Zhong Nuannuan, ‘… Hoho.’

Was this biological mum of hers trying to highlight to her fiancé that she did not cherish her body while in the farming district?

“Aunty, I know my girl best. She gave her first night to me, which is why what you said does not apply to her at all. Besides, I’ve already submitted my marriage report with Nuannuan to my superiors and the military base has already approved it. This means that I will definitely marry Nuannuan. Even though we have yet to apply for our marriage license, she is now considered a future military wife. The military base will allow her to stay in the same room as me. Uncle Zhong should also know my character well. If you are still worried, I will guarantee you that I won’t touch Nuannuan before we obtain our marriage license.”

Chi Yang was normally a man of few words, but right now, he was trying his best to fight for his benefit.

If there was an opportunity to bring Nuannuan with him to the military base, there was nothing he would not do. He could sleep well every night purely by hugging her to sleep.

Jiang Shuwan was unable to rebut him. Chi Yang next looked over to Zhong Kuijun, “Uncle Zhong, if it’s that inconvenient for you to arrange a room at home, then do allow Nuannuan to return with me to the military base. She can skip school tomorrow.”

“No, you can’t!”

Zhong Kuijun was still considering the suggestion when Zhong Qianqian shouted out anxiously.

“Even if Nuannuan is a future military wife, she is still a high school senior who is not yet 18-years-old. She hasn’t even graduated from Year 3 Senior class, how can she do something so shameless?”

“Qianqian, be careful with your words,” Zhong Kuijun reminded her grimly.

“There’s nothing wrong with what I said! She really isn’t 18 yet. How can she stay at Big Brother Chi Yang’s hostel? Isn’t it shameless to be staying together when they’re not even married?”

Zhong Qianqian’s eyes went red with anger.

If Zhong Nuannuan and Chi Yang were to live under one roof together, then it would no longer be possible between her and Chi Yang.

She had only wanted to arrange Chi Yang to be in the room next to her for convenience’s sake. She had not anticipated for things to turn out so serious.

Zhong Qianqian felt so much regret. It was like she went for wool but came home shorn.

“Big sister, I know that I can’t get married before I turn 18, but it’s not that I can’t date nor live together with someone. I’m Chi Yang’s fiancée and I’m confirmed to become a military wife. How is it shameless for me to live at his place? Oh, are you continuously trying to plot against your sister’s relationship by arranging your brother-in-law’s room next to yours even though you are aware that Chi Yang is my fiancé? How is this a proper act of a lady?”

“Okay, stop this. What is wrong with you two sisters? You used to be so close, yet now you’re arguing every time you see each other. Nuannuan, Chi Yang is an outstanding military man of rank. As his fiancée and future military wife, you should be a good example to others. Even if it might not be easy to run into traffic police on this road, you’re still without a driving license. I won’t allow you to drive Chi Yang back. Aunty Zhao, quickly tidy that room on the second floor. Chi Yang will sleep there.”


Aunty Zhao glanced at Zhong Nuannuan. She did not hide the look of despise in her eyes, and Zhong Nuannuan caught her glance. It shocked Aunty Zhao enough to quickly lower her head and she went to clean up Chi Yang’s bedroom. If you find any errors ( broken links, non-standard content, etc.. ), Please let us know so we can fix it as soon as possible.