The most important part was that someone’s out to harm you. We must sniff out the person behind all this, or else there will always be a viper snake lying dormant behind you.”

Viper snake? They would act precisely like a viper snake, right?

In her past life, she was like a farmer that attempted to warm up a viper snake. However, what awaited her ultimately was the ferocious bite of a poisonous viper.

She did not plan to let Chi Yang worry for her about these trivial matters. She would personally take revenge for the hatred she had faced in her past life.

Under Chi Yang’s attentive and deep stare, Zhong Nuannuan shook her head and replied, “They’re all trivial matters. No one will dare to treat me wrong if I have such a powerful fiance by my side.”


He could tell that she was unwilling to say anything further, so Chi Yang did not ask more. Still, he felt concerned in his heart. He would never allow any hidden danger to linger around near his wife.

He had only but one wife, no one would be allowed to bully her. Anybody who had any ulterior motives to his wife would be Chi Yang’s enemy in life and death.

“Are you cold?” After ending the topic, Chi Yang tried to start another topic.

“…” Zhong Nuannuan was silent.

Did he fail to notice that her hand was sweating from holding onto his?

However, due to the eager stare from the other party, she could not help but replied, “I’m not cold, how about you?”

Even though he felt as if the blood in his body was boiling and about to combust, Chi Yang, however, kept a solemn expression as he replied very gently, “I’m not cold too.”

After a moment of silence, Chi Yang found another topic to discuss.

“Then, are you feeling hot?”

“…” Zhong Nuannuan looked at Chi Yang. She giggled before saying, “It’s not hot. I think the temperature’s just right. How about you?”

Chi Yang, who had fine beads of sweat on the top of his nose, stayed solemn as before. He replied, “I think it’s just right, too.”

Ning Wenhao felt like a mouthful of dog food had been shoved into his mouth. (TN: Being fed dog food is a Chinese slang for mocking public display of affection.) All these sappy and cliché words of love caused him to accidentally swerve the car in an S shape.

Did this soft and gentle voice that could be mistaken as still water really belonged to the boss?


A military boot kicked the front driver’s seat forcefully, a cold voice was heard, “Drive carefully!”

Ning Wenhao, “…!!!”

As expected, brothers were like one’s limbs, but women were like apparels.

However, a lot of people in the world lacked arms and legs, and how many people out there were not dressed?

Henceforth, to prevent his ears from being poisoned, Ning Wenhao had to automatically screen out the conversations the two persons were having on the back seat. He safely drove the car to the Zhong Family’s house.

The Zhong Family’s house was located in the famous, wealthy villa area of Jiang District, in the Left Bank Town of Long Rich Road.

Jiang Shuwan’s older brother Jiang Hanlin was the president of Cloud Group, and the true helmsman for the group was Zhong Kuijun. People from the military base were forbidden to participate in business trading; as such, on the surface, Jiang Shuwan owned 30% of Cloud Group’s shares as a way to pull the wool over the public’s eyes. It also explained why the Zhong Family was able to live a prosperous life openly.

The car slowly entered the villa area, and after going through a windy road, they finally stopped in front of the area’s most luxurious three-story villa.

Upon hearing the sound of a vehicle driving in, Zhong Qianqian trotted out from the house.

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