At this moment, it was almost as if she could feel Chi Yang’s breath on her face.

Soon, her ears started becoming as red as her racing heart.

Normally, the young girl would act as if she was the queen when around him, but at the moment, she was behaving like a shy little girl. Chi Yang’s face had been glum as a result of Zhong Qianqian’s actions from before, but after seeing the girl like this, his face seemed to blossom like a flower in spring.

Even though he did not know what had prompted her to suddenly change, he was very much enjoying it. He felt that he could somehow benefit from Zhong Nuannuan’s peculiar behavior.

He opened the car door for Zhong Nuannuan, “Get in the car.”

“Oh,” Zhong Nuannuan answered and hurried inside.

When she settled down, Chi Yang closed the car door and walked over to the driver’s seat. Then, he opened the door and got inside.

Almost immediately, the atmosphere in the car became tense.

This was their first time being alone together.

Whenever they were alone in the past, they would simply not speak to each other. Occasionally, Zhong Nuannuan would tease him or make a fuss, resulting in him slamming the door and leaving out of frustration.


Zhong Nuannuan realized that she had never been alone with Chi Yang before. As a result, she did not know what to say in this kind of situation.

Suddenly, a dark figure appeared over her head. A face so handsome that it would anger both gods and mortals alike gradually became bigger as it moved closer to her.

Zhong Nuannuan’s eyes grew wide. Her heart started to beat like a drum in her chest.

She suddenly realized that in this situation, it would be wise to close her eyes.

Therefore, as Chi Yang’s handsome face grew bigger as it approached her face, Zhong Nuannuan decided to shut her eyes tightly.

After being born again, this was her first actual kiss. Zhong Nuannuan felt extremely nervous, causing her hands to instinctively ball into fists.

When Chi Yang’s hand touched the seatbelt, he saw Zhong Nuannuan turn her head with her eyes closed. Her hands were balled into fists too, making her appear as though she was disgusted and was rejecting the situation.


Did she feel so uneasy being in close proximity to him that she wanted to hit him?

He just wanted to help her with her seatbelt. What was so wrong with that wrong? Still… was she not the one who had hugged him before?

Zhong Nuannuan had her eyes shut tight, like she was pretending that none of this was actually happening. When he saw this, he felt like he was caught in a blizzard, turning his whole world into ice. Thus, his happy expression from before instantly disappeared.

Ever since he had forced himself onto her that day, she had been rejecting him, seemingly repulsed by him. As such, he felt sad and defeated.

He thought that she missed him since they had not seen each other in a month, which was why she was all smiles towards him and had even hugged him. Needless to say, it caught him off guard when she reacted like this as he did not think that he would gross her out this much just by leaning close to her.

It looked like she still hated him.

The smell of cypress was enveloping Zhong Nuannuan. It brought her back to the time that he had shielded her under his body before they died.

There was fire all around them, and the thick smell of blood violated her nostrils, causing her to struggle to breathe. At this time, the smell of cypress was the only thing that was separating her from the fire and the blood.

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