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Chapter 10: Turns Out They’re Brother and Sister

20 dollars wasn’t even enough for them to purchase a bottle of water to drink.

Lu Chengzhou cupped his chin. His phoenix eyes were a little chilly, looking as if it could suck one’s soul out and cause death if he smiled.

He spoke indifferently, “Beautiful.”

Qin Fang and He Yidu nodded in agreement, exchanging glances.

Brother Cheng seemed to be moved by her.

“It’s a pity that she’s already a mother,” Qin Fang said.

The green light came on and He Yidu stepped on the gas.

Gu Si picked out identical clothes to Gu Mang’s.

Black and white.

All the black and white clothes in the store that he could wear he took and went over to the counter to pay.

Seeing that they bought more than 200 dollars worth of clothes, an ear-splitting grin bloomed on the lady boss’s face and she even escorted them to the shop’s exit.

Beside a clothes shop was one that sold backpacks at a discount.

Gu Si picked out a random black backpack, stuffed all the clothes they had bought into it, and swung it wildly over his shoulder.

The two of them walked to the most well-known shopping mall in Ming City.

Gu Si looked up at the glorious and splendid building. “Sis, why did you bring me here?”

There were so many people here.

His sister hated crowds.

Gu Mang replied, “To eat.”

It cost an average of 4,700 dollars to dine at the most expensive restaurant in the mall.

Gu Si looked at the table brimming with lobster, beef, mutton, and other exquisite dishes, and the corner of his eyes twitched.

The table was most likely laid with the most expensive dishes at the restaurant!

“Sis, I’m suspecting that you’re taking me out to eat such good food not because you’re sending me off to school tonight, but because you’re parting with me.” He swallowed with difficulty and there was a complicated expression on his face. “Is this our last meal together?” he asked.

Gu Mang rolled up her sleeves a few folds, then supported her chin with a pale pretty wrist and rubbed her cup of milk tea with her other hand absentmindedly.

Under the light, her clear, bright eyes were overwhelmingly beautiful. She gave a non-smile that was wicked and wild. “It’s something like that.”

The piece of meat between Gu Si’s chopsticks fell into his bowl.

Gu Mang smiled. “Eat. Have more food before we part.”

Gu Si pouted. Picking up the piece of meat, he stuffed it into his mouth. “I can’t believe this! I’ve been so good. Where else can you find such a good baby brother!”

“Baby brother? Isn’t he your son?” interrupted a man’s voice suddenly.

The corners of Gu Mang’s lips hardened as she glanced to the side.

Qin Fang and He Yidu walked up to them.

Lu Chengzhou was behind them, his gait leisurely. He had a hand in his pocket and an attractive aura.

His short hair was precisely cut and he had a graceful and righteous bearing. He was clad in a black shirt hemmed with gold. The top two shirt buttons were undone, revealing his collarbone.

Young Master Lu’s good looks were deserving of their reputation.

Qin Fang touched his chin as he pondered. “Turns out that you aren’t mother and son, but brother and sister. You look alike.”

“Duh!” Gu Si rolled his eyes. Who else was he going to look like if not his sister?

He Yidu laughed tactlessly. “You’re pretty arrogant, little kid.”

“Qin Fang, He Yidu, do you know them?”

There was a woman with the men who was clad in branded clothing from head to toe. She had a dignified composure and a graceful, easy-going bearing.

She behaved like an heiress from a wealthy and prestigious family.

Very discreetly, Yu Shu took in Gu Mang from head to toe.

Qin Fang said, “Sort of.”

Gu Mang said, “I don’t know them.”

Both of them spoke at the same time.

The atmosphere became a little awkward.

Qin Fang rubbed his nose.

He Yidu chucked lowly at the unfortunate situation and explained to Yu Shu, “We’ve seen them a few times but never introduced ourselves. We’re not familiar.”

Yu Shu nodded as she pursed her lips together unconsciously.

Not familiar, huh?

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