Divine Court cultivator at this young age? How is this possible!” The man’s voice sounded full of surprise.

Little Yuan’er cracked her knuckles as she looked back and said with a fierce desire to fight on her face, “Grandpa, I want to fight him!”

“Do as you wish.”

After getting Lu Zhou’s permission, Little Yuan’er smiled even more happily. She beckoned to the man with a finger and said, “I haven’t met such a strong opponent as you in a long time. You must hold on for a little longer.”


‘Why does this sound so weird? A little girl is provoking a monster?’ Lu Zhou thought while shaking his head. ‘Never mind! It’s also a good idea to fight before talking.’

Meanwhile, Little Yuan’er darted forward, stepping on her tiptoe over the blades of grass like a dragonfly skimming the water surface. In the next instant, she kicked the man from the side.

Bam! Bam! Bam!

Just like that, they locked each other in a fierce fight.

‘She’s so fast!’ The man reflexively lifted both arms to block.

Bam! Bam! Bam!

A series of kicks landed onto his arms, and a great power forced him to keep stepping back into the woods, breaking trees along the way.

The power was simply…amazing.

Lu Zhou went up to Little Yuan’er’s father, who was lying on the ground, and briefly examined him. Fortunately, he had just passed out and wasn’t hurt.

“She’s always unable to control her temper,” said Lu Zhou when he saw Murong Hai’s pale face.

‘Is this a matter of temper? She’s totally a fiend out of rein!’ Murong Hai did not know whether to laugh or cry. He wanted to stand up, but he found that his legs were weak, and he could not move them at all.

“Old Mister, since you have such a strong granddaughter, why did you pretend to be weak?”

“The world is full of treacherous people. We have to be wary of them,” said Lu Zhou.

“You are a wise man, Old Mister! No wonder you were so confident in rescuing the Ci Family. I’ve underestimated you.” Murong Hai calmed himself down.

The two of them chatted leisurely while Little Yuan’er and the black-clothed man fought fiercely. On the surface, they seemed to have reached a deadlock, but in fact, Little Yuan’er had the upper hand since the beginning. Anyone with a discerning eye could easily see that she did it on purpose. She just wanted to fight a little longer and exercise a little more. Staying on the mountain for too long had bored her. Now that she finally had an opponent to ‘relax’ with, how could she miss the opportunity?

The sounds of energy colliding with one another rang without end. Murong Hai was greatly shocked as he watched them fight. He found it hard to believe that those powerful energy blasts were coming from a weak-looking little girl.

“Old Mister,” he cupped his fist toward Lu Zhou and said, “I have a question, but I don’t know if I should ask.”

“Bring it on.”

“You’re also hiding your strength, right?” Murong Hai had long suspected it. He did not believe Lu Zhou could tame a little devil like this just by his personality and kinship.

Lu Zhou gave him a look without admitting or denying, but Murong Hai took that as a confirmation. ‘Since his granddaughter is a Divine Court expert, he must also be a Divine Court expert at the very least!’

At the thought of that, he hurriedly cupped his fist and said, “Old Mister is really an almighty expert!”

“I’m not an expert yet.” Lu Zhou waved his hand.

Murong Hai was greatly impressed, and he thought, ‘I didn’t expect him to be so humble when his granddaughter is so moody and hot-tempered.’

“Old Mister, if I may say one more thing…”

“What is it?”

“The child is amazingly gifted, and with her cultivation base reaching the peak, her future is limitless. It’s a pity that she hasn’t fully understood the proper way of dealing with people.”

Lu Zhou looked up at Little Yuan’er, who was fighting in the distance. He knew about her temper and character very well. It would take more than just a few days to teach her that.

“You are right. I’ve been thinking about how to teach her the way of dealing with people recently.” He was telling the truth.

“Old Mister is truly a wise man! The child is fortunate to have you teaching her!”


The black-clothed man’s face was covered with dust, and he kept coughing as energy blasts struck him continuously. It did not take long for him to fall to the ground and stop moving.

“Let’s continue!” said Little Yuan’er smilingly. “Hey, get up now! That was a good move you just made. Come on, let’s fight again!”

Their battle had broken all the nearby trees and riddled the ground with holes of varying sizes.

“This is so boring!” said Little Yuan’er when she saw the man not move anymore.

“Kof! Kof!” The black-clothed man raised his hands and waved them as he said with difficulty, “I, I don’t want…to fight anymore…”

That was when Lu Zhou rose to his feet while smiling, “It looks like they’ve had enough fighting.”

“Very good! Congratulations, Old Mister! Now that all the people of the Ci Family have been rescued, this journey is finally over,” said Murong Hai.

Lu Zhou shook his head as he looked at the man lying on the ground and said, “It’s not over…On the contrary, this is just the beginning.”


“What do you say, Pan Zhong?”

The black-clothed man shuddered. “How do you know my name?”

“Let’s return to the topic just now.” Lu Zhou walked forward slowly and said, “You could’ve lived another three months. Do you want to die now?”

“What?” Pan Zhong’s heart trembled, and he did a backward flip. Dust fell off his body, but his face was still filthy, and he was having difficulty standing straight.

“I didn’t expect this little girl’s cultivation base to be so profound, but she is still not strong enough to kill me.” Pan Zhong looked at Little Yuan’er warily.

They had fought over a few hundred rounds, and he was being attacked like a practice target all the while. If truth be told, he wished to turn around and run away right now.

“The true power of the Three Yin Styles can only be brought out with the help of the Six Yang Technique. You’ve only learned the Three Yin Styles, and that’s why you can’t get its essence,” Lu Zhou said.

“Why have I never heard about this so-called Six Yang Technique?”

Little Yuan’er spat as she rolled her eyes and said, “What’s so good about this Six Yang Technique? My Grandpa knows countless cultivation techniques!”


Right then, whistles could be heard approaching from the distance. Everyone could tell that those were the sound of swords flying across the air.

The group of unknown cultivators came in a threatening manner and great numbers, and many of them had profound cultivation bases. A voice rang out before the people could be seen, “We haven’t seen each other in a long time, Little Junior Sister!”

A crimson flying chariot approached from the distant sky, followed by dozens of cultivators, who poured over rapidly like floodwater.

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