“Thank you, Miss Zhong, for helping me with repositioning my coccyx. Even if I end up being paralyzed, Miss Zhong will still be my benefactor. I will never push the blame to Miss Zhong.”

Xu Feiyang, who had been silent all this while, finally came to a decision. There was nothing more for Doctor Lee to say. Thus, he quickly sterilized the silver needles used for acupuncture.

Both of Xu Feiyang’s subordinates followed Xu Nuannuan’s instructions and cut off his clothes from his back. Doctor Lee had thought that he would be able to identify the portion of the coccyx that was detached, but there was no visual sign of displacement anywhere. Xu Feiyang’s back was as straight as a rod.

“How did you manage to spot it?”

Doctor Lee voiced out his doubt.

Zhong Nuannuan gently traced Xu Feiyang’s back with her fingers and replied, “Can’t you see that the coccyx is detached here?”

“What? There’s nothing there! How is it detached?”

Doctor Lee and Xu Feiyang’s subordinates were captivated by Zhong Nuannuan’s words and were watching closely at where Xu Feiyang’s coccyx was. Meanwhile, Xu Feiyang was feeling embarrassed with this group of people intently staring at his buttocks while he had no pants on.

He felt especially awkward when Zhong Nuannuan’s slightly cool fingers traced down his thoracic spine and lumbar vertebra, all the way down to his coccyx. Xu Feiyang felt a wave of electricity buzz through his body, jolting him to his very core.

Just as he was about to change his mind…



Xu Feiyang was not prepared for this. A sharp pain could be felt around his waist such that he could not help but scream from the pain.

Doctor Lee and his subordinates were also caught off guard when they heard the cracking of his joints. The sound made their heads tingle.

Zhong Nuannuan saw Xu Feiyang had gone pale in the face. She quickly asked, “How are you feeling? Do you feel much better now?”

Xu Feiyang felt a rush of blood to his head. His previously jumpy mood was immediately replaced by a flurry of cuss words and profanities in his mind. His whole body was about to rip apart from that terrible pain. As such, when he heard Zhong Nuannuan’s question, he had to force himself to concentrate and answer her.

As he made a slight movement…

Hey, there was no longer any pain!

Zhong Nuannuan immediately stopped Xu Feiyang from attempting to move his waist. “Stop moving! I’ve secured the coccyx for you now with the silver needles. Don’t touch them before the surgeon conducts the operation on you. You also shouldn’t be doing any strenuous activities, understand?”

“Got it. Thank you, Miss Zhong,” Xu Feiyang looked longingly at Zhong Nuannuan. He was filled with gratitude.

One of his subordinates asked seriously, “What if big boss needs to take a shit?”

Zhong Nuannuan’s lips twitched. Why would he ask her this question?

The other subordinate replied with the same serious attitude, “We can prepare a spittoon for big boss. If he needs to take a shit, he can just open his legs wide.”

“Shut! Up!” Xu Feiyang felt embarrassed by the questions.

Zhong Nuannuan took the silver needles from Doctor Lee, who was looking at her with admiration. She used each silver needle on a different nerve area on Xu Feiyang’s lumbar vertebra.

“Okay, that’s a wrap. I’m being released from prison today and my family is waiting for me out there. I’ll take my leave first.”

“Miss Zhong, I’ll remember what you have done for me today. If you need any help in the future, I’ll be sure to return the favor.”

Zhong Nuannuan smiled. “You’re too kind. Life is a long road, so I’ll see you again on the streets of Camino.”

“We’ll meet again,” Xu Feiyang gave Zhong Nuannuan one last look. If you find any errors ( broken links, non-standard content, etc.. ), Please let us know so we can fix it as soon as possible.