“I see now. It’s not a school but the army.”

Gu Si drooped his head low and said softly. “I see now.”

Gu Mang half-squatted and looked into his eyes. “Gu Si, you are a genius, but you’re too weak. If something happens, I can’t guarantee I’ll be able to protect you.”

“I know.” Gu Si’s eyes were red and misty. “But I don’t want to leave you.”

Gu Mang hugged him and patted his back gently. “Be good.”

Gu Si sniffled, and raised a hand to wipe away his tears. He gritted his teeth and said emphatically, “Sis, wait for me to come back. I’ll beat whoever dares to bully you!”

Gu Mang laughed, holding his small shoulder. “Who dares to bully me? They’re not afraid of the brick in my hand?”

Gu Si pursed his lips tightly. His bright and clear eyes looked at her firmly. “Next time, your hands will be used for eating dessert and drinking milk tea! Whoever dares to bully you, I’ll beat them up and you just enjoy the show!”

“Okay.” Gu Mang smiled and touched his face. “You have to behave yourself in the army. Keep a low profile. Don’t be a show-off, alright?”

Gu Si pulled on the shoulder strap of his black backpack. “I got it, Sis! Wait for my return!”

“Off you go.” Gu Mang stood up.

Gu Si kept a taut face as he walked to the car, his back facing Gu Mang. He didn’t want to look back. He was afraid that he might cry and become a disappointment

Lu Shangjin said to the leader, Song Yan, “Song, this kid is clever. Teach him well and he’ll have a bright future.”

Song Yan replied, “Got it, Lu. How can I not take good care of someone you recommend?”

Lu Shangjin slapped his arm. “My good brother.”

“When are you going to return to the Lu residence?” Song Yan said, “With that illness, old madam’s condition won’t hold up for much longer. How can a mother and a son bear grudges for so long? There are a lot of ill undercurrents brewing in the family. Everyone’s up to something.”

Just then his voice fell. Lu Shangjin’s cell phone rang.

Seeing the address of the capital displayed on the screen, he felt a heavy thump in his chest.

He picked up the phone. Someone said something from the other end of the phone. Then Lu Shangjin’s expression changed drastically. “I’ll be right back.”

Song Yan frowned and asked, “What’s the matter?”

Lu Shangjin had a grave expression. “My mother’s condition is getting worse. Song, lend me your private plane.”

Song Yan instructed his subordinates, “See to it immediately.”


Knowing the seriousness of the situation, Song Yan quickly said, “Get in the car first. I’ll take you guys to the airport.”

“Alright.” Lu Shangjin grabbed his cell phone and stared at Gu Mang intently, saying softly, “Gu Mang, I…”

“Go.” Gu Mang interrupted him.

Lu Shangjin nodded gratefully, his hand shaking nervously. “I hope it’s not too late.”

Song Yan cast a glance at Gu Mang, his perceptive eyes darting about.

At the capital.

Gu Mang and Lu Shangjin walked down from the plane.

“Gu Mang, it’s inconvenient for me to go to the Lu residence. I got someone to take you there.” Lu Shangjin quickly said. “If I go there now, it’ll only add chaos.”

What would others think if he were to go back now after twenty years of being away?

Gu Mang replied mildly, “It’s fine.”

She was just there to repay a favor.

After leaving the airport, Lu Shangjin took her straight to a black, off-road vehicle parked by the side of the road.

The driver’s window rolled down slowly.

Seeing the girl walking beside Lu Shangjin, Lu Chengzhou, who was sitting in the front passenger seat, raised an eyebrow.

The driver, Lu Yi, was wide-eyed the moment he saw Gu Mang. “Young Master Lu, isn’t that…”

Was this girl the doctor that he said he would bring with him?

What could such a young lady possibly do?

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