Rate this chapter Chapter 39: You’re Still A Student

“If she really is your daughter, why would you let her sleep on the second floor with the sundries and servant when you have a better room on the third floor? Uncle Zhong, could it be that Nuannuan really isn’t your daughter?”

Jiang Shuwan was so startled that she could not speak. Zhong Kuijun’s heart was also beating like drums in his chest. He laughed reluctantly and said, “Chi Yang, you’re joking. Nuannuan was found through that Internet platform ‘Baby Come Home’. When that platform contacted me, the first thing we did was to test Nuanuan’s DNA with ours. Even though Nuannuan doesn’t look like me, but she inherited the looks from my wife and also my dead mother, who is also her grandmother. So, she really is the daughter of Zhong Family. There’s no doubt about this.

“And why is she staying on the second floor? It’s all my fault. When I knew that Nuannuan was sold into the mountains, I was afraid that she would be clumsy and break the valuable items on the top floor since she used to live in the mountains and that’s why her room is on the second floor. I plan to move her to the third floor once she gets used to everything.”

After a while of silence, Chi Yang asked, “Since I’m the guest, it won’t be appropriate for me to stay on the same floor with Uncle Zhong, aunty, and Zhong Qianqian. I’m sorry aunty, but could you please clean the room next to Nuannuan’s for me?”

“Um…” Jiang Shuwan’s face looked annoyed. She did not want to move.

Zhong Qianqian was standing there biting her lips. Her small action showed that she was extremely furious and aggrieved at that moment.

The corner of Zhong Nuannuan’s lips curled up into a smile and said to Chi Yang, “Why don’t you go back to the military base?”

The whole house went quiet after she said that.

Chi Yang looked at Zhong Nuannuan. His eyes filled with reluctance and grievance. He was like a giant puppy that had been abandoned by his owner. He looked so hurt that it would make one want to hug and pet him to soothe his broken heart.

Zhong Kuijun rejected this suggestion immediately. “How is that appropriate? Chi Yang drank alcohol, and there’s no security guard with him. It’s an hour and a half drive from here to the military base. How can you let Chi Yang go back alone at this time?”

“I’ll drive him! Dad, you know I know how to drive. No one will check my driving license since it’s so late at night.”

“You’re driving him? And then coming back alone? It’s so late, and you’re a girl. How is that appropriate?” Zhong Kuijun’s face became stern.

“Why would I come back after sending him? I don’t need to go to school tomorrow anyway. I can stay at the military base tonight.”

Chi Yang’s dark face immediately lighted up after hearing what Zhong Nuannuan said. His blood started boiling when he thought about how amazing it would be to be able to sleep while cuddling his soft little wife. He was more looking forward to sleep at the military base than in the Zhong Mansion!

Chi Yang was ecstatic. However, on the other hand, Zhong Qianqian was furious. Her face was red from rage.

What a shameful thing to say! She did not know how Zhong Nuannuan could say that out loud.

“Nuannuan, you’re still a student! How could you…”

Jiang Shuwan looked at Chi Yang with her face in a hurt expression and apologized, “I’m sorry, Chi Yang. Nuannuan was kidnapped by those damn human traffickers when she was three. She was only reunited with us when she was 17. She had been living on a farm all these while.” If you find any errors ( broken links, non-standard content, etc.. ), Please let us know so we can fix it as soon as possible.