A military doctor said, “Stop joking around, Miss. We’re going to bring the matriarch to the operating theater now.”

Lu Xiwei deigned it below herself to look at Gu Mang anymore. Scoffing, she said, “You need more capability if you want to rise up in fame and establish yourself. My grandma isn’t your pet experiment.”

Lu Shangjin’s brows were knitted tightly as he glared furiously at the four people opposite him. His chest heaved with rage.

They couldn’t even come up with a good solution and yet were making things worse!

There was currently no one who had better medical expertise than Gu Mang in the entire world.

If they caused Gu Mang to leave in fury, he vowed that the positions these people enjoyed today would be their last.

He took a deep breath to calm the raging fire in his belly and looked towards Lu Chengzhou. “Chengzhou, give Gu Mang an hour. The brain operation doesn’t need to be rushed right now.”

“Sixth Uncle! What do you mean by that?” Lu Shangjin glared at Lu Shangjin the moment she heard this. She raged coldly, “You’re gambling with Granny’s life! Even I cannot guarantee that Granny will heal completely. This woman is plainly sprouting nonsense! To say that bleeding caused by a stroke can be healed in two days is an absurd joke!”

The women nowadays acted completely unscrupulously trying to climb up in their career.

Lu Chengzhou observed Gu Mang, who was as calm as a deep lake.

After fixing his gaze on her for a few seconds, he said to the butler at the side, “Prepare a room for Ms. Gu. She will be staying here for two days.”


The butler was a little upset. Compared to this young miss, he trusted Ms. Xiwei more.

However, the third young master had given him instructions.

“Third Brother!” Lu Xiwei’s eyes reddened with wrath. “You’d rather trust an outsider over me?!”

What kind of drug did Gu Mang give Sixth Uncle and Third Brother to confound them so!

They were supposed to be her relatives, but they were allowing an outsider to do as she pleased here!

They had even disregarded her treatment suggestion as the leading brain expert!

Lu Chengzhou stared at her with a cold gaze and said, “Don’t blame other people for your incapability to treat someone.”

Lu Xiwei was so shocked that she was speechless.

Gu Mang’s eyebrows rose in surprise. She had not expected Lu Chengzhou to trust her so openly.

This man had good judgment.

The military doctors were aware which person’s words carried weight in the Lu Family and did not dare to speak rashly again.

Lu Xiwei’s face became icy. She gnashed her teeth and squeezed out the words, “I wonder how her acupuncture can heal Granny’s illness!”

With that said, she glared at Gu Mang.

She didn’t believe that a few needles could cure the bleeding.

It was absurd!

Gu Mang tied her jet black hair up carelessly with the red rubber band on her wrist.

She then rummaged around in her backpack for a tied black cloth the size of her palm.

After that, she threw the backpack to the side.

The black cloth opened up, revealing a row of long and thin acupuncture needles.

She disinfected them.

Then, she stuck the needles in the baihui [1.vertex of head], renzhong, [2. midline above the upper lip] and neiguan [3. forearm area above the wrist].

She inserted the needles with precision and efficiency.

Lu Xiwei observed Gu Mang and rolled her eyes disdainfully.

Could some needles in a few acupuncture points cure bleeding in the brain?

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