My Sweet Physician Wife Calls The Shots

Chapter 6: Don’t Touch Him

This man had only been intimate with her once and he could already measure her body parts accurately?

When she was about to leave after changing her clothes, she saw two men urgently carrying a stretcher into the infirmary.

A young man looking pale as paper was on the stretcher. He was shouting in pain.

She knew this man.

It would not be long before he became the most formidable triad head in Camino, even on the whole of Glory Planet. This was Xu Feiyang, who would later be known by everyone as Master Xu.

Xu Feiyang had hurt the small of his back previously and suffered more pain in the same area while in prison. By the time he managed to get out of prison, even if he had Glory Planet’s best medical experts at his side, he would be paralyzed for life as the nervous system at the bottom of his lumbar spine had been destroyed.

However, from the looks of him now he did not look like he was paralyzed yet.

Zhong Nuannuan would normally stay out of such matters.

However, she remembered how lacking she was in having any help in her past life. The moment she saw Xu Feiyang, she immediately realized she needed an extra friend who might help provide another path for her.

“What’s going on? Where do you feel the discomfort?”

The two men holding Xu Feiyang’s stretcher were so anxious with the prison doctor’s nonchalant questioning that they were about to cry.

“Doctor, our big boss was just…”

Before the man could finish his words, he saw the prison doctor give him a warning look and quickly changed his words, “Xu Feiyang was being punished just now. His old wound at the back of the waist has not yet recovered, but he had to repent at the stump for 5 hours. Then the pain just won’t go away. Quickly help him take a look at it!”

The prison doctor went to Xu Feiyang and said in a casual manner, “How am I able to check if you’re lying down? Turn over for me.”

Xu Feiyang was sweating profusely by now. His legs were bent up and he did not dare to move them at all. When he heard the doctor’s orders, he wanted to put down his legs flat on the stretcher, but it pulled on somewhere in him that brought him greater pain. His face turned green from the pain.

The prison doctor saw that Xu Feiyang had difficulty turning himself over and ordered, “Both of you, help him turn over.”

“Okay, okay!” Both Xu Feiyang’s subordinates helped him out.

“Doctor, why is our big boss… Why is Xu Feiyang in so much pain? This doesn’t seem normal!”

“What’s abnormal about this? This is caused by irregular blood circulation. I’ll prescribe two painkillers for him. Go back and help him massage regularly to dispel the blood clots and granules at the waist. Once the blood gets going and the circulation is unimpeded, he would naturally be free of pain.”

The two men’s anxious looks disappeared, and they felt calmer once they learned that Xu Feiyang would be okay and everything would be back to normal.

“Okay, okay. Thank you, doctor! As long as big… Xu Feiyang is not in such great pain, he’ll definitely thank you properly once he is out of jail.”

The prison doctor was pleased with how these two sweet-talked.

“I’ll teach you how to massage him. Just follow the procedure when you get back.”

“Okay, okay, okay. Thank you, doctor!” The two subordinates nodded quickly. They opened their eyes wide in preparation to learn the massage technique.

The doctor was about to place his hands on Xu Feiyang’s waist when Zhong Nuannuan rushed over.

“Wait a minute, don’t touch him!”

The prison doctor’s expression turned grim at the sudden appearance of Zhong Nuannuan.

“Zhong Nuannuan? What are you doing at the infirmary? Does your prison officer know that you’re breaking into the infirmary?”

“Doctor Lee, I’m being released from prison today.”

“If you’re no longer in prison, it’s more the reason why you shouldn’t be barging into the detention center’s infirmary,” Doctor Lee replied seriously.

“I’m really sorry about this, Doctor Lee. I didn’t barge into the infirmary on purpose, but his condition seems really serious. If he is massaged, he might be permanently paralyzed.”

“What?” Doctor Lee shocked and quickly pulled his hands back.

However, he thought further and turned to speak to Zhong Nuannuan, “If I remember correctly, you’re only 17 this year, aren’t you? What medical knowledge can a 17-year-old know? If you know nothing, what right do you have to claim that he will be permanently paralyzed if I help him with this physiotherapy?”

“His coccyx is detached, and he needs immediate surgery.”

“What?” All three of them, including Doctor Lee, shouted in shock.

Xu Feiyang, who was lying face-down on the stretcher, gave Xu Nuannuan a thoughtful look.

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