My Disciples Are All Villains

Chapter 37: The Evil Disciple

Lu Zhou did not even look at the cultivators below the Brahma Sea realm. As for those struggling Divine Court experts, it was only a matter of time before they were defeated. Even the top ten Nascent Divinity Tribulation experts had fled at the sight of him, let alone this group of Divine Court juniors.

His eyes were fixed on Ye Tianxin while he lightly raised a hand. Right then, an overwhelming force grabbed Wang Fugui over like a giant hand.


Wang Fugui lost control of his body, and his neck was clutched in Lu Zhou’s hand in the next instant.

“Everyone in the world knows about the imperial token, so how could Murong Hai not identify it? You shouldn’t get in the way.”

This man was indeed an assassin Ye Tianxin had planted in the Ci Family’s residence. When he saw Lu Zhou and Little Yuan’er for the first time, he was not sure if they were the villain and the patriarch of Golden Court Mountain. However, when he got the token, he confirmed everything and continued to act according to Ye Tianxin’s plan. He thought of assassinating Lu Zhou in the middle of the night, but he always felt that this old man was not the patriarch of Golden Court Mountain. He was afraid of the latter and also feared that he would ruin Ye Tianxin’s plan, so he did not do it.

Wang Fugui’s feet parted from the ground and he gradually became breathless, his face reddened.

“You…you…you can’t…kill…me…”

Every Divine Court expert was backed by at least one or more powers, but did that matter? Was there any power in the world that could frighten the villainous patriarch? No!


Lu Zhou wore an indifferent expression as he closed his fingers. Wang Fugui’s head tilted and his eyes rolled upward, his neck broken.

“Ding! You have killed a Divine Court evil man and are rewarded with 200 merit points!”

The reward was richer!

The killing hastened Ye Tianxin’s steps, and the crimson flying chariot suddenly drifted down from the sky. She held back the shock in her heart as she flicked her sleeve and said, “He can’t last for too long! Don’t be afraid…”

Even as she said that she leaped onto the chariot, turned it around, and sped away.

Lu Zhou glanced around and found about fifteen Divine Court experts. The rest of the cultivators, about one hundred people, were all Brahma Sea cultivators.

“Pan Zhong, I’m giving you an opportunity.”

“Ah…” Pan Zhong was scared out of his wits. He was shivering all over as he said, “Senior…I was under orders and have no intention of being your enemy! Please spare my life, Senior!”

Pan Zhong knew that it was almost impossible for him to escape from such a mighty expert, and that he might have a chance to live if he begged for mercy, even though he knew this evil villain killed people without batting an eye.

“Kill all Brahma Sea cultivators and I will give you the Six Yang Technique,” said Lu Zhou lightly. “To live or to die…it is up to you to choose.”

Lu Zhou slowly raised a hand. Over him, Whitzard descended from the sky, wreathed in bits of starlight.

‘A legendary mount!’ Pan Zhong was horrified. It was said that the villainous patriarch of Golden Court Mountain had held sway over the world for nearly a thousand years and owned countless treasures, cultivation techniques, and weapons. It seemed to him now that those were not just some rumors.

“Yuan’er, bring your father away and wait for my return at Bluesun Mountain.”

“I understand, Master!”

Little Yuan’er brought her father up Whitzard’s back. The mount gave a cry and stepped on auspicious clouds, disappearing into the sky under the watchful eyes of everyone.

Right then, Pan Zhong immediately made up his mind. He dropped to his knees and cupped his fist as he said, “I’m willing to serve Senior!”

“Ding! You have obtained a subordinate and are rewarded with 100 merit points.”

“Pan Zhong, Divine Court realm, 5% loyalty, cultivation technique: Three Yin Styles.”

“Very good!” Lu Zhou kicked the ground and catapulted himself into the sky, his aura exploding out like a fierce storm. The remaining Divine Court experts looked at the sky in panic.

“Ye Tianxin has run away! Damnit!”


“Ye Tianxin has done us great harm! How could she do this to us!”

It was a few breaths later that they saw the crimson flying chariot already fly far into the distance.

At that moment, they quickly produced their avatars to resist the pressure brought to them by Lu Zhou. Unfortunately, the strongest avatar that could be produced with the cultivation base of the Divine Court realm was a Ten Worlds avatar, which did not even have the chance to open a leaf. There was no way they could resist Lu Zhou’s explosive energy.

“Avatar, Hundred Tribulations Insight!”

An avatar that stood one hundred feet tall and measured twenty feet in width emerged. All the animals and birds within ten miles fled in panic when they sensed the powerful pressure. Right then, Lu Zhou pointed out his fingers like a sword, and beams of sword light began to appear.

