His murderous intentions were mixed perfectly with his righteousness, giving him an air of a king that almost had her kneeling in subdue.

All Zhong Qianqian felt under the stare of such a man was her cold body mingling with the fire in her heart, mixing ice and fire all over herself. It drove her into a state of ecstasy… Two lines of blood bled down her nostrils as the blood dripped onto the ground, creating small, red marks on the expensive white carpet.

Chi Yang tried to hold down the vile feeling that was fast building up inside him. His hands clenched into firsts, tendons standing out under his skin, as he grounded his teeth and roared in a low voice, “Get out…!”

Zhong Qianqian turned a deaf ear. She felt that she was about to succeed in her scheme.

Zhong Nuannuan had just finished her shower and put on her sleeping robe as she prepared to check in on Chi Yang. She wanted to find out if he was able to sleep in an unfamiliar place.

She bumped into Jiang Shuwan, who was holding a glass of milk when she walked out.

“Nuannuan, where are you heading to? Come on in and finish this glass of milk.”

She looked at Jiang Shuwan pretending to be a concerned mother. It was obvious that she did not intend to look for Zhong Nuannuan. She immediately knew what these two women were conspiring to.

Zhong Nuannuan was not anxious as she trusted Chi Yang fully.

“Thanks, mum. You can put the glass of milk in the room first. I’ll drink it later,” she said as she headed to Chi Yang’s bedroom.

“Nuannuan, what are you doing wearing your sleeping robe and going into Chi Yang’s room so late at night?”

Jiang Shuwan grabbed Zhong Nuannuan’s clothes with a nervous look on her face. Qianqian had just entered the room not long ago. She had to buy more time for her daughter.

“Mum, Chi Yang is my fiancé. I’d like to see my fiancé and chat with him. I’m just being concerned about him. Is there anything wrong with that?”

“Of course it’s wrong!” Jiang Shuwan’s voice turned into a shrill.

“Nuannuan, you are a girl and girls must know to respect themselves and their bodies! Only girls who respect themselves will earn the respect of men. If you don’t know how to respect yourself, how would you expect to get the respect of men?

“You come from the farming district and I can forgive you for not knowing better, but you must listen to me when I’m trying to teach you something. You and Chi Yang may be engaged but both of you aren’t married yet. What’s there to chat so late at night when you’re not even married yet?”

Seeing that his wife still had not entered the room, Zhong Kuijun thought that it might be because he had been too harsh on her. So, he came to Zhong Qianqian’s room looking to apologize to both mother and daughter. However, he had opened the door to an empty room as both of them were not there. He heard voices talking on the second floor, so he walked down to take a look.

“What are you talking about on the stairs?”

Jiang Shuwan’s face turned green when she saw Zhong Kuijun walking down. There was a flash of guilt in her eyes.

Zhong Kuijun had a bad feeling when he saw the look on his wife’s face and the unhappy look on his daughter’s.

“Dad, I wanted to go to Chi Yang’s room to have a chat with him, but mum kept trying to stop me and not let me go. She said that chatting with Chi Yang makes me a person who disrespects herself and her body.”

Zhong Kuijun looked at Jiang Shuwan grimly.

Jiang Shuwan’s averted her gaze in guilt and said with trepidation, “Nuannuan, you’re my daughter but I was not by your side when you were growing up. There’s nothing wrong with me trying to teach you about life, right? You are the young mistress of the Jiang Group. If you are in public, every word and action of yours represents the Zhong and Jiang family. I’m doing this for your good!”

“So, you think I’m someone who is an embarrassment in public, someone who does not know how to respect myself, my body and is a disgrace to the family?”

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