My Sweet Physician Wife Calls The Shots

Chapter 13: Looking for Something to Say

How she wished she could have kept that smell with her forever.

This was why she was overcome with emotion. With that same smell surrounding her once again, it felt like the world was gently wrapping her in a blanket of warmth.

Nevertheless, the kiss she was waiting for never came, so she eventually opened her eyes hesitantly, only to be greeted by Chi Yang’s cold stare.

Zhong Nuannuan did not know what to say to quell Chi Yang’s anger, so the two of them could only sit there silently as they struggled with their low EQs.

Along the way, Chi Yang looked at Zhong Nuannuan a few times out of the corner of his eye, both consciously and unconsciously. He saw that she did seemed to be neither impatient nor frustrated, and so, he stopped feeling so anxious.

At least she did not feel disgusted sitting in his car, right?

“The paperwork for you to return to school is all done. You can return to school next week.”

Chi Yang finally said something after being quiet for such a long time.

Zhong Nuannuan looked at Chi Yang. Even though this man was a soldier, and was busy with his duties in the army, he would always complete her task so efficiently.

When Zhong Nuannuan did not reply, Chi Yang dug for something to say.

“This incident caused quite a fuss in the school. Even though we’ve already handled the teachers, it’s hard to control the mouths of the students. They don’t know anything, so they will believe anything and create rumors. Therefore, if you hear any rumors, just ignore them. If what they say makes you angry, you’re allowed to fight back.”

Sunlight crept through the branches of the sycamore trees on both sides of the road, lighting up the long stretch ahead with golden beams of light.

As she listened to the babbling of the man next to her, Zhong Nuannuan’s lips could not help but curve into a bright and happy smile.

“Yes, I know.”

Her cheery eyes shone like pools of water under the golden tint of the sun. With the soft afternoon sun slowly receding into the horizon, her charming smile and girl like innocence combined into something that Chi Yang simply could not resist.

Looking at the girl in front of him, Chi Yang felt every negative emotion and bad experience he had ever encountered in his life just melt away.

Even if they did not do anything, if they could grow old together side by side, it would be the most romantic thing in the world.

It was rare for them to have such nice weather in late autumn. Zhong Nuannuan rolled down the car window and put her head and hands out the window. Then, she closed her eyes and inhaled the air that carried the scent of a new start.

The air was fresh with a hint of sweetness.

Suddenly, the car jerked as it went slightly offroad. For a second there, it looked like they were about to plunge into the river. Zhong Nuannuan quickly retracted her head from the window and grabbed the steering wheel.

At the same time, the car braked to slow down before realigning itself on the road.

Chi Yang felt embarrassed. “Don’t stick your head and hands out the window. Although there aren’t a lot of cars here, the cars that do drive here go fast. I don’t want you to get hurt.”

After saying this, Chi Yang scolded himself internally.

There was only one detention center on this whole stretch of road. Where were the other cars supposed to come from?

He was so intrigued by his wife’s beauty that he lost focus of the road. How could he blame his wife for his own error?

As he was feeling down because of this, he saw Zhong Nuannuan roll up the car window before smiling at him. “Alright.”

His wife was smiling at him!

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