My Vampire System

Struggling up against the dorm room door, Layla was finding it difficult to breathe. Vorden was applying an incredible amount of force with his forearm against her neck and his face was only a few inches away.

“What the… hell’s wrong with you!” Layla managed to groan out.

“Hey Vorden, I think you’re hurting her?” Peter said quietly.

Vorden suddenly started pressing against her throat even harder, Layla was struggling with all her might to get air and if she didn’t do anything soon, she was worried she might pass out.

“The little one didn’t like you, and the other one told me not to get involved, but in the end, I’m always the one that has to deal with things,” Vorden said.

Layla’s face started to turn a bright red, the veins on her neck were popping threatening to explode as she struggled to breathe.

“Hey! Seriously Vorden you’re going too far!” Peter shouted.

“Shut up!” Vorden shouted as he turned to look at Peter. “My name is not Vorden either!!”

That’s when Layla saw her opportunity, the grip around her neck loosened a little as Vorden was distracted. She reached down into her quiver that was attached to her waist and pulled out one of her arrows. Then proceeded to stab the arrow into the top part of Vorden’s thigh.

“Arghh!” Vorden cried as he flinched at let go of Layla.

Layla then quickly pulled out another arrow with her telekinesis ability and hovered it right in front of Vorden’s face.

“Don’t you dare move, you psycho!” Said Layla, “I swear if you do, I will not hesitate to shove this arrow right in your head.”

Peter started to panic at the situation that was happening in front of him. There was no way he could jump in the middle of these to, he was too scared of getting hurt himself.

“I don’t even know why Quinn asked me to look out for you, if you ask me, his better off without someone like you.”

“Wait, Quinn really said that,” Vorden said in a gentle tone. “Look, I’m sorry about what just happened but I just want to know what happened to Quinn.”

As Vorden said these words his eyebrows were slightly twitching. His personality had taken a complete 180 turn and Layla didn’t what to make of it. For some reason, something was telling her that this boy was dangerous and if she could she would have nothing to do with him.

But right now, she needed to find Quinn, who knew if he was going on another rampage right now. She was the only one that knew Quinn’s secret and Quinn needed her.

“It was just an accident at the combat classes today.” Said Layla, “He wasn’t at the medical bay so I thought he was in his room but it looks like he already left. I wouldn’t worry about it.”

Layla then recalled her arrow back into her quiver and walked out of the room in a rush. Then as soon as she left Vorden lifted the arrow out of his leg with the copied telekinesis ability and threw the arrow to one side.

“Hey are you alright man, you kinda acting a little strange there?” Peter asked.

“Yeah I’m fine,” Vorden said.

“She’s lying to you, did you see how she rushed off like that something’s up, let’s follow her.”.

“Or we could try asking the other students who were in the same combat classes as Quinn, they might be able to tell us who did this to him.”

“Oh, payback I like it, and then on the way back maybe that pretty girl can get into an accident.”

“No, I told you she’s just Quinn’s friend, can’t you see she’s just as worried about Quinn as we are. She’s a good person.”

“Well, I don’t like her.”

“I agree, we should get rid of her.”

“Err Vorden are you okay?” Peter asked again. “You’ve been standing there looking at the floor for a while now.

“Huh? Oh yeah, I just need to head off to the doctor’s office get this wound checked out on my leg. I’ll be back when I can.”. Vordan said as he left the room and headed outside.


Quinn had been following Fei form a safe distance for a while now but it didn’t look like he was heading out of the school and time was running out.

u003c 12/ 20 HP u003e

If he lost any more health he would have to go search for Layla and find his target another time. However, Quinn felt like he would never have an opportunity as good as this one again. Very rarely was there a time when people would be on their own and especially one that Quinn had a grudge against.

That’s when Fei started to head up the stairs and eventually went up to the school roof door. After reaching the closed door, Quinn quickly moved and opened the door ever so slightly and started to peek through.

Quinn glances around the rooftop feeling happy for his luck, Fei was the only person he could see up there.

“Lady luck is on my side today.”

Quinn then took the mask out from his bag and put it on his face. Before he moved onto the rooftop, he used a rag of ripped cloth from his old uniform and wrapped it around his watch to hide his power level.

There weren’t many other level one users who used gauntlets in the whole school. If Fei was to see his power level on his wrist watch it would be a dead giveaway.

As soon as Quinn would open the door, he knew the metal creaking sound would notify Fei that someone else was here, he needed to do everything as quick as possible.

“Ready and go!” Quinn then pushed open the door and ran over to where Fei was in an instant.

And as soon as Fei turned around, he could see was red blood lines in the shape of a claw coming out from a mysterious masked man.

“What theā€¦” Fei was to slow to react and all he could do was lift his hand but the blow was extremely powerful, when the red lines touched his skin it immediately caused blood to be drawn. It felt like five sharp knives were cutting him at the same time.

Not only that, but the force was so strong it managed to throw Fei into the air. With his 12 strength and extra 3 from the gauntlets, Quinn now had a total of 15 strength, and then the gauntlets also increased his attack power by 5% making the attack far stronger than Quinn had predicted.

Fei continued to fly into the air until his body had hit the back of the gated fence, he then collapsed on the floor and passed out.

u003c 11/20 HP u003e

Fei didn’t even have the chance to use his ability to fight back. It was over in an instant. Blood started to drip from his arms and began to create a small puddle of blood and before Quinn realised it his teeth had grown into fangs.

He slowly walked over to Fei and could feel his heart beating faster. The sweet fragrances were getting stronger but Quinn didn’t care about the blood that was on the floor. He was more interested in the single vein that he could see pulsating through Fei’s neck.

Quinn then lifted Fei slightly off the ground and without even thinking about it sunk his fangs into Fei’s neck.

Quinn continued to drink Fei’s blood until multiple notifications had appeared.

u003c 20/20 HP u003e

u003c Blood bank has been filled 100ml u003e

u003c A + Blood type has been consumed u003e

u003c + 1 Strength stat u003e

u003c 50 exp has been awarded u003e

As Quinn was enjoying the last few drops of blood when the sudden sound of the roof door being opened was heard.

“Huh, so why did you want to meet me on this roof again,” Loop said rubbing his head. Then when he looked up. He could see his friend covered in a pool of blood and a masked man with his teeth in his friend’s neck.

“You monster, get off of him!” Loop shouted!

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