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Chapter 13: Nothing Worth Her Notice

With that said, he pulled the door open.

Gu Mang lowered her head as she got into the car.

Lu Shangjin went to the other side, closed the door, and asked, “How’s Granny?”

Lu Yi recovered from the astonishment of seeing Lu Shangjin, his sixth master, personally opening the door for Gu Mang, and he started the car stiffly like a robot.

Lu Chengzhou said, “The military doctor is treating her. It doesn’t look too good.”

As he said that, his eyes remained fixed on Gu Mang.

The girl sat languidly in the back seat as she played on her phone. Her posture was sloppy as though she sat in whatever posture was most comfortable.

But her cold aura was enough to stop anyone from making idle chatter.

Was she the doctor that his sixth uncle was referring to?

When Lu Shangjin heard that the old lady was in bad health, he, who had always been calm, couldn’t help but get anxious. “I heard that her condition improved a few days ago. How did it suddenly make a turn for the worse?”

Lu Chengzhou uttered three words. “I don’t know.”

Noticing the bright red rubber band on Gu Mang’s wrist, his eyebrow rose.

The little red band on the wrist made her fair and delicate wrists stand out.

Without looking up, Gu Mang could feel him staring at her.

His sharp gaze couldn’t be ignored.

Without averting her gaze, she shifted herself into a more comfortable posture and continued to play the game as though nothing happened.

It were as though she saw nothing worth her notice.

The car parked in front of the Lu residence’s gate.

Lu Shangjin said, “Chengzhou, take Gu Mang inside. I’ll wait for her outside.”

Lu Chengzhou put a hand in his pocket and his eyes narrowed. “Let’s go in together. Grandma wants to see Sixth Uncle too.”

Lu Shangjin hesitated for a few seconds before nodding.

The Lu Family had old roots. The house had a distinctive vintage garden design.

The courtyard had a certain charm with its irregular arrangement. It had white walls, black Chinese-styled tiles, and a floor covered with white marble.

It was very bright in the old lady’s courtyard and lots of people were there.

They were all from the Lu Family.

Lu Shangjin came into the old grandmother’s courtyard.

The atmosphere changed instantly.

Countless eyes stared at Lu Shangjin, guarded and alert.

The old grandmother was in critical condition and the Lu Family was going to fall apart.

Everyone wanted a bigger share of the family’s assets.

Gu Mang put her hands in the pockets of her jacket as she watched casually.

The big figures in the army, government, and business spheres were all assembled here.

No wonder they were called the Lu Family of the Capital.

Lu Chengzhou turned to glance at Gu Mang.

She had a languid expression. She was walking as though she wasn’t bothered by anyone.

There was a cool mist in her eyes. They were calm like a cold lake, black, enigmatic, and they emanated an unbridled, strange vibe.

He didn’t believe that Gu Mang didn’t know who these people were.

The big figures who appeared so frequently on the news were here, yet she was so calm.

His brows waggled and he looked away from Gu Mang.

As though no one were around they walked straight into the house.

Lu Shangjin nodded to people in greeting as they walked in.

A woman suddenly blocked their way.

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