‘He’s so strong!’ Pan Zhong was completely overwhelmed by the sheer strength of Lu Zhou. ‘Since there is an opportunity, why don’t I grasp it? The old villain… no, Senior’s cultivation base is so strong! Why would he lie to me?’

Pan Zhong felt a surge of confidence, and when he thought of what happened in the past, he laughed wildly. ‘Since the world is laughing at me for becoming evil, I’ll become evil!’

After laughing, his eyes suddenly turned ruthless and energy exploded out of his Three Yin Styles. “You all are going to die!”

He was a Divine Court expert, so it was very easy for him to deal with those Brahma Sea cultivators already brought down by Lu Zhou’s energy blast. It was like an eagle catching chicks on the ground.

For a moment, miserable cries and shrieks rang without an end. The eyes of those Brahma Sea cultivators grew wide as fear cut into their bones. They could not understand why the Divine Court expert, who was the old villain’s enemy, suddenly turned over and attacked them.

Flesh and blood flew in all directions while broken limbs scattered the ground. The strong smell of blood stung Pan Zhong’s nostrils and nerves.

The Divine Court experts flying backward did not have the time to help their companions down below. They only had one thought in their minds, ‘I need to survive this!’

“The Imperfect Divine Intervention of the Divine One Technique!” A cultivator with a discerning eye recognized Lu Zhou’s move. It was very similar to the scene when the orthodox sects besieged Golden Court Mountain.

“Spread out!”

“Spread out!”

Shouts and cries echoed out into the surroundings.

At the moment Lu Zhou unleashed the sword beams, they suddenly turned black, and dark clouds rolled in the sky.

“The Sword Devil’s Destiny.”

It was the Guiyuan Sword Technique, the famous ultimate skill of Yu Shangrong, one of the villains of Golden Court Mountain.

Unfortunately, it was already too late by the time they realized it. Those black sword beams were too fast, and they shot over like a sudden downpour. Even Nascent Divinity Tribulation experts would not survive under the attack.

There were no screams, no counterattacks, and no room to turn the situation around. The rain of black sword beams pierced their chests like arrows.

Lu Zhou had perfectly demonstrated that all schemes and plots were useless in the face of absolute power.

“Ding! You have killed 15 Divine Court cultivators and are rewarded with 3,000 merit points.”

Lu Zhou’s face was calm. There was no need to verify their death, and it was pointless to do so.

He looked ahead as his figure flickered, and he disappeared together with the huge avatar in the next instant. It was one of his great divine abilities, the Soul Chase.

Ye Tianxin’s brow frowned tightly as she mustered all her energy to move the chariot. There were few in the world that could catch up with the chariot when it was flying at full speed, save for those who knew great divine abilities.

However, Ye Tianxin was not a common cultivator. She was the master of the Derived Moon Palace, the leader of a power. A person of her status always had a backup plan.

“Why is the old thing stronger than he was at his peak?” She could not figure it out.

The wind whistled in her ears and blew her face red. She had dismissed the energy shield so that the chariot could fly at its full speed. She looked back over her shoulder, worried. All she saw was the empty, blue sky.

“It seems that the old thing had unleashed his Hundred Tribulations Insight avatar just now.” Ye Tianxin’s lips twisted into a smile. “There’s still time…”

She was about to make the chariot dive downward when she heard a buzzing noise. It was the resonance produced by the emergence of great energy.

“Who goes there?”

Ye Tianxin turned around. The chariot disappeared and waves of energy wrapped her up like water.

Lu Zhou’s Hundred Tribulations Insight avatar was right in front of her, one hundred feet high and twenty feet wide, with eight leaves…no, with nine leaves beneath it. Its ninth leaf had bloomed!

“You are an evil disciple.” Lu Zhou performed an incantation gesture.

“Mas-master” Ye Tianxin’s eyes widened in disbelief.

Under the pressure of the avatar, Lu Zhou’s hand seal transformed into a bright cage and fell down toward Ye Tianxin.

“The Fiend Monk’s Hand Seal!”

Ye Tianxin felt a deep sense of despair. ‘How much strength did this old man hide? He is stronger than any experts I’ve met!’

His first attack was already the strongest move.

“Amorous Hoop!” Ye Tianxin’s indomitable spirit drove her to counterattack, and a weapon that gleamed like the moon appeared.

Lu Zhou said faintly, “I gave you the weapon, and I can take it back anytime I want!”

The Fiend Monk’s Hand Seal suddenly changed its course. Ye Tianxin was not its target!

“Come back!”

“No!” Ye Tianxin screamed.

